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  1. That´s what I was waiting for !! Thanks
  2. Hello, I have really a problem with leveling my necramech,,, since it is a vehicle and if I use the archwings it will directly reset my EXP on it as a host I could leveling it up but as a squad member you can´t see the EXP of it at all ( and I couldn´t keep it) I finished the leveling up after day and half and now I find another bug!! if you put a forma on it (or on Arquebex) then just go to the Openworld and return back it will be maxed again even if you didn´t do anything!! here with photos: 1-unranked Necramech after putting Forma on it
  3. when you getting banned for any reason, you should have at lease a message that says that you are banned. but in my case for example I didn´t receive any message
  4. I didn´t do anything in warframe in the last two days except farming credits. All the people who I have played with and did Profit taker missions are having the same issue
  5. "Warframe Blueprint and Component costs from Simaris have been reduced by 50%" way too late 😕
  6. the virtuos shadow could not be proc with the fire tale from the Operator now !! that is not a fix that is a problem !!
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