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  1. I saw a suggestion on a similar thread. I'm paraphrasing, but one fix would be to just have the Decaying Dragon Key also disable shield gating while worn. The exploit is solved while still allowing a wider range of frames to play on high level content. As for Rolling Guard, well, that could be a simple rework if it's still proving to be exploitative. Though honestly operators are every bit as exploitative, and can make you functionally immortal as well.
  2. Isn't she going to be tied to Void Storms in RJ, or is that just a new set of weapons?
  3. I'm not opposed to it. It seems like it could be useful. And I don't think it would be too overpowered, depending on duration. And either way, dashwire isn't exactly the fastest ability to use in the game. Still, DE was wary enough of its critical boost to remove it as an option from Helminth Quiver, so I imagine they think it's plenty strong on its own.
  4. That degree of shield gating is probably only needed in extreme endurance, and I can't imagine extreme endurance players make up anything resembling a majority. Shield gating from augur mods, brief respite, or various abilities/weapons (Rakta Dark Dagger, Secura Penta I guess) is plenty for basically anything. I don't think DE would have much to worry about with the Decaying Dragon Key change you're proposing.
  5. I thought "universal vacuum" meant everything dropped in the mission gets picked up automatically, regardless of distance. Maybe I'm wrong. It's what people were asking for in RJ. I think it's more likely that we won't get this due to the sheer amount of mods it would make completely useless. DE could probably just run a script to refund credits and endo on those mods though. And then you'd get the hardcore collectors screeching about someone messing with their inventories, lol. You can't please everyone, but I do believe that DE can find something to do about pet survivabilit
  6. If Reawaken becomes universal, it should also have at least a minute long invulnerability upon respawn attached to it. And even then, the sentinel would still be dead more often than it is alive in Steel Path Corpus content.
  7. Universal Reawaken wouldn't be enough. If you take Djinn into Steel Path against Corpus (new Corpus), you'll swiftly realize that. Djinn will burn through regens in about 30 seconds. Then it will die. It will eventually reawaken, only to die again about 3 seconds later. Pets just need to be invulnerable. Sentinels get blown to bits any time we go into operator mode in high level content. And companions love to bathe in firebombs and crouch in the line of fire. When my smeeta dies, it's not because I made a mistake as a player. It's because the pet has trash AI and decided t
  8. This seems reasonable to me, and not at all brutal. It's not like you ever really need to wear those keys outside of the very isolated farm for corrupted mods or the occasional riven challenge. And there are plenty of frames and builds that trivialize those scenarios, even with all keys equipped.
  9. We've all had it happen by now, right? You load up to the Free Roam sortie, escort a slow drone across a battlefield, and then get the exterminate objective. The one in that cave off to the east with that long ramp that leads down into apparently a different universe because you can't just fly straight up out of it in archwing even though that's presumably the same sky over PoE. But I digress. You have to eliminate 100 enemies. There are massive red circles indicating spawn zones. They overlap so many times it looks like a Venn diagram got caught in a time loop. And yet the e
  10. Garuda is fine, though I will admit that Gloom feels a little too good on her. I don't think I'll ever go back to Blood Altar. To be fair, I would always use Hirudo on Garuda anyway. Gloom just lets me use different melee weapons and not have to magus elevate every 2 seconds. I wouldn't want a rework for Garuda. A small tweak here or there? Sure. She could do with a status cleanse on her 3, baseline. And she could do with someone erasing all of her current augments and just trying again, please. They are all just so bad or so very, very niche.
  11. Sol Gate, Wisp's 4, has some kick to it, but it cannot hold a candle next to Wisp's other abilities. Her 1 speaks for itself. Her 3 lets Wisp nuke, even with a sniper rifle. And her 2, though not used a ton, has a boatload of utility baked into it: stealth, invincibility, mobility, added nuking from her 3, etc. As such, Wisp's 4 is a tempting target to Helminth away for something like Dispensary or Roar, allowing Wisp to be an even more potent support frame. So maybe it's time for an augment. I propose an augment for her 4 that adds damage (heat or radiation) to the attacks of
  12. I love the idea of putting riven transmuters with the Quills. This way, it stays firmly linked to Eidolon hunting, in case that was anyone's concern about adding another source.
  13. Okay? I don't think I really follow how that relates to my comment above. I guess maybe my riven transmuter in other drop locations request might take it to mean that I want players to invest in either Eidolons or RJ, not both. If that's what you thought, then my apologies for being unclear. And I get it. It's in DE's best interest to encourage people to engage in a diverse range of content. But Eidolons won't be made irrelevant by adding riven transmuters to other locations (RJ, syndicates, requiem relics, etc.). Eidolons are still the best source for the arcanes that people actually w
  14. The Augur set bonus doesn't apply to the Shadow, even when the Augur mods are equipped on the Shadow. I would expect this to happen if I only had Augur mods on my base Sevagoth. But even when I have them on the Shadow, I'm not gaining shields from Shadow abilities. Is this... intentional? TYPE: In mission. DESCRIPTION: With augur set mods equipped on my Sevagoth Shadow, I use an ability in Shadow mode but do not gain any shields. REPRODUCTION: Equip at least one Augur mod (augur reach perhaps) on the Sevagoth Shadow. Go into a mission. Gain enough death well to us
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