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  1. Please fix that in RJ Missions no fighters on SENTIENT SHIP missions after killed all CREWSHIPS ... (fighter 32/90; Crewships 6/6) no re-join after ALT + F4 to respawn some Crewships for squad members very unstructered... And the Bug stil exists, that if you port on a ship with wlingshot, you got a black screen! ... What are you fixing all the time??
  2. i thought you fixed that, that there are enough enemies to open a relic?? Today we play a Lith Defense and there were not eough! Please fix again
  3. I can't use my TACTICS on Cetus, please fix
  4. Please let us set waypoints on Railjack on Crewships or other things in space
  5. Could we have the same system in the foundry like in market? buy 10x Forma -> BUILT 10x Forma
  6. Do you want to reconnect with your Squad - Yes - No Rewards from the round befor Warframe has crashed.... Please fix
  7. Heal Bubble only the Host could see, pls fix !
  8. The PRIMED SMITE INFESTED isn't tradable, please fix!
  9. Could we have more then 30 slots for Blueprints please?
  10. FCK ! Update and Railjack Mission = Loose Progress because new Update is available !! Can't return to Dojo
  11. Please fix stuck in "Please Wait" Screen when equipping railjack
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