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  1. I still say they should be called the Corpus Litigants.
  2. I've suspected for a while that Rex isn't dropping the right mods, but I finally got a bounty where I killed one in the clear and they dropped a Carnis mod. Might be a bad pointer.
  3. Hopefully, actual useful changes will be added in the future? I kid. I know you folks are working on it, but maybe this one could have waited for a more comprehensive review of conservation. Because on it's own it just looks like, well... S#&$.
  4. So does this mean that we can cut multiple amounts of fish in the Necrolisk, and get the full amount of parts rather than just a single set? Or is that bug still in effect? Edit: Nope, still only one set.
  5. I'm just past Brother's first appearance, and I'm pretty sure I've figured out the "twist" as it were.
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