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  1. im curious to why there was no prime time or devstream this past week? did the schedule change or am I just going crazy? PS. thx for the Valkyr jade skin DE
  2. this is my entry for the captura the battle contest, its my valkitty in her beautiful jade skin verses the ambulas. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-aQZMVQ19k I hope ye like it DE
  3. you could say to him dat u cant do it and ask 4 new target
  4. are you expecting 40k endo or a throne for u to sit in? just be grateful dammit
  5. the rewards are... 1 zylok pistol with installed catalyst and slot.... 1 riven mod... a scorched ember noggle... and a liset skin... now stop complaining about rewards... P.S when next update for xbox... pls
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