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  1. This sounds like a delightful feature!
  2. Would it be possible to have matchmaking turned on in the Orokin Derelict? Farming for mutagen samples endlessly has become a very lonely activity 🥺
  3. It occurred to me after doing the Lephantis fight for yesterday’s sortie that it’s actually kind of a fun battle that I never bother to do anymore. Same is true for a number of other boss fights (I’m excluding the Sergeant here because let’s be honest — not much of a boss that one). Once you get their frame components, I suspect most people never bother to play them again unless they’re helping someone out or it shows up in a sortie rotation. So with that in mind, I’d love to see a boss rush mode of some kind. Simaris seems like the perfect candidate to host something like this - maybe an ESO mode that grants additional efficiency based on how quickly you can take a boss down? Just a thought. Given the amount of effort that I’m sure goes into some of the boss fights it seems a shame that they’re left to languish for a large group of players once they’ve got the limited drops they offer.
  4. Add toroid farming into guarding the coolant canisters. The toroids are region specific as it is, and you can get a nice little extra if you happen to catch a fracture near the Temple of Profit. Why not just put toroids into the regional drop table while a coolant canister is being used? Also, like elsewhere mentioned, it would make sense if there was a bounty style structure here that had other rewards besides the thermia -- most obvious thought is the Gyromag, Atmo and Repeller materials since those are still pretty locked away behind a single activity at this point, so any other avenue to get those would be appreciated.
  5. This stream is always so much fun. It’s become an essential weekly watch for me like a favorite TV series. Thank you all for putting this on!
  6. This is beautiful, thank you! Probably a long shot, but I'd love to see Gyromag Systems (and those other parts) moved down a tier, too. Still haven't managed to get the Gyromag I need to rank up to the point I can just buy them with standing. Either that or something to improve the drop rate for those. I know it's just bad RNG for me but it's been going on long enough that it's actually be frustrating given there isn't really another path to getting those parts.
  7. There's a good reddit thread going on with the suggestion that weekly challenges shouldn't expire during the course of the season. Dole out those challenges on a weekly basis, but at least let people catch up to a challenge they either didn't have time for or couldn't do. I think the "Daily" system can be left in as is, expiring after three days, but as is, someone who has to miss out on a week's worth of challenges for life reasons (vacation, work, whatever) is going to come away feeling uncertain about how far they can progress (despite the promises of 65% completion to get to rank 30). I do think that the Elite challenges should be difficult, but as implemented there's a little inconsistency in it -- I'm not sure killing 100 Eximus Enemies is really that elite, it's just a time consuming thing that happens as you play. The friend/clan requirements are a cool idea to try and encourage people to play nice with others, but it's such an easy system to game by becoming friends for the sole purpose of getting the challenge done and then never talking to or playing with that person again, but it also puts the onus on people to bother doing all that if really want they want to do is just play in their own little bubble. Another idea is you could let people pick their challenges -- almost like the daily tribute system when you get multiple logins. On the first login of the weekly reset, present a variety of challenges to people and let them choose the ones that suit how they like to play. Do it in tiers so they have to pick a specific quantity in each tier so everyone is able to earn the same weekly standing, but at least they can look at that and go "you know what, I'm not doing a 60 minute run anywhere, I'll take the (hypothetical) 'Complete A Level 30+ Capture in Under 2 Minutes Solo' challenge). Finally, in terms of the rewards, I would suggest taking wolf cred packs out of the standing ranks and instead dole them out with each rank as you progress. It's 300 wolf cred in total, so every time you rank up you get 10 wolf cred. (I'm assuming a system like this is already in place for the prestige levels.) Obviously that would mean replacing those rank rewards with something else, but it would really help feel like you're actually earning something with each rank in terms of the wolf cred store -- and I think making that feel more valuable is going to be extremely important to the success of this, as it's the one reward type that people have some agency over.
  8. Hmmm I was using Equinox last night for a bit and to be honest, something felt really off w/ Duality. Couldn't put my finger on it, but now I'm curious -- I'll definitely do some testing over the weekend.
  9. Gara would like to have a word with you.
  10. Wait seriously?? I feel like enemies never destroy my Spectrorage.
  11. Thanks for the tip! I'll give it a go!
  12. Hmm... was in the game from the Discord launcher, after exiting and applying update I can get to the login screen, but it tells me my version of Warframe is out of date (the launcher says it's up to date). Tried launching from Steam and no issues. Any ideas?
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