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  1. On one of the layouts/locations for the Plague Star missions, the drone in stage three has to traverse a ridge as it's making its way down a mountain. Two consecutive runs it's gotten stuck on the way down in the same spot. Here's a screenshot of the location: Only way I've found to proceed is to change hosts, which seems to reset the position of the drone so it can proceed to reach the boil.
  2. Minor bug, but if you cast Nekros' Shadows of the Dead ability after taking out the interference drones, they spawn with the same red way points they do when they appear during the Railjack missions.
  3. RIP to everyone's weekend at DE! Thank you for getting this out, looking forward to playing jenga with my dojo rooms to try and make the dry dock fit 👯‍♂️
  4. Appreciate y’all looking further into this. Right now it’s a VERY frequent occurrence where other players in your squad will refuse to interact with their Kuva Lich when it shows up. Some of it seems to stem from a lack of clarity in the system itself and perhaps not understanding there’s a frustration for the other squad members when you don’t sacrifice yourself to the Lich. Beyond that, my Lich experiences have been largely positive, but this “Lich spawn hijacking” is a frequent enough trend to be a little concerning. It’s an ambitious and interesting system, but it does feel a little more frustrating in some of the details than past experiences in Warframe. One UI suggestion would be some indication of whose Lich it is that’s spawned into the mission. I haven’t noticed anything on screen, so usually it leads to a conversation in hopes someone will claim him (or enough people will eliminate themselves to know through deductive reasoning).
  5. I'm guessing there's other reports of this, but want to add to it. Auto sprint gets canceled out using some weapons. I just experienced it with the Ninkondi Prime using the Atlantis Vulcan stance. I've used other weapons that didn't have this issue, but that particular stance is really elaborate with a lot of movement, so might be related.
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