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  1. Dropped for me within 2 hours the two times I've been farming for it. As others have said, the required eidolon lens is MUCH worse, so I really can't complain. Last time I just spent the plat for it. Just keep investing in your focus pool while farming for specific lenses.
  2. Gauss is not a raging catgirl tho :D But i appreciate the thread. I have been completely uninterested in Gauss so far, but this concept seems more relevant to my playstyle. Might give it a shot next week. What keeps me using Valkyr is mostly for Arbitration survivals against infested, since she's not affected by the dreaded leechers with a self sustaining warcry build, got tons of health and armor against slash and toxin, and is just generally fast and agile which is fun.
  3. I like to use it on some frames that have frustratingly slow casting-speeds. Still use it on Nova for example, which is handy when you need to drop a molecular prime in busy areas.
  4. Camping in a room from the first minute on survival missions, and insist on that everyone else should join in or they are ruining everything. Seems like the theme in arbitrations lately. Embarrassing. Depends on build and mission level. My Rhino only have like 300 health, which is low enough to almost instantly get one-shotted in some T3 or arbitration missions. The initial cast of iron skin give me a buffer of ~6000 armor until I get a chance to stack up some proper numbers with ironclad and recast with iron shrapnel. Certainly not pointless unless you're running vanilla.
  5. And soon we will be able to buy more build-slots. I don't think DE have this completely figured out yet 😄
  6. Why do you stand in a spot where you get obliterated within 3 seconds when you bring out the archgun?
  7. The damage mods are really just useless. It's unfortunate because I don't understand why they shouldn't be able to take out at least one single weak enemy, purely for lol's. It certainly wouldn't make them op or considered as "weapons". I don't think DE will care until it's time to "make k-drives great again!" in 2-3 years. Speed mods does make them a lot more useful for traveling though. When running bounties, if the waypoint is within 400m I tend to always go with the K-drive. A pro is that you get to keep active abilities/stacks, which is not the case with archwing. And it can be pretty fun to k-drive inside caves and facilities!
  8. Yes, but in Vallis you can usually use the open environment to your advantage. Those shield ospreys have a limited range, so just back up a bit and it will either show itself or the enemies following you will get out of range and lose the shield. You can also still groundslam affected enemies for quick and easy CC. Moas are easy to avoid as long as you keep a good oversight of where the enemies come from. Again, use the environment to your advantage and keep moving so you don't get surrounded and ganked.
  9. Stay on the move. Most of their weapons are either traveling projectiles or short range beams, so it's not that hard to dodge. Bring a fast firing weapon to pop nullifyer bubbles, which is especially important for Oberon to keep his 2 and 3 active. Moas are squishy, but can become overwhelming in numbers if you don't pay attention to them. Easily handled with some ground slams and swings with melee. I think the key with Corpus is to spot and prioritize specific enemies. Their fodder types are usually very easy, but nullfiers and knockdowns can be a pain if you don't deal with that first. Also, if you can keep your 2 up, it will protect you from status and knockdowns. For CC you can also use your 1 to target specific enemies and have them fight eachother due to the radiation damage. Oberons playstyle is very versatile depending on mission and build. He was my main during my first half year in the game as well. Still a favorite.
  10. No. Stop asking for more nerfs. This game is getting butchered enough as it is.
  11. I just hope they keep it exclusive for utility/qol type of mods. In that case I'm very excited for it. We really don't need more damage-related possibilities.
  12. Because they can't keep up with the "content", or they want to sync it up with other content/patches, like Empyrean. There are no dates set on how long this "intermission" will last or when next season starts. It's just a filler to whenever they are ready.
  13. It's Vauban's deathstar-sized ion cannon ball for his upcoming rework, obviously.
  14. With Grineer and Corpus it tends to always be those god damn grenades. I can deal with crowds of high level enemies, but sooner or later something pops on the ground and I'm instantly dead from full health and overshields. It's the struggle with non-meta frames, especially the ones with low armor. Infested on the other hand, it's hard to say. They deal very unpredictable damage at high levels. The Mutalist Ospreys can deal massive damage with their projectiles if you somehow manage to get hit by it. And yea, the Ancient bananas can slap the living crap out of you.
  15. Just really really bad controls and flow in movement. Also a bunch of awkward animations and bugs that blocks the sight, shoots in wrong directions, drifting steering, bad key combinations, etc. I don't mind the concept, but the state it was left in is a joke. I really hope they make something proper of it with Empyrean.
  16. I really liked what I saw, especially in Embers case. Looking forward to be able to use her in more than low level relic and invasion missions 😄
  17. Yea, Empyrean and New War will just have to wait.
  18. Oberon is quite a swiss knife. There's a lot more going on with his abilities than one might think, great for both support and solo, for almost any type of mission. Many different builds possible, depending on your playstyle and mission. He's tanky, he heals, he buffs, he do cc, he strips armor, he can make you and allies immune to status and knockdowns, and he can even solo Tridolons. Definitely a frame you should have available.
  19. Again? That's the third time within a week. Now I feel like it's too common instead. It was also much cheaper than I thought, considering how insane prices for operator stuff tends to be. Oh well, who cares 😄
  20. Comparing a machinegun with a shotgun tho, wth 😄
  21. Just try it man, you'll be surprised 😄 Obviously not worth it without a riven though.
  22. I've been using the regular Deth Machine Rifle with a good Riven for the past half year, and it actually does a decent job at protecting me while typing in chat and such, even on higher level missions. Just make sure you mod it to not engage enemies more than 10m away, because that's just pointless. I guess you can also make it do some cc by modding it with blast or electricity. Definitely gonna try the Primed version. Just not looking forward to spend another 5 forma on the thing 😄
  23. I don't really understand why you keep nerfing the kitgun rivens when it's their base stats that are way out of balance. Nerf them all you want, they are still op, you just take out the fun of using rivens.
  24. Well oof, that was just underwhelmingly easy compared to the Wolf. Does this boss scale somehow to make it a bit more interesting? Concept and mechanics behind it is okay imo, and I like the map, but it was just way too low level. Btw, Reb mentioned on Primetime yesterday that this boss will remain playable after the Nightwave season is over. Not sure if the drops are affected though.
  25. Yea, I was at work and missed out on it as well. It's supposed to be available for 24 hours, damnit. Oh well, I'm mainly looking for the Mothers Mask anyway.
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