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  1. Whew, my vectis, lato, and braton rivens survive another round. Even with the dispo nerf, tibby prime still outperforms the majority of primaries provided you can click fast enough in semi auto mode. I'll save my salty tears for when they finally deal with melee (zaw) riven dispositions.
  2. I've done the kuva disruption 10 times now (for science, mostly) with 3 randoms each time. With a smeeta, no booster, and going full tryhard I average 2600 kuva after 20 minutes. Kuva survival on the other hand with just a smeeta and watching a tv show on the 2nd monitor nets me on average 3000 kuva per 20 minutes. Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I farm kuva to reroll rivens to play the other parts of the game more effectively, not because I enjoy farming kuva--I [dis]like survival about as much as disruption. As these rewards (i.e., kuva; not sure why the universal medallions are a possible rotation drop, there's plenty of other ways to get a measly 1K syndicate faction) stand, there's no incentive to ever doing the kuva disruption node.
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