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  1. Here, let me try: Wrong. In my experience, I don't see Wukong's AFKing any more than any other frame. In fact, the only AFKer I can even recall was a Nova who used her 3 to get to a weird area to hide during a defense mission. My experience is every bit as valid as yours, but I'm not calling for Nova to be nerfed.
  2. My mentality is more that developer resources are finite so they should be spent elsewhere. They just said during Tennocon that no reworks are planned due to that taking resources away from new content. So no, we don't necessarily know that other frames will get reworks. Heck, we don't even know if Yareli, our newest frame, is going to be made even remotely relevant. Ever. Wukong's rework was a massive success. He is a useful generalist. He doesn't outclass anyone at any one activity (except speedrunning spy missions, which... why would you even do that?), though he has many, many uses. The popularity of his rework should be a blueprint for future reworks. And, if DE is smart, they can time these reworks with a prime release, unvaulting, or deluxe skin, as they did for Wukong. That way they can help pay for the developer resources spent on it. I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I would certainly buy Hydroid's deluxe skin if he got a rework.
  3. I'm going to assume you mean that Hydroid is legacy content, not Yareli. She dropped just over a month ago, and is still boiled garbage.
  4. This is lube Nezha erasure, and I won't stand (or slide) for it.
  5. He's a fantastic generalist who has the added bonus of moving through levels very quickly and not dying. These are two things I really like to see in my allies. As someone who spends most of their time in public sorties waiting at extraction or friendship doors, I love when there's a Wukong (or a 2kong?) on the team. And why are you complaining about how useless he is while also clamoring for nerfs to him? None of this makes sense.
  6. Ick. No. How about instead of nerfing Wukong (who is enjoyable to play and useful without being overpowered or breaking any content) we give some love and attention to frames that are useless, outdated, underbaked, or any combination of the three? Ahem, Yareli. Cough cough, Hydroid. If making changes to existing frames is so taxing on developer resources that they haven't even bothered to think that Hydroid might need some attention, then let's not tax anyone overmuch by making changes to Wukong. Again, he's fun to play and useful. He doesn't break any content.
  7. Thank you for bringing this up. It's obnoxious. They mentioned they were going to fix it, but nothing ever came of that.
  8. I have found myself aiming more and more with the minimap. Warframe has a visual clarity problem.
  9. His normal version is Warframe's version of "hard" to acquire, as it takes a massive time investment. You need to fully max out one open world syndicate and then get another one to 3/5. With daily standing caps, not only is this a serious time investment, it also must be spread out over many days. Open world content is also generally more difficult than star chart content, for whatever that's worth. But you're right. He'll be primed when it's his time to be primed, and that's still a ways off. DE did give out some of the more annoying frames to farm in anticipation of the Helminth dropping (Twitch drops for Harrow, Khora, maybe more?). So it's not impossible for them to do this for Baruuk for some reason. But I don't see it happening.
  10. I'm not sure if sorties are shared across platforms, but yesterday's was on the Corpus ship defense tile but vs. infested. The infested don't seem to get stuck as much as Corpus do. In fact, I don't think we had to hunt any down at all yesterday.
  11. The display option to "Reduce Teammate Visual Effects" has absolutely no effect on allies using the ogris/Kuva ogris and Nightwatch Napalm. Having someone spamming this in a game makes it almost impossible to see. Please consider allowing "Reduce Teammate Visual Effects" to affect ogris spam. My eyes will thank you.
  12. That's not how percentages work. If it's 20% the average person should get 1 ephemera for every 5 sisters.
  13. I love your suggestions. I'm hoping that DE keeps working on Railjack, because it is one of the most intrinsically rewarding game modes (no pun intended). I wonder if Infested RJ will see the pendulum swing away from "taxi RJ" back towards actually using your RJ.
  14. That's not what Reb said. Here's a closer approximation:
  15. Grendel gets criticized for having problems with energy. His 1 eats enemies and powers the rest of his abilities, but he loses energy for each enemy inside his tummy. It's a channeled ability, so it keeps draining energy and restricts how you can restore it. Arcane Energize helps a ton.
  16. Grendel is amazing. He has some energy issues, but if you have Arcane Energize a lot of his problems go away.
  17. I would avoid playing her for now. I know an individual player doesn't have much influence, but if you're using her a lot you might be inflating her use data. If enough people are playing her for a while, DE might decide she doesn't need any attention. Take this with a massive grain of salt. I don't know how they operate, and you should do what you want to do.
  18. I want to use the ability more frequently, but it's just so glitchy. I feel like 50% of the time it just doesn't trigger the rewind. It's hard to depend on something so unreliable.
  19. I don't care what others play unless it disrupts my experience. Wukong does the opposite of disrupt my experience, as I very, very rarely will need to revive a Wukong. Limbo, if played poorly, slows everything down. The only time I want to see a Limbo is when I'm doing that NW index 3 in a row challenge.
  20. Yes, or it's heavily implied. Grandmother did it to get the family working together again.
  21. Agreed. There's definitely a sweet spot for ability rotations. I know Saryn gets criticized, but her kit flows well together. Gara on the other hand is far more rigid. 2, 4, jump out, turn around, 1, 4, jump out, turn around... Ugh. It gets old really fast.
  22. I understand that DE was trying to tie RJ into the rest of the game with their decision to move Ash and Oberon into RJ rewards. That said, they put Ash behind the worst defense tile in the game. It's the slowest, glitchiest (enemy pathing) defense tile that we have, and the 2-3 minute RJ prelude to it only makes it take longer.
  23. CC effects on some enemies have inconsistent results. DE could do a better job standardizing this, or streamlining it in some way so it's more obvious to players when an effect will work and when it won't (or when it will be reduced in effectiveness).
  24. There are levels of grind and difficulty/complexity of acquisition that are okay, and then there egregious edge cases. This is subjective, of course. But look at the percentages. There are now 19 Kuva weapons, roughly equating to a 5.3% chance to get the weapon you want. Before the three most recent additions, I spent hours just trying to find a larvling with the twin stubbas. Now it is even worse. Players pointing this out are not asking for the grind to be completely removed. They just want a bit more control. This is especially important if DE ever plans to add more Kuva weapons.
  25. As much as I would love more reworks, DE doesn't seem too keen on that. Hence, I think, why this thread exists. A small change here and there is more realistic and sensitive to developer resources. The community can be at least somewhat pleased as an older, weaker frame gets a little polish and love. My suggestions (take these with a grain of salt as I do not know how complicated some of them would be to pull off): Ash: Inflicting a slash proc on an enemy marks them for Bladestorm. Chroma: Kills add a few seconds to active buffs from Elemental Ward and Vex Armor. Frost: Give Ice Wave a chance to proc multiple physical status procs based on ability strength. Grendel: Add 5-10 seconds to current Nourish buff durations whenever you cast Regurgitate. Ivara: Cut Navigator cost (over time) in half. Loki: Decoy needs something. More life? Maybe radiation/magnetic/blast procs on its attacks? Scale with ability strength as needed. Mesa: Firing off a Ballistic Battery shot refreshes the durations of Shooting Gallery and Shatter Shield. Nekros: Shadows of the Dead do not block allied projectiles/shots (this one might be complicated to do). Nyx: Have Mind Controlled units deal % based damage to enemies based on fire rate. Titania: Active Tribute buffs reverse their durations (gaining added time each second) while a Lantern is in effect. Trinity: Killing the target of Well of Life refreshes the durations of Link and Blessing. You may have noticed a trend. I'm kind of tired of egg-timer buffs and wish we had more ways to refresh them.
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