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  1. This is change will put the final nail to the coffin for arbie. I will still solo with Inaros, less enemies, less drone, moreover, don't have to deal with accidentally picking up debuff to my health. Basically, this is not fixing. Primed disappointment
  2. I wonder if slowva 4 can slow them down so we have easier time using the tranq. Tbh, tranq sucked. Well, at least for me, I am only after the floof.
  3. Yeah it sucked. Hope they don't make conservation can only be done with tranq gun. That thing is terrible. Still have ticker to cover standing grind tho. And for the love of the void, DE, DO NOT NERF THINGS ANYMORE, IT IS NO FUN.
  4. This thread has been entertaining me for days. 🤣 The drama is real. I own riven for most of the "nerfed" weapon on the list including arca, tiberon and opticor (my most beloved weapon). 1st, if you spend 1000s of plat buying a riven knowing it will be changed one day, it is ur problem for yourself to deal with. Can't blame anyone there. 2nd, the change doesn't make the rivens or the weapons useless as many of u claim, it makes those aforementioned LESS powerful. So instead of oneshotting everything, u now have to maybe 2 shotting stuffs. People went like "this is the end of the world" or "uninstall warframe". Wow the level of drama and salty is such a sight to behold. I did test my opticor and tiberon after the changes, they still perform as well as they were before. Opticor still oneshot most enemies, tiberon is still amazing. So no complaint here. I am well aware that riven systems is very broken and shouldn't be handled this way in the 1st place, but it has been around long enough for people to know what the deal is and what to expect when changes come.
  5. Wow the salt dude...the salt... No need to call anyone loosers
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