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  1. Harrow just needs some QOL and a few tweaks to make him worth playing in a team. He's an awesome frame with a fantastic concept and theme, but he suffers from needing to get kills himself and he has to spin too many plates to keep his kit functioning. He's not as taxing or unfun as Gara (if you're maxing out the 2 damage). But I would prefer to spend less time spinning my thurible. For QOL: Double the base duration of Thurible. Headshots add +1 second (affected by duration mods) to Penance and Thurible. For teams: All energy sacrificed while casting Thurible goes directly to allies in range. While spinning Thurible, allies in range gain some sort of other boost (power strength? damage? HP regen?). Put an "on finish casting" effect for Thurible, like a slight boost to shields for all allies in range. Remove/replace the Condemn augment and bake its functionality into Thurible's base state. That said, Harrow is in a comparatively great place when you look at some other frames. And if it's too much to ask of DE to rework/polish frames at all, than I would rather they focus on those who really need it, like Hydroid and Yareli.
  2. The Glaive Prime is my Steel Path workhorse. I use a typical heavy attack build. It performs well even without a full build though, as I have occasionally taken out my riven to unveil another, only to realize I forgot to put it back in. Kuva Nukor and Tenet Cycron both do well on Steel Path. The bramma is fine-ish on Corpus, great against Infested, but struggles against SP Grineer. I just do the incursions, and take my time as a solo Ivara if I want the acolyte to spawn. With Ivara, you're never in any danger. I'll do defense objectives on public, but Ivara is perfectly capable of soloing those as well. Look into Xaku. They have an overstuffed kit that can handle anything that Steel Path throws at you. The only area where they don't excel is in stealth, and you have the operator for that if needed. You'll want a glass cannon max max MAX range build with enough power strength to fully strip defenses with the 3.
  3. This is the first PA where I've really been annoyed by the naming. There's a Neo N16 and N17. And then a Lith T7 and N7. Hosting a radshare for the Lith T7 was a nightmare. I went through group after group where we'd be all set and then some idiot without a shred of reading comprehension would load in with a radiant N7.
  4. I really wish we had this feature available through other means than just the Argonak, Voidrig 4, and that weird Kavat mod. Warframe is the most visually incoherent game I have ever played, which is why I'm finding myself becoming a bramma spamma. I can just aim with the minimap.
  5. RJ Orphix is way, way faster than the Orphix Venom event missions.
  6. I'm still raw about that. I had just put a few forma into my primary catchmoon, and then BAM. Useless. When the infested kitguns got added I just grabbed whatever random parts I could, maxed them out, and left them to rot in the arsenal. Modular weapons take more investment to build than others (buying the blueprints for each piece, building each piece, time, ranking up, gilding, etc.), so it hurts more when a nerf hits them. I don't trust DE not to wreck my modulars, so I don't bother with them. As a result of disengaging with this system, I view kitgun and zaw rivens as a bad reward. I hope the next open world doesn't have modular weapons. The system missed the mark.
  7. Take this with a grain of salt as I am not a Nidus main by any means, but I would recommend a two Umbra forma build. It's much more flexible.
  8. Keep your distance, which is easiest to do if you're moving quickly when the acolyte spawns. This is what I do as Ivara when I'm taking my sweet time in solo incursions to encourage an acolyte to spawn. If I'm particularly worried, I will also drop my On Call Crew. Oakwood can murder any acolyte all on her own. I rarely get silenced when I'm actively trying to keep my distance. I stay in close enough range for a medium distance glaive throw, I'd say.
  9. Cool. Now do: Desert Skates Regulators Hyena Bosses (immune to slash procs for some reason?) The Wolf Hives I know I'm forgetting some status immune offenders. What about Eidolons? What would that do to the meta lol?
  10. No, of course not. But what is she top tier at? CC: No, and not just because other frames do it way better. Her CC scatters enemies (4) or needs multiple casts, moves slowly, and hits walls uselessly (1). Her 4 is also bad because although it does group enemies, which is helpful, Yareli cannot take advantage of that grouping to fire her weapons into the mass of enemies (or use other abilities) like Vauban, Nidus, Khora, Zephyr, Gauss, and others with grouping abilities. Mobility: No. I do think that the recent bullet jump dodge on Merulina is helpful, but it's nowhere near enough to compensate for the sheer clunkiness of using a k drive indoors. In its defense, though, I only glitched into the ceiling once on my last mission as Yareli. Damage: Nope. Not even close. Aquablades might be tempting for its slash damage, but it's slow, clunky, and gets outclassed very quickly. Also it can go on any frame in the game through Helminth, so if you're really loving its nice, long duration and guaranteed procs, you could just put it on a frame with a better rest of their kit than Yareli. Her 4's does have scaling, but it tops out fast and won't perform well in higher level content (which is what many recent updates focus on). Yareli's passive is nice for boosting secondary damage, but I'd rather play a better gun-frame than her. Tanking: Eh, no. Merulina does make Yareli pretty hard to kill, but it doesn't even come close to Nezha's 3, Rhino's 2, or any other number of tanking abilities. And becoming that tanky comes with a heavy cost: loss of 2/3 of your weapons, energy, and maneuverability. Nightwave Challenge of Getting 20 Kills on a K Drive: Okay, she is the best at this. I'm not asking for Yareli to be the next Xaku (absurdly overpowered with an over-stuffed kit). But even with the updates, there's still no real reason to use her. She doesn't have what frames need to be good.
  11. What? No. You jump/void dash far ahead, turn back to look at the drone, then press 3. There's a sweet spot of maximum distance that it will allow you to teleport, because if you're too far sometimes you just teleport to the drone and it barely moves at all.
  12. Every little bit helps. Even with maxed Zenurik and arcane energize, you can find yourself in a bind due to bad luck, parasitic eximi, ancient disruptors, and magnetic procs. And SO/ESO don't let you use gear items. There are certainly more effective secondaries for DPS, but the synoid gammacor is one of my favorites anyway.
  13. Except she's not even good at that. I tried out the new changes, after avoiding them while I farmed for Nidus Prime and did just enough Plague Star to get the MR-Saw. I do like the shift bullet jump on Merulina, but it's still a K drive. Indoors, most of the time. And even if the handling gets improved, you're still giving up a significant portion of your loadout to use her. I particularly noticed this while my idiot cat was taking damage, and I was powerless to heal her without flopping off of Merulina to melee something. If this is all we're getting as far as post-launch Yareli updates, then I don't think this frame is for me. I will use her whenever a "Get 20 Kills on a K Drive" challenge rolls around for Nightwave. But I don't see any use for her beyond that. Thank you, DE, for the shift bullet jump. It does help. But she's still bottom of the barrel.
  14. She was shown off in a stream on the Void Interception tile, which has pretty high ceilings. But even there I saw Reb get stuck under stairs and things. Not a good look. I was thinking that she's been the worst release in recent memory. Some people compared her to launch state Xaku, but I think a better comparison would be launch state Bonewidow. She arrived completely undertuned and didn't have any reason for existing besides "variety" because Voidrig could do everything she could do better. and he came out before her. She's in a better place now, but I still don't bother with her.
  15. The three most popular options are probably: Orphix in Railjack Thermal Fractures on Orb Vallis Isolation Vaults on Deimos Personally, I leveled mine through Thermal Fractures. Orphix and Iso Vaults felt too slow. You can bring them to Plague Star, starting tomorrow, and level up while you grind that event, if you're interested.
  16. 2, 1. 2, 1. 2, 1. 2, 1. Truly an inspiration of a frame.
  17. The friendship elevator on the Kuva fortress tileset is broken. Pressing the button at the same time as an ally often doesn't cause the elevator to function.
  18. This is going to be the way of the future for Warframe. Crossplay will reduce DE's agility, leading to longer periods of broken/poorly balanced content before updates can be pushed out, at least if the current state of QA remains.
  19. Except it totally could if they would do a better job of planning and timing skin releases. Hydroid has a gorgeous deluxe skin. I'll buy the whole bundle when he gets a rework. I know I'm just one person, but I can't imagine I'm completely alone on this. Wukong's rework was really well timed. It dropped just before his prime, and his deluxe skin arrived right around then too. For Hydroid, that's not really an option anymore, which sucks. But he could still get a rework that just so happens to drop right before his unvaulting.
  20. I will say that Nyx's 1 and 4 are a little clunky. The 1 is flat out bad, and the 4 is only worth using with an augment (or a really weird old specter exploit strategy that I never bothered to try). And as good as her 2 is, it's a little awkward with the targeting. So I wouldn't mind her getting some updates. However, with Pablo saying that reworks are just not a priority, I've tempered my hopes and am only focusing on the absolute bottom of the barrel: Yareli and Hydroid. Nyx performs well in a lot of content, though I don't bring her everywhere. Her kit shines against beefy, steel path and steel path adjacent enemies, particularly when they might also present a threat and shutting them down makes sense. I like her on open world bounties, on Steel Path mobile defense, and the odd interception where I don't play Nova. Instead of a full rework, I think having mind controlled (1) enemies deal % based damage to chaos-ed (3) or bolted (2) targets might make Nyx a bit more appealing, while also preventing other frames from biting off of her through the Helminth. People keep begging for a true pet frame. Maybe give Nyx's pet some DPS beyond its underwhelming augment. But again, I would rather have more deserving frames get some attention here.
  21. If you're not doing radshares, you're asking for a bad time.
  22. Agreed. I'm not going to get into why I think Nyx is, over all, decent. But I do wish that DE would spend more time polishing existing content. If it has to be monetized, then drop a cosmetic bundle for the frame/area/weapon being reworked or polished. That said, I don't have issues with frames sharing themes. In general, I think the community gets too precious about themes and what they're supposed to mean. It's absurd. My problem with Yareli, for instance, isn't that she's watery like Hydroid. It's that she doesn't have what it takes to be a good frame.
  23. I think DE hoped that the melee rework would lead to players using combo and heavy attacks, not combo or heavy attacks. That might be one reason why we don't have a quick melee heavy attack from aiming.
  24. Warframe in general is a very visually unclear game. Most of the time this doesn't lead to your death, but in this case it frequently does. Enemies could use better telegraphing (ahem, toxic ancients). Like you're suggesting, the best strategy is to pre-roll. Whenever an acolyte starts to spawn, start rolling around a lot. Then listen for the bubble or see if you left it behind.
  25. I agree that his 2 is fantastic. But I disagree with your other points. Solo has many, many benefits. Most missions can be completed faster solo. The game is more stable solo. You can kit out your RJ and actually be guaranteed to fly your RJ when solo. Bounties have easier objectives when solo. You can go at your own pace when solo, which is good for fast players (no friendship doors or waiting at extraction) and players who like to take their time. I play my Steel Path incursions solo more often than not so I can take my time and force an acolyte to spawn. But to get back to Revenant, it's not griefing to kill thralls: Your teammates have no idea if you're using the augment or not. Thralls are CC, and death is the best CC, especially in a looter shooter where more death = more loot + more XP. Thralls dying = more thralls in many situations. One of the best benefits to enthralling an enemy is how you can Reave to instantly kill it, also resulting in thrall death. If you're dependent on thralls for life/shield steal through Reave, might I suggest Magus Husk and an Augur mod? Thralls deal almost no damage anyway, so you can't rely on them for kills. When you are at max thralls, you cannot cast the ability to make more, even when the thralls you still have are six or seven rooms behind you and no longer helping. If you aren't using the augment (which I admit should not have been made, or should be severely reworked), why do you care if someone kills your thralls?
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