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  1. I believed the market argument was way bigger than it seems to be, I didn't know about the history of DE and black markets and to be honest, I see the riven market and am to terrify to get even close to it (I just bought my very first usable riven a few weeks ago for like 40 plats, that's all), so I take my argument back, you convinced me. As an addition to your long post, from the point of view of someone who doesn't "review the numbers" and isn't even using riven on his weapon (cause I can't get the ones I want)... reward-wise, this event is frustrating, because of one hand, I ha
  2. As a side-note, had they gone farther and given us a really good way to get Arcanes (which, as a player who doesn't have any, I'll really like to have !) then there might have been a bigger backlash from the traders screaming "lost value !" because they spent hundred of hours to get something I could get in 2 or 3h and therefore their plat goes down the drain....
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