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    🎮[ALL PLATFORMS]💻 🌠 New Alliance's [INT/EU/USA/OCE]🌍 [DISCORD] 💯Extremely Active🛡️Casual Clan🏹 Welcome to Darken Void/Darken Order & Darken Devils Alliance's, we are a growing community looking for fun & active members. When joining our Discord please use your real in-game name you can put any other names in (brackets) also make sure to leave your old Clan so we can send you our Clan Key. We have started our Alliance's & looking for clan's to join us, we have 11 Clan on PS4 and 4 Clan's on XB1 we are looking for more clan's to join us😉.

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    PS4 🎮 EST. IN 2015 -  One of the most active and respected alliances on PS4 w over 45 clans(no moon tier.) What we have to offer: ▪ WEEKLY/MONTHLY ALLIANCE EVENTS. DAILY GIVEAWAYS! ▪ ALLIANCE PSN COMMUNITY FOR EVENTS, TRADING, UPCOMING INFORMATION, BUILDS ETC ▪ ✴ALLIANCE DISCORD SERVER✴ ▪DAILY EIDOLON HUNTS 👊 •°EXPERIENCED AND HELPFUL COMMUNITY°• 💥For more info about joining one of our many clans please read below or read our "Joining SoH" thread. 💥 Contact Steelergurl33 or MikeSnipez555 for more info via PSN and we can help find the right clan for you or discuss bringing your clan into our Alliance!

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    We are - The Power Galactic - An easy-going, friendly, mature and helpful PS4 clan open to all Tenno no matter the MR. Only thing we request is that you be respectful and social and become friends with us as we explore the never-ending Warframe universe. Please join our open to all Clan Discussion forum - please pm our Warlords/Admins to join our clan roster and our community discord. From there we are available all the time for chats and help out in all things Warframe. So what are you waiting for Tenno? We are - The Power Galactic - this is our world. We shall take it back from all evil that may come! Important - To actually join the clan you first need to join the discord and let the Warlords/Recruiters know that you want an In Game Clan invite. Joining this group on Warframe forums doesn't mean you automatically got an invite to the clan. We want social, active Tenno which means we love it if you chat with us on Discord or if you need help reach out to us via Discord and we have a strict 14 day inactive policy - But we will also reserve your spot if you are going on a long leave away from console. All you need to do to reserve your spot during your absence as a clan member is tell us in Discord why you will be mia. TL;DR - To actually join clan - join Discord - tag a recruiter/warlord for an in game invite.

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