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  1. I honestly dont find the need to have one, free market dictates prices and a auction house will dump prices so hard you wont earn anything really. Plus we have warframe.market that connects you to a buyer directly instead pf having a middle man taking its cut of the profit.
  2. She is very pretty, im happy with her design overall.
  3. Atleast she is more usefull than the trash prime we had before (aka atlas prime)
  4. i wish the other deluxes looked as detailed, some of them are really outdated at this point
  5. I guess its meta players at play. Ive used my gara ans banshee in 1 hour arbitration without any issues (cant say anything for atleast since i cant stand playing him). But i think where the pain in the shoe is that they arent as effective as a saryn, mesa, rhino or similar, they are usually quite niched.
  6. Oh so they killed off other weapons but spared the kohm until the kuva one came? Thats quite unfair but whatever. I expect catchmoon to get nerfed again aswell
  7. i mean you can always farm the plat and buy him if you wish, otherwise it isnt that bad, his parts are garantueed and if you bring a hildryn you are fine. im glad that there is some shaking alive of arbitrations so theres actually reason to run it
  8. true, i still remember when the Bursa event was, basically dragged, knocked and flashbanged 24/7 XD but generally infested isnt too bad, they can be quite annoying thought and sometimes i wonder how hitscan their hooks are (ive gotten hit by hooks throught a wall)
  9. Well atleast it isnt as bad as corpus who have scramblers, nullifiers and bursas.....
  10. I read up on the kuva system, looks to be such a PIA that i cant be bothered with it, its on wows level of RNG ontop of RNG (i mean cmon, rng order to kill the thing and if you dont get it you WILL die no matter what? Thats just annyoing and waste of time)
  11. This, and things like mods not breaking and no RNG on the kill order
  12. I mean its just my opinion, if people want and can afford one, go for it! Personally i would touch tesla with a 10ft pole, bad build quality and being a EV.
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