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  1. Nor should they try. They can redesign abilities and guns though such that map wipe isn't a thing. Make all abilities line of sight and cap the number of targets they can hit. Likewise with aoe guns.
  2. No, it's not griefing. It's just bad game design
  3. Frost is better for everything except operative defense. Limbo exists only to troll his team mates by not being Frost.
  4. Not deleted, just prevent him from slowing down missions 🙂
  5. That's fine. They can simply rework cataclysm to have higher damage on pop, and deal damage to enemies inside it.
  6. I was thinking about why I don't like having Limbo on my team usually and I always come back to cataclysm. They already fixed limbo's one, but his cataclysm is still very troll. What I don't understand is why cataclysm even blocks bullets at all? When things cross the boundary between, they shift from rift to non-rift so it shouldn't matter at all. The bullets cross the cataclysm boundary and shift to the dimension outside. It doesn't make sense in it's current form how cataclysm operates. It shouldn't block bullets going either way at all. Please fix, thanks.
  7. Kuva survival isnt any better than Kuva Siphon and is worse than Kuva floods. It's an alternate Kuva farming method, not the only one or the best one. Make organized group or choose alternate method.
  8. Now I'm free to just spam 5 minute runs to my hearts content 🙂
  9. I play Umbral Saryn. With 3 umbral bonus she has 1337 hp. Clearly she is ment to be played this way.
  10. Because there are some things everyone knows you're supposed to kill with fire, and cat girls are one of those things.
  11. They shouldn't encourage unhealthy gaming practices. It's well documented that it's better for your health if you take periodic breaks from the screen and step away. I'm not saying they should force you to take breaks, it's enough for them to not encourage marathons by simply not offering any exclusive rewards. The only one they have right now is the Prodman Easter egg.
  12. Oh if it has a weakness to fire asits passive. Maybe it takes +300% fire damage or something.
  13. Adding the word trolls to the end of the title was redundant.
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