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  1. DE: We're upping the spawn rate of the Wolf as of twenty seconds ago. Me, the Wolf magnet, leveling my Grinlok while farming shockwave moas solo for the stance mod: Well... #*!%.
  2. How come every time the capture target says that the transfer beam "tickles", The Lotus switches the mission to an extermination? Seems a little weird.
  3. Any chance we'll ever see Priority Hosting? I've got all this fiber, but it never gets a whole lot of use.
  4. MOA begins to nod off. MOA catches itself. MOA nods off again. MOA catches itself again. MOA nods almost all the way off. MOA is startled awake.
  5. Well, I can't watch because I'm stuck in backwater Iowa helping my brother with his broken arm. But you folks folks have fun anyways.
  6. I wonder if they got Harvey Keitel to voice The Wolf?
  7. A quick five wave in Coba shows that most of the AI hangups are fixed. But there is still one that's catching all the mobs going through it. This one: And then this one seems to catch them some of the time as well:
  8. Is there any chance we'll ever get a "Designated" host option for the network options? Where those of us with kickass fiber connections can be good sports and always be the host for out more ... "robustly" pinged fellows? I only ask because I just got done playing a 10 round defense mission that lasted a full hour because the host was apparently playing from the Sun.
  9. Orange and red interiors? Did I design the new relay and just forgot?
  10. Including an all new Grakata wing, courtesy of Clem.
  11. Right after Wraith Sobek and Twin Wraith Grakatas.
  12. Any fix for Shade forcing folks into first person in the works?
  13. Not a melee question, but just something that's bugging me. How do the whistling parts of "We All Lift Together" work? I know it should work the same way as the voice parts because they have simulated voices... but something about simulated lips is wigging my brain out.
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