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  1. If you enjoy it, go for it. It's goofy and fun for a while, but the process is really, really slow compared to other frames' methods for killing. And yeah, other frames can kill very quickly while being virtually invincible too. I think that gets to the biggest problem with Hydroid. He doesn't stand out because other frames can do what he does in better (faster, stronger, more efficient) ways. He's dated and could use changes.
  2. I don't think so. My most used frame is Ivara Prime. It always defaults to Zephyr Prime for me. I think, as stated above, that she's the frame I've had the longest.
  3. Zephyr Prime, my first Prime. I suppose she could be the frame I've had the longest as well, since I sold all my old normies for slots long, long ago.
  4. Literally nothing, aside from the fact that it's a relative dry spell as far as (warframe) augments go. I just want to make my voice and preference heard.
  5. DE, please consider adding another batch of augment mods to the game soon. Specifically, our newer frames could use some augments. Wisp and Guass are not so new that an augment would seem inappropriate at this point. I can't imagine Xaku or Protea will get one any time soon, based on precedent. Revenant, Grendel, and Garuda could also use more augments, ideally ones that are interesting and/or powerful, just so long as they're not outright bad. Baruuk is probably fine on augments for a while, as Reactive Storm is just that good. And then there are some older frames
  6. Fair point. Maybe these rivens could be sold at their respective merchants (Hok and Zuud) then, for 75,000-100,000 standing. It's not like there's much else to burn your standing on once you max out what you actually want.
  7. This seems unlikely, what with Nezha already being kind of skipped for Inaros Prime.
  8. EDIT: Disregard. Apparently we might be getting infested kitguns in the future. Kitgun rivens are widely disfavored by the community. Check warframe.market prices for veiled kitgun rivens, and compare them to veiled pistol or melee rivens if you don't believe me. I would argue they feel about as bad to get as it used to feel when you unveiled a riven only to find out it was for a trash sentinel weapon. Therefore, please consider moving kitgun rivens to the arbitrations store, or even to Simaris. Arguably, a better solution would be to introduce more kit
  9. Just happened to me on Hydron. Couldn't even press ESC to abort the mission. I had to alt f4. Edit: Invasion Hydron, by the way. It was an Exterminate.
  10. I think it's more about limiting access to Dashwire and its incredibly strong augment than it is about Sleep Arrow. Sleep Arrow is very strong, of course. But sleep CC on a subsumed ability, as lamabearlulz pointed out, is par for the course (Rest & Rage, Lull). I do agree that Noise Arrow is underwhelming, especially outside of solo mode. I play a fair amount of solo Ivara (open worlds farming, Railjack, sortie spy), and I've never found myself using Noise Arrow to any noteworthy effect.
  11. Latrox Une bounties are still broken. His waypoint disappears, and he often never appears. Also, the sample collecting step is still appallingly slow. He is swiftly becoming my least favorite NPC in Warframe through no fault of his writing, just through fault of the systems at play (and failing to play) in his bounty.
  12. Frost is fine. His 2 sucks, but he can get rid of it now. His 1 is useful for its augment and popping his 3. His 3 is... his 3. It's always going to be at least a little relevant. And his 4 does decent damage, decent CC, and fantastic armor stripping. Frost could use a different 2, but Hydroid could use a different everything.
  13. Yeah, it sucks. I wish it had been reserved for story items like the Paracesis.
  14. I wouldn't mind a Void Relic Interface upgrade with the capability of auto-opening one relic every 23 hours. You could gain void traces as well. Maybe each relic cracked could cost credits or something, with higher tier relics costing more. Such an upgrade could be locked behind a relatively high MR, to make sure that players have adequately engaged with the Void Fissure/Relic system.
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