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  1. OK, where are the accessories of the Nekros - Vauban - Saryn - Mirage - Hydroid
  2. There are more old players than new ones. The valts do not follow the pattern, they have returned 4 vult back and are returning. There are several Warframe that could return. VAUBAN - ASH - SARYN - TRINITY - NEKROS et al.
  3. @[DE]HelenIs DE playing with the players ?? Rhino and Nyx were present for 1 year, and now they have returned with the same accessories. I understand that NYX has the DELUX skin and for that reason it is returning, but it does not have to be with the same accessories. WARFAME has several Syandana Uru Prime Abbera Prime Capella Prime Citadella Prime Cycuta Prime Sukira Prime Accessories Acanthus Prime Atavist Prime Spritsail Prime need not be the same ones already repeated.
  4. 1- Digital Extremes should create feature packages with values lower than platinum packages. Packages of 3 months from (Resource / credit / affinity / chance to drop resource). 2 - The rewards of forms dropped on relics should be different, currently we only gain the diagram but should be according category of rewards. Bronze: 24 hours to build Silver: 12 hours to build Gold: ready form
  5. @[DE]Helen @[DE]Rebecca The players of the consoles in South America (Brazil) will be penalized. The first Valt has arrived and we do not have access to the items. Ty
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