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  1. I DID do a search prior to posting, and so i understand that the chances are slim to none of me getting this, but putting it out there doesn’t hurt in the slightest.
  2. Recently I have began making the swap over from console to PC to play Warframe. Soon I began to realize just how much of a drastic change it would be, since I had such a large amount of plat, frames, etc. that I worked pretty damn hard to get, since I played almost every day for a few hours. One important point is eidolon hunting, which I understand will likely not be available to me later in game, was only made really possible to me as an mr9 by the twitch prime exclusive giveaway of trinity prime and vectis prime. That was what really got me started the moment i completes the war within. From there, i grinded out a few other frames, received a few primes from other generous players, and bought some with the plat i earned from arcanes. Overall, I’m not too desperate to have my account migrated, but it will certainly be greatly appreciated because of the amount of effort i put in every day to improve and enjoy the game.
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