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  1. My specs are the following; i7-4770 clocked at 3.40GHz. Geforce GTX 1050ti StormX. Corsair Vengance 2 x 8 @ 1600MHz. Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit. Nothing in my system has been overclocked. The hardware temperatures seem to be mostly fine. I've noticed there would always be a bit of stutters here and there I don't know why. I haven't checked if any of my hardware is failing as of the moment. I've been running this setup with my Corsair HX 650W power supply for a year and this has only started to happen recently. I've uninstalled Nvidia's HD Audio Driver since I don't really see me using it a lot
  2. this has been happening a ton for me recently and I've done a fair amount of research but none with any actual working solutions. It's really hard to describe but i'll put a link to the video that perfectly describes what's happening to me. I've tried reinstalling my drivers and it did somewhat fix it temporarily as I was able to run a 90 minute survival without crashing what so ever with a friend of mine. Some of my friends told me that I can still move, bullet jump, shoot, etc. ^ The video perfectly describes what happens to me and i have the same video card as the guy.
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