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  1. This stream is always so much fun. It’s become an essential weekly watch for me like a favorite TV series. Thank you all for putting this on!
  2. I don't sweat the meta, so you do what you like 🙂 But yeah, in terms of base survivability, health and armor are your best bets (not all frames really benefit from increased armor, though, so don't feel compelled to stick Steel Fiber on everything by default). There's a few health mods you can add to boost your health in addition to the usual Vitality, like Gladiator Resolve and Vigor. That being said, at some point those become less useful in a lot of builds because they take up valuable slots that can be used to enhance or even augment abilities. The Healing section on the Health entry of the wiki has a nice breakdown of various Warframe abilities that can be used to heal, but it's worth remembering you don't alwaysa need to have a healing ability to survive -- like with the aforementioned Rhino, if they can't hurt you while Iron Skin is active, then there's nothing to heal.
  3. Movement and high DPS definitely help a lot -- hard for enemies to kill you if there are no enemies. In terms of survivability there are a lot of warframe abilities that help with that -- sometimes in obvious ways, like Rhino's Iron Skin, but also in sometimes less clear ways, like say for example Mag's Magnetize (which sucks in enemy bullets before they can get to you) or Nyx's Chaos (which confuses all the enemies so they attack each other instead of you). As for health regen, there are Arcanes that can heal you, increase armor, etc. Not sure how far along you are in the game, but if you're early you probably won't see Arcanes for quite awhile unless you decide to buy them from other players with plat -- which, if you're early game I wouldn't suggest doing as you'll need that plat for warframe and weapon slots.
  4. I certainly don't see any issues with the builds you posted, but it's hard to compare between your MR3 account and this one -- on your MR3 I presume you're still very early in the game, and frankly even with low level stuff in Earth and Venus, nothing is ever particularly difficult and even the weakest frames can feel quite tanky. As for doing a like for like comparison, unless you can run Sanctuary Onslaught w/ your MR3 account, we can't really do a solid comparison there, but SO is meant to be relatively tough so it's not horribly unusual to go down there if you're not very experienced with it. If it is a dragon key glitch like the person above me mentioned, I think you'd still see it in your stats when you go into the mission -- is your health super low i.e. lower than what it should be? Anyways, I'd actually be curious to see the vids when they finish rendering, so hope you share them here.
  5. Unless you modded your Arca Plasmor for more damage types, keep in mind the Ancients have extremely high defense against radiation damage, which is what the Arca Plasmor does.
  6. Hard to tell in the gif, but I have the framerate and ping bar in the photo and the ping is at about 100ms. This happened on about five straight runs. The gif doesn't convey it greatly, but trust me, something is very off.
  7. I grabbed a gif to try and capture what's going on: https://giphy.com/gifs/5zsdEZZd8DKH5T9NRS You can see one enemy get stuck on the tunnel, then another comes barreling out and kind of blinks through the air before getting stuck out of sight on the edge of the map.
  8. Okay I thought I was going crazy. Had this experience as well on Salacia - Neptune. Corpus enemies were out of control, careening off everything and flying around at crazy high speed.
  9. This is beautiful, thank you! Probably a long shot, but I'd love to see Gyromag Systems (and those other parts) moved down a tier, too. Still haven't managed to get the Gyromag I need to rank up to the point I can just buy them with standing. Either that or something to improve the drop rate for those. I know it's just bad RNG for me but it's been going on long enough that it's actually be frustrating given there isn't really another path to getting those parts.
  10. I had controller issues too but I'd had channeling bound to right trigger and block to left (reverse of the default). Restoring to default controls fixed it for me!
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