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  1. Ah, I'll need to experiment with it a bit more then, it's a shame though as the Staticor is one of my top 3 favorite secondary weapons.
  2. Just saying, is it just me or does the Staticor preemptively just fire the charged shot out randomly for no reason while you're still holding the charge? It seems to be only happening with the Staticor on my end, I thought it could of been my left click on my mouse starting to act up. Although, that doesn't seem to be the case now as I even tried holding the charge in by holding left click harder and doing nothing, it still fired at a random time, sometimes almost instantly; before it even finishes charging, or sometimes not for a good 30 seconds. So far it has not been happening with any other charge weapon, I tried it with bows like the Lenz, an archgun like Larkspur with it's secondary fire which is a charged shot, etc. This is quite annoying for me as I like to hold my charge before I get into a crowed of enemies. Can anyone bring in their input on this?
  3. First off, DE, me and my friends request that these cheesy spots get fixed, stat. Well, I apparently got named and shamed for one of the two afk cheeses I was about to report on here an hour before I posted them because I decided to use it once after we found it, so thanks for that. Anyways, an hour or two after dog days came out; me and my friends were farming it to death, and at one point I had to go afk for a bit so me and my friends went to find me a hiding spot which I used to afk the whole round. The first spot, which was the spot I used for one round; is to go to the back end of either boat on the map and slide under one of the small pockets back there, while there, the Grineer will have a difficult time shooting the player because they will either shoot the water or the boat itself. The second location, which me and my friends also found (and has yet to be reported by anyone); is bullet jumping on the center tree and standing on the branches, the Grineer can't shoot you from up there due to you being up too high. Editor's note: Apparently if the player crouches down in the ocean water in general, the enemy can barely hit you no matter where you are in the water, because the Grineer's water shots hit the water and don't hit the player. As well, the tree cheese seems to apply to most of the trees in the map, their hitboxes should be changed so players will slide off the branches rather then being able to stand on them. Me and my friends that found these bugs/cheeses: RoksTheWolf, D0eNut, Lavantant, and Zecypher.
  4. Yeah, to me it seems that the camera doesn't "drag" behind anymore, which personally helped with directing Itzal's blink better, but now the camera instantly teleports forwards with the player with Itzal, which honestly throws my orientation off. I hope this is a bug and not a change.
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