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  1. I've seen this happening more and more in the past few days. When playing with others, I'll arrive at extraction (mission type doesn't seem to matter, as this has happened in fissures and sorties). Other players will arrive too. We'll stand around, waiting like you do. I'll check my phone. I'll look up and notice that we all seem to be on extraction. I'll check again. Yep. We're all here. So... what's the holdup exactly? Typically this can be resolved easily enough. One or all of us get off of extraction and get back on. Done. GG. But I had an issue during a capture fi
  2. She needs a full-blown rework to make her actually fun to play. But this suggestion seems a lot more realistic, and I like it. A lot of egg timer frames could use something similar, honestly. Trinity, in particular, could use some love, especially due to recent nerfs in the way of allied healing.
  3. Yeah, he needs help. I wish they'd flat out remove his shadows and replace it with an ability that's less disruptive to other players. Or they could make the shadows completely invisible to you if you have chosen the option to reduce allied vfx.
  4. More Railjack content, with better evergreen rewards to encourage engagement. Riven transmuters in other drop locations/NPC stores. Or make them tradeable between players. Fixes for longstanding issues, like Garuda's talons skin not showing up in missions and reverting to the default. Rework the star chart infested to be closer to their Deimos relatives (fewer obnoxious, overlapping, unreadable ancients). Nerf the new Corpus ship enemies w/ their aoe supras. Rework companions. Smeeta is the only one worth using because of the excessive grind in this game.
  5. Yep. It's really annoying, and it's been this way for a few updates now. Please fix, DE. And if you can't, can you refund any and all players who purchased it at least 50% of the platinum cost? The skin is awesome, but it looks way off with the base talon skin. I don't think Garuda's deluxe bundle should be full price if it's only fully functional in our orbiters.
  6. If you are doing multiple bounties in a single instance of the Orb Vallis and the secure area bounty shows up more than once, the panel to hack is still glitched for the second time you reach it, forcing you to abort the bounty.
  7. Maybe, but something's gotta give. There's already so many different gear items that players need on a regular basis, and oftentimes you are penalized for activating them too slowly (from the gear wheel).
  8. Sure, for PC that would work. Though I would argue the gear menu in this game is in sore need of another overhaul and is already absurdly crowded. But for consoles?
  9. This suggestion pops up from time to time. I don't know how DE would make that work with the button limitations we have.
  10. Yep. That seems to be the community consensus. Notice, though, that I didn't say that's what I think about her. I will admit that I'm still not wild about her 3, though I see its purpose. But I do like the rest of her kit. I've already talked about why I like her 1 in this thread. Her 2 is strong and not worth discussing. Her 4 is potent, provides excellent utility, and has two solid augments. I like the mobility one for it, as it allows you to be almost anywhere on the battlefield instantly.
  11. His 2 disables the sprint toggle. There are some other mobility abilities that do this (and abilities that affect a frame's mobility), but it still shouldn't be a thing. To clarify, I have set the sprint toggle option on in the settings so that I hold shift when I load into a mission, and then my frame is just always sprinting if I am moving forward. Certain abilities, like Lavos' 2, disable that toggle, and I have to hold shift again after each cast to re-enable it. In a game with this much repetition, even a minor snag like this really wears on you over time. An
  12. That's it. Zazvat-Kar, an offering from Father that increases ammo efficiency while airborne for the Akstiletto (and prime) isn't currently an exilus mod. But it clearly should be.
  13. I tested it so you don't have to. And no, I didn't actually think it would work. But as an Ivara "main" (as much as that's really a thing in this game), I had to try. You cannot pierce the Orphix's anti-Warframe bubble with Ivara's Navigator. It instantly forces you out of the ability. Again, I didn't expect it to work. And I do understand why it didn't. The goal of this event is to force us to use mechs to engage with new content and curtail some of our wildly disparate power levels in an effort to more effectively control the rate at which we acquire rewards. An
  14. Yes. Yes, yes, yes. There are also other possibilities.
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