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  1. thanks guys , please fix the Void storm effects :3
  2. Dear DE Team, I would like to suggest an Idea for you which is not really new, we had the self-damage mechanic on Chroma to get the buff and that was working very nice in eidolon hunting. I can speak in my name and almost all the players who doing the hunt, that we love chroma with this mechanics. If the self damaging will gone forever please give us that buff insteantly like Rhino (Roar) or any another buff in the game Greetings Rawad.
  3. DE please fix this problem, when I get my fps dropping down I have only one option which is closing warframe, this might be also not something good for our GPU.
  4. It is cool that we have the old stuff back for the Tennos who didn´t have the chance to get them,,, but with 0 new content what about the hard grinding players have to do in the NW ? I see the rewards are not what I am looking for :/
  5. Sadly couldn´t add more than 3 enemies but here is my Video :)
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