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  1. I know there is a lot of Posts that are already talking about this, but I wrote that down before reading what other players had to say 🙂
  2. Picture this: Wisp is Gliding in the air, but instead of being"invisible" she take a gostly form and a trail of light (like her second ability) is following her, effectively attracting fire. Picture also this: Mother Wisp stand there surrended by her cute little Wisp critters. She flots gracefully over the floor. Suddently (you activate her 4th), she puts her arms foward. Her hands have now horrifying claws and she starts sucking the souls of any ennemies that cross the path of her Death Light Ray!! Instead of the freaking SUN that goes out of her, its a ghostly light that goes IN. Powerful, but see throught. Like a Soul sucking vaccum .. xD So I really love the animations of that new Frame, but it seems recurrent with Warframe where the Devs choose a thematic, but in the end there is one or two abilities that does not follow it 😕 I mean Wisp is supposed to be a little light that mislead wanderers into the dept of the forest where a Ghostly Mother Wisp is awaiting to devorer your soul, isn't it ? Not burn you to ashes 🙃
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