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  1. This bug still has no been fixed. It just happened to me solo.
  2. Baruuk is not getting glad set bonus w his 4 in steel path, but he is getting glad set bonus in regular missions apparently. I tested multiple times w the same loadout. Sometimes it triggered in steel path, but not sure what caused it or what caused it to stop.
  3. This happens to me all the time. People are able to requeue the next mission, while you are still loading back to orbiter. You get back and if they haven't already dragged you into the next mission, they are waiting for you to accept the group or leave, but you have no ability to do so. The esc menu does nothing. Even if they leave, you are unable to start a mission, even by leaving navigation and reopening it. The only solution is to restart the game. It's all related to the terrible end of mission screen, which takes too long to load and just shows frames in 3d w music. The bug ev
  4. Well most things require 5+ forma, except some primes/vandals w already a few polarity slots. And Kuva capacity is kind of essentia, and nice to have for a quality weapon that you'd want to max out. Let's take the Supra Vandal for example: One loadout is amalgam serration, riven, primed cryo rounds, primed shred, primed faction, point strike, vital sense, HM, and stabilizer/primed ammo mutation/vig supplies on exilus. Everything is polarized and I have 0 capacity free. If I wanted to put in split chamber(my riven has MS)/heavy caliber for HM I'd have to forego my exilus slot. And if the m
  5. yeah, I just can't relate to your mindset. I don't find NW fun at all, but that's just me. It just feels more like doing chores and there's still other things I'd rather do. I'm almost MR30 and I've put around 1500 forma into things. The way it is now, you can get everything it offers without ever looking at it, except popping in the store for the mods and to play ep 5 for the weapon. I spend any credits on kuva too, and my nitain is just sitting around except for occasional stance formas.
  6. I'm not understanding why people grind prestige ranks in night wave. If you have all the weapons, helmets, mods, nitain is the only resource you'd want to spend your credits on. Everything else is obtainable a lot easier through other methods.
  7. I also haven't received mine and received the others.
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