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  1. This makes conservation so much better... but, even though I hate to be that guy (in particular because conservation is my main source of Solaris reputation), either this is bug or it needs to be balance. Right now, animals ignore shots as long as they've not seen us. It makes getting perfect captures an easy task, and I don't really see how getting perfect stover or perfect horrasque was possible with the tranq rifle before this, but still, it's a little bit much. Also, DE, please, I've been doing conservation nearly every day, getting 5 to 10k rep a day for weeks, I don't know if this is a bug or not, I don't want to stop and wait until you answer this, please don't ban me for bug abuse if this is, indeed, a bug... WHY !? So you're telling me that someone, at DE, thought "we put a random item hidden in a giant open world, this can scan it without the player noticing it, MUST FIX !" !? Make it even harder and in six month come back and tell us how many players managed to find those bits, just to get a good laugh. FFS. Also the Atomos isn't fixed (this video was recorded a few minutes ago, on this version) :
  2. The Christmas equipment set looks amazing. I love it. GG to whoever designed it.
  3. It was posted, still not solved indeed...
  4. This would also have another side effect : the Fortuna update added new mod sets, let's be honest, outside of some very rare edge case with some very specific weapons, I don't think anyone would ever use the Synth mods and their 20% ammo reloaded when switching weapons because we already have more than enough ammo and ammo regeneration to last an entire mission. Make this set also reload the archgun, which even has Synth Reflex which is a +100% holster speed, don't know if it works for archgun, but if it did, you'll essentially have an archgun set. There have been four new sets : kavat, kubrow, infected kubrow, and Synth which right now doesn't have any use nor is it particularly linked to any game mechanics, companion types or anything really and it's not gonna be link to MOAs or companions because they don't switch weapon so it would be the most logical solution. Also, in general, DE, if you want to make this harder, you'll end up hitting a wall because you can't ask us to have a fully formated and modded big gun when the average player has less than 10 mods for said big guns and it's only used for less than 10 missions. You either need to make these mod drop way more often or make it so we can drop them in the open world, as we can use the archwing (and now the archgun) over there. People here are comparing rivened maxxed out weapons, but the same issue happen even before riven and forma : the grand majority of mods are dropped through playing normally while the archwing is its own little bubble : you're integrating it more and more into the rest of the game, it would be time to think not just about the gameplay side, but also about the mod side.
  5. Say that to my low-hp Limbo that's more than good enough to solo missions up to Sedna without even trying to mod it well...
  6. The three new weapons unlockable via the dojo have an odd bug. When I click on them, in the dojo lab, the game freezes for a second than comes back normally. No other item in the lab do the same. It also occurred when the item got updated (starting the research or giving resources led to the same freeze).
  7. If you die during a race, the rest of the doors don't activate and when the time runs out you get stuck in race until you leave Fortuna.
  8. On a tiny and pretty useless note : I captured an animal, its characteristics was "en bonne santé et jovial" ("in good health and happy"), then immediatly after that, the NPC told me : "this one needs medical attention quickly". I know these two aren't linked but maybe add a little check so that this doesn't happen ? I mean if animals in good health come near-dead to the NPC, I can't imagine what happen to the others...
  9. Conservation doesn't "save" progress. That means if you get to the point where you make the sound for the animal to come, when the NPC tells you to get your rifle, if you make the sound again the game puts you back to that stage, the animal never comes, even if you redo the sound it doesn't do anything and you've essentially failed this attempt without the game telling you that you failed. At least make the NPC say we've scared him away or something... The Atomos' charger stays in place after you reload.
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