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  1. Well ember is great for 30 and below but on 50++ she has no use at all. Which is a shame beacuse i really like Ember. I guess, as i said i havent explored nyx much so cant say if shes in a good/bad spot
  2. Solo interceptions, not a fan of her toolkit so i havent explored her much. anyhow, i would say ember and vauban, they are litterly useless. i see some people mention zephyr, octavia and titania and while those frames arent common, they can be quitr good paired in right places. Octavia is basically afk/spy frame. Titania is a decent dps frame with her 4th ability and zephyr can avoid almost all damage and with the gas redeemer+turbuling winds augment, can carry herself for quite long. as a ember or vauban i can forget to do sorties or anything that surpasses lvl 45
  3. So basically you want to force people to run as nidus/inaros? Its enought with nullifiers already and you know, its fun to use abilities at not be lock down 24/7
  4. never said it stood for sell high and buy low, my point was that its a free market which means there is no set prices and people sell/buy for the amount they want to do buy/sell it for. might been a bit unclear with my first comment
  5. So you are telling me people are botting in order to buy up cheap rivens? Ive never heard anything of the line but i might be wrong. But in the end its a free market, you buy low and sell high, there really is no ”riven mafia” around. People set the prices what they choose it to be, doesnt mean they sell it for the listed prices. (Im NOT encouraging botting, and bots running rampart can ruin economy in games, WoW is a great example of this. But ive never rncountered or heard about bots in warframe so i think the chance that people use bots/tradin bots in this game is almost non exsistant. The market is a great way to learn how a free market works and operates and can probably be used as a example in economic tests and learning)
  6. Grineer exsist in ESO aswell, and ive used her outside ESO in sorties and such at times, have no issues killing anything with maim. Yea this is what i thought since i knew i wasnt the only one, i guess most people have problems with modding her properly or doesnt bring any weapons that helps boost her damage. Also i do agree she is actually way more opressive than saryn beacuse saryn takes time killing things (belive it or not), spores takes time to build up and if the last enemies with spores die your dmg is litterly gone in a few seconds. Equinox can just press 4, wait a few sec (kill some mobs meanwhile) and then oneshot everything on the map/room with incredible ease. Which is kinda ironic when you think about it, people complain about saryn but nobody mentions equinox (or very few do atleast) and she is so much stronger than saryn+she can heal whole team and cc mobs. But overall i think saryn is in a good spot, she performs well enought for normal missions, even tho i rarely see her, and she performs well in ESO. No point nerfing her at this point to be honest. Alllthought i would like to see hydroid, banshee and ember reworked, theyve been sitting on the bench for quite long now.
  7. Are you sure? With my equinox i can easily reach 500k but i dont play her outside eso much.
  8. Uhm what??? 250K takes like 10 seconds to ramp up if you know what you are doing.
  9. To be honest, enjoy the ride. Saryns arent that common (aside from ESO), i would be quite happy to have a saryn on my team in a sortie beacuse it means i will get it done faster with. sure might be slightly boring but question yourself: how often does this actually happens? Only time i see saryns are basically in ESO (equinox ironically does her job much better, yet everyone complains about saryn).
  10. Kinda makes me nervous to pug tridolons tbh, seems to be quite toxic beacuse of how meta heavy it and so little time window to do them.
  11. never claimed wisp to be complex, the fact you take my response as a troll is quite funny. Well i see all frames have their purpose, sure a well played Gara is great to have no doubt but dissing Wisp just beacuse Gara have DR toolkit and is somewhat more of a defensive frame rather than pure support is a bit unessecery. Indeed Trin is good and you rarely see her around but i still dont think its justifiable to throw wisp under the bus only beacuse she cant do litterly everything. Also, i dont think majority plays Wisp beacuse of her buns but rather beacuse the tool kit. the fact she looks good with right colors and alt helmets is just a bonus. Also i dont think you have modded your wisp right when you played her. her healing mote can heal upwards 15 health per second or even more, her haste totem gives 30% more firerate and movement speed. the stun mote stuns enemies in volt like fashion. her 2nd acts like a light cc and movement. her 3rd is basically exals blind+ unlimited teleport range to her motes (you can litterly teleport across the map on cetus with her if done properly). as for her 4th, i dont have any issues with 60+ enemies, the corrosive proccs works wonders. you are comparing apples and oranges tbh, im not gonig to sink so low and throw gara under the bus beacuse i cant play her right. we all have our opinios which is fine but i find it unessecery to throw frames under the bus beacuse you dont mod/play them properly.
  12. Well you are free to have your opinion but you dont seem to have much knowledge to play Wisp. I sorties and endless survivals with her without issues. Sure in random low levels it doesnt matter but a well played wisp in sorties/arbies are gold worth. But kinda makes me wonder, if you think warframe is a casual fest, why do you still play? Not asking to be rude but my genuine curiosity
  13. Hmm depends on missions, i regulary play Wisp and having a support on the team can be quite usefull at times (healing, speed and cc buffs), especielly for the newer players that dont have so well modded frames and weapons. Tbh, outside ESO, i rarely see saryns and equinoxes and while i understand that some frames create some issues, its better to take a look at where and why you find these strong frames in the places you do. Saryns Spores works great with ESO due mob density but as soon as the last mob dies off, your 2k dps spores go down to like 100 dps in a few seconds. In regular missions its no point using her at all due things die so fast that you cant build spores and spamming her ult is just waste of energy. Equinox is a issue due how her ult works but she falls in same category as saryn, things die too fast to be worth casting maim. Considering we have nullifiers and different types of nullies almost everywhere now, those frames dont have much use for corpus missions anyway. Oh and both Ember and Banshee needs a rework, they are quite outdated and surpassed to the trash pile atm
  14. with right built she is barely sortie viable and really nothing you bring into a ESO. she works perfect for low level content but for higher tiers she falls off quickly
  15. Wisp is fairly balanced (and nullifiers is a thing you know). But hey lets nerf everything, it worked great for ember didnt it? She currently is so bad you cant do the 3rd part sortie with her. wisp is a support, shes not OP, shes not like how trinity used to be, so i dont know why you bash wisp when she actually is fairly balanced for what she is and is supposed to do.
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