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  1. These sounds like great changes and I'm glad Glaives are getting some love! One thing that would really make Glaives more fun is if they would accurately bounce towards enemies within a certain range. For example, bounce towards an enemy within 5m if it hits a surface and within 10m if it hits an enemy. I think the Flacor does this well if my memory is correct, but other Glaives are pretty underwhelming and random on that aspect. I personally find the bouncing aspect of the Glaives more badass than mere explosions.

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  2. These changes look very promising. It looks like it will bring a lot of quality of life and viability to Xaku. As a headshot enthusiast, I can't wait to test the new void status effect in combination with weapons like the Zymos or the Knell. I'm wondering though, couldn't you refactor this new change into the Scourge's alt fire? This could give the Scourge more viability as it will hit headshots (useful for arcanes) and proc Void (useful for Condition Overload if Void status counts towards it). Besides, refactoring is always good, right?

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  3. This might be slightly off topic but I'm concerned about Hildryn. Will she use these abilities with her shields? If so, why use Pillage if we can use Rebuild Shields (especially if it's usable during her 4)? There are many things, mainly quality of life changes that should be brought to her in my opinion.

    Here is what I propose :

    - Her 2 should be castable while her 4 is active
    - Her 3 should gain some benefits from being used with her 4, the drain is just insane otherwise
    - Her 2 is a bit unreliable. Maybe I don't know the mechanics behind it well enough but sometimes I get almost no shields from it. I heard it's based on line of sight? If that's the case, I think this line of sight constraint should be removed or, at least, improved. Also, if the enemies have no armor or shields (infested or stripped enemies), the ability is pointless.
    - Give more synergy between her 4 and her 1. She gets 2 chargers so I think this visual buff should be reflected functionally and it would give more incentive to use her 4.

    - Give more synergy between her 4 and her 3. It would be nice to see enemies affected more heavily by her 3 while they are being lifted by her 4 like reduced shields and armor for example. Maybe an augment could solve that but I would prefer this to be an innate synergy.
    - Reduce the drain per enemy on her 3 : the damage is honestly useless and it feel like a punishment going near enemies because of the insane drain.
    - Her 1 feels kind of not worth charging : no explosion radius increase, long charge time and a pretty big shield cost.
    - Her 2 should have some way to work versus the infested and other units with no shields or armor.
    - Her 2 should give you the shields as the wave hits the enemies, It's awkward standing there being shot by a group just because you have to wait for that wave to come back before killing them. I know you can reactivate but you have to wait for the wave to hit the furthest enemies before killing the closest.

    - Her 1 augment should give you back smaller amount of shields on uncharged shots (better than nothing) and on splash damage. For example, uncharged shots give 50% of the shields compared to a charged shot and a splash damage hit gives 50% of a direct hit.
    - Her 3 should have a mechanic like Protea's satellite shield where it gives a sort of "battery" to the player once they hit max shield values so that the effect lingers for a certain duration (affected by power duration). It's complicated to be near all 3 of your teammates at all time to maintain the buff, the support you are supposed to bring. Also, you can make so that this battery breaks/disappears when the buffed ally loses all shields.

    Otherwise, I really like the concept of this frame but the 4 is an odd design choice to me since it synergizes oddly with the other abilities and seems a bit random in relation the the Hildryn"s theme. Don't get me wrong though, her 4 is fun to use. To me, Hildryn mainly needs quality of life changes, not a buff per se as I think she fills a nice role of protector. She has fallen behind quite a bit though since the introduction of generalized shield gating and Protea's shield satellites.

    Sorry for this slightly off topic rant but I think the introduction of this system will make many Warframes even more powerful and I don't want my dear Hildryn to fall behind even more in terms of usefulness, even though I find her great to play with.

    In any case, I think it was a wonderful idea to introduce the Helminth system in Warframe as it opens so many opportunities for creativity. It sounds great and I can't wait to get my hands on that! Thank you for your hard work DE!

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  4. My ideas :

    1 : Zaps enemies continuously with 25% status chance (electric) and pull them in (like a thrown Ferrox) in a 5m radius, and then explodes once an enemy gets within 1m, ragdolling everything in range. Damage scales based on the health and number of enemies being zapped when the mine explodes. Base duration is 40s (affected by duration this time). Base explosion radius is 6 meters. You can also hold the ability button to manually detonate the mines.

    Augment : Mines link with each other in a 5m radius, but don't pull enemies in anymore. Each enemy connecting with a beam increases the damage stored by the mine grid (the mines that are linked together). The damage of each beam scales based on the damage stored in the grid. beams slow enemies for 3s after intersecting with them. Each beam has a 25% slash status chance. Beams hit once per second. The grid has a duration of 40s which refreshes every time a new mine is added to it. Once the duration expires, all the mines belonging to the grid explode releasing all the damage store with a guaranteed slash proc.

    This ability would allow you to create kill zones and to control the enemies' mobility better.

    2 : Creates a 10m radius area that boosts thrown in abilities' range by 25% and enemies killed by boosted abilities have a chance of dropping energy, health, ammo and shield/overshield pickups. Enemies that go through this zone are slowed down and have their armor and shields reduced by 50% up to 5 seconds after leaving the zone. Bastilles thrown in the zone also get the armor and shield reduction properties.

    Augment : Standing in the zone replenish shields over time and increase shield capacity (like a Shield Osprey does). The shield replenishing rate is reduced for each enemy present in the zone.

    This would synergize well with 1 to create more potent kill zones and it would help kill CC'ed enemies more easily.

    4 (Vortex) augment : Throwing a vortex in a 1m radius of the base of a Bastille will make that Bastille implode after expiring, knocking down every enemies in its range and pulling them at the center, dealing magnetic damage scaling with the number and health of enemies. This could replace the currently useless Vortex augment.

  5. Hello, I used the Javelok with Mirage the other day and, when I picked back up the weapon and Hall of Mirrors was active, a lot of the time the eapon would be "removed from the world" (as if picked up) but not actually picked up. I think this is because my clones would pick it up because sometimes, when I made sur that my clones don't walk over it, I would pick it up normally. I hope this helps you. Thanks for reading =).

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