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  1. When playing in a squad, players with an Xbox Series S|X can load out of the mission completely and choose the next mission before Xbox One players have even made it back to the orbiter. These Xbox One players will not have the mission vote shown to them, leaving everyone just waiting around. Another case of cross-play being an issue is the Xbox One player being the host (the one who invited the other player) and launching into an open world. The Xbox Series S|X player will load in before the server is even ready on the Xbox One, fail to join it, and end up back in their orbiter alone.
  2. I don't think they will, as they never fixed the normal Xbox One resume having the same problem. But with these load times, it really doesn't save you much any more.
  3. While I don't disagree with you on the revert, Oberon was able to keep the drone alive just fine during the long slog to collect parts, and Frost was great for the upload stage. This was all on the 40-60 bounty. I do realize that my friend and I play an unusually defensive duo though. But both Latrox and Garv bounty stages are terrible for their own reasons and should have some serious thought put in to making them more enjoyable for players (or at a minimum less frustrating).
  4. There is noticeably more aliasing in the game now, with lots of edge shimmering for distant straight lines. Also, in the orbiter I have noticed a lot of the console bases look much worse (lower LoD). This is resolved as one gets closer, with a noticeable line where the distance cutoff for the LoD must be. While the game does not look bad by any means, it does look worse than it did yesterday.
  5. The new INCOMPLETE filter in the Helminth is not accessible via the listed LB/RB buttons.
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