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  1. Bugs - (2/2) Unmarked bonus pulse station (2 type mobile defence, then kill target). Game stalls for 20 seconds every 5 seconds with Error: AI in the log while defending second console. Stalling stops as soon as defence of console 2 is complete. EE.log: 56204.273 Script [Info]: MultiStageHackObjectiveEncounter.lua: SpawnMgr - Reinforcing with 9 agents 56204.273 AI [Error]: Trying to select agent from aispec /Lotus/Types/Game/Enemy Specs/Railjack/DeepSpace/CorpusPowerPlantSpecDS but no agents were valid for query! 56204.273 AI [Error]: desiredFaction Corpus << disall
  2. Mostly UI HUD elements for pilot, artillery, gunner Waypoint in-space items from pilot, artillery or gunner. Want to be able to command minions or suggest players focus on a next target? A HUD element for yaw direction (example: sunwards, or north…). These are the top bearing (also bottom compass) on the below examples. Want to be able to have some idea of which direction we a flying. The only tell now is the skybox sun, but it is not always present. On the current (horizontal) HUD element for pitch / roll, a V or W, between the bars, or tails on the ends so one can tell when
  3. Thank you for picking an open standard! Would like some more details on the specific ADPCM format you are using: Microsoft's MS_ADPCM, or a different implementation?
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