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  1. Greetings. I'm Bregor, 34 years old, started the game about a year or so ago but got stuck on a spy mission on Venus and gave up on the game because of frustration. Well, I decided to come back since I was bored and gave the game another chance after watching some Youtube vids. Now I'm at 150 hours played and have spend some money when I got nice discounts and might be somewhat addicted to the game, haha. I still consider myself new and learning wich is fun. I am now looking to join a clan to enjoy playing with players in a more organised fasion and not roll the dice with public all the time. IGN: Bregor_Edain Discord tag: Bregor Edain#2364 (I actually never used discord before, mostly TS etc, get to learn yet another chat/voip program woohoo) MR: 9
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