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  1. 1Waterstriker

    Toggle melee and shoot

    You Can't.
  2. 1Waterstriker

    Ninja Sawgaw Teleportation

    Yeah, That Happens A Lot. If You Are Having Trouble Shooting Down Sawgaws, I Recommend The Use Of Archwing. Go Into Archwing And Then Use The Tranq Rifle, So You Can Fly To The Sawgaw And Shoot It.
  3. 1Waterstriker

    Let's talk about enemies

    So you want to have enemies with different AI? Some being smarter than others?
  4. 1Waterstriker

    Let's talk about enemies

    It's mainly a lore problem. How would a new type of enemy use these? I don't think they would be able to reverse - engineer them, because the abilities are powered by the Void.
  5. 1Waterstriker

    Let's talk about enemies

    A lot of your enemy abilities are basically copy - pasted from warframe abilities, and a lot more already exist in - game. Others are just completely broken. A enemy that kicks you from the game? That's not going to be very well liked. Enemies that prevent you from resurrecting? Same thing. What does that mean? You can't really lower the level of a warframe. More resistant to what? This is what I was talking about earlier. You basically are forced to quit the mission, and lose all your rewards. That's literally a nullifier. How does that work? Like would it just suddenly do a modifier? That's a ghoul auger. That's a Hellion. Vehicles? I don't think that would work in any tileset except for open - world. Thats a Mimic. People are going to one - shot themselves. That will be quite hard to justify with lore, and it would probably be quite easy to beat. I'm not going to list all of his suggestions for units that are copies of frame abilities, because there are so many of them. I really do not want a lot of these to be implemented into the game.
  6. 1Waterstriker

    Last Post Wins

    This is a very long thread.
  7. 1Waterstriker

    Last Post Wins

    lol what is this 🤔