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  1. Yeah, I get it. I had edited my post. I can see how Xoris isn't that much of an upgrade on that setup. So I understand the frustration there. Well i think there should still be a set bonus, thats fun. I'm not sure about your exalted scaling off your normal melees combo counter, esp if they reset on switch - that seems more of a bug to me. If they took the set bonus away, then they'd have to do the same for the vig mods and then they'd be mostly useless except for like those 2 you could occasionally fit in builds.
  2. Oh, okay, so we're relying on a bug to justify xoris as "nowhere near" way better. It frees up a slot for damage or a roll for damage at the very least. I usually don't take Helios to arb, so outside of that, there's not many missions where I need that extra damage to worry about having to run naramon and switching to keep it up.
  3. Gref, have you ever you even played Baruuk or any of these frames besides Khora? You never share the combo counter w your exalted w your actual melee. So have fun getting DIRECT hits w serene storm, 12x worth, considering every hit is going to oneshot guys...and then you have to refresh this. That actually is a lot of work.
  4. Also, I think murmur fissures would be cool.
  5. Does nobody play Baruuk? Please explain how you are getting combo duration on his waves, without modding for it, and without having to refresh ever? It gives him a massive damage increase. Nobody is going around doing direct hits to get to 12x and then not having to refresh it. You have a permanent 12x combo, that you don't have to refresh unless you do a heavy. It's way better than naramon too, since it doesn't degrade at all. Khora is different yes, because she scales off your melee mods, but it still frees up a slot that you can use for more damage (except Xoris riven dispo is too low
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