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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Valence Fusion of Railjack armaments. I was able to valence fuse to boost shield values, but when fusing to MKIII Zekti Laith using 1 MKIII and 2 MKI's (these are dropping from Pluto proxima btw for some reason) the fire rate bonus didn't upgrade. The upgrade and final value were shown in the valence fusion, but did not apply to the weapon. Exiting and re-entering RJ config did not change this, so probably not a UI/visual bug. VISUAL: - REPRODUCTION: Fusing to a MKIII Zekti Laith (not sure if it is this weapon specific) EXPECTED RESULT: Fire rate im
  2. Personally I've loved Railjack (RJ) from the beginning (aside the absolute start, you know what I mean) and for me it has actually become my favorite game mode in Warframe. However, these new mission changes killed something and I think it is the lack of space battles. Before, you were able to fight an overwhelming amount of space fighters, relying on your piloting skills, ability micromanage the integrity of your ship's hull and "sniping" Crewships (CS) with your ship's big gun. Now... Now we get 10-12 spawns of fighters and 1-2 CS on the highest level missions. There's no feel of an epic spa
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