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  1. can you do something to escape the lich if we don´t need to fight him (weapons are already required) cus that will save for me like 150 missions -_- and it dosen´t make any since to do the lich when I get the same weapon that I already have except to rid out of him please Guys FIND A WAY OUT
  2. thanks guys the problem was that I am saving my recorded videos on the same hard partition, as I changed to another empty one it works without any problems or any lagging
  3. thanks for the update but can you make the operator energy color is the same as energy suite or can you add an Option to chose them
  4. hello guys, I would like to record my gameplay in Warframe but till now I can´t find a good Program that can record with Good/High Quality without making a laggy game for my Laptop it is MSI GE72 Apache-Pro Processor: Intel® Core™ i7 6700HQ Graphic card: GeForce® GTX 970M 4GB RAM: DDR4 16GB I tried: MSI afterburner: it has problem with lagging and even with normal quality. OBS: has problem with the quality and it is lagging too Invidia Experience: Warframe is not supported game "it is standing on their supporting list but it says so" any tips or help it would be very appreciated. 😉 thanks
  5. thanks for the hot fix 🙂 I hope the Eidolon hunting will be more fun now
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