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  1. Im assuming you have a god riven? . I keep hearing how you can 1 shot level 120s ,but with my atterax I need to build up blood rush for like 2 mins. Am i using the wrong weapon or build? im following brozimes build from like a year ago for the atterax.
  2. You haven't seen my riven, my rattlegun decimates. I dont have any good melee rivens since maybe 10 percent of melee weapons are actually good enough to invest kuva for a good roll and I havent gotten lucky with my melee riven reveals. Im also waiting for the plague event to bring back the plague zaws finally, have a riven waiting for it.
  3. That has more to do with ammo mutation being bad imo. the issue is that regular pack leader upgraded fully is more than enough to keep your kitty form dying even with inaros+ link health.
  4. I would rather blow everything up with my kitgun and not have to spend 3 mins getting blood rush going.
  5. The regular pack leader specifies that it only works on melee, the primed pack leader does not. Its not the end of the world, 300 ducats down the drain. I wouldn't advise anyone buying this primed mod though, might be the most useless primed mod every released.
  6. When i saw the new primed pack leader I got excited , compared to the regular pack leader which only works on melee attack(and who uses melee in 2019? ) i though primed pack leader would work on all weapons and maybe even warframe abilites. Unfortunately its just a 300 ducats thrown in the garbage since it works like the old one and i usually only level a pack leader to 18 percent melee life steal since I find its enough to keep my kitty alive.
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