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  1. Indeed. The same day we got this (and the actual .6 update), PC got .7 and has had .8 since. That was 11 days ago. I suspect that this experiment in simultaneous releases is showing that they can't really do it yet; there are just too many updates being made constantly and any that need to hit cert for consoles end up making things more difficult.
  2. Also, is there any chance that we will be able to interact with the new post-mission UI while loading out of the mission like we were able to for a very brief time in the past? I'm much more interested in the data in the UI than flying my ship around...
  3. Excited and nervous to be getting the update at the same time as PC. Are there any more details about the update cadence that can be provided to consoles after release? From what I can tell hotfixes are fairly limited, and I'm hoping that Deimos includes additional capacity for changes through them.
  4. Went to Red Veil syndicate turn in guy, selected medallions that I have. RT sets value to 0, not max. Same happens at other syndicates. If I select some to be included, then try another type, RT doesn't do anything until I remove all of the selected medallions.
  5. This should actually show a cinematic right, and not a black screen with voiceover only? I suspect that is a bug since afterwards I can't see any other 3D type thing in the codex. The Deadlock Protocol quest for instance just shows black instead of the statue of *spoiler dude*.
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