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  1. this would lead to way, way more trolling than the current system, if only because that would be an avenue for trolling that would be available in every single mission regardless of setups as opposed to the current state of only an incredibly minor subset of overlapping conditions even giving the chance for one player to very mildly negatively interfere with another
  2. If you go afk you just stop getting rewards for the mission you're currently in after a relatively short timer. Your friends probably got banned because they're cheating, lying, conniving little S#&$s.
  3. Is it annoying? Yes, very Is being forcibly and immediately host migrated because of people like OP even worse? You better #*!%ing bet it is, too bad I can't say what I really want to say to these people without getting a forum warning at the very least.
  4. Maybe it's actually the most important decision presented to you, because it teaches you that none of the choices in this game really matter. Call me any time for more secret forbidden Warframe deep lore.
  5. Last time I checked the feedback forums it was just a billion delusional frame rework threads drowning out everything else, so I don't really blame DE for not taking it seriously either.
  6. Gara with Mending Splinters makes defection completely trivial. If you think you need a squad to hit a C rotation, that's a you problem.
  7. Celestial Twin is a meme, Cloud Walker is the real reason to use Wukong. Why would you use one of the most mobile frames to afk lol Besides, I have seen a grand total of one (1) person trying to afk with Celestial Twin, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of these endless posts complaining about Wukong are just people projecting based on what they (mistakenly) think are the frame's strengths.
  8. Dark Souls is pretty good at gating off complete morons, tho. The little details of how it works its difficulty all add up to a model that, just below the "knowledge check" you mentioned, is finely tuned to repeatedly punish the kind of idiot who has "learned" to play video games by simply bashing their head against an obstacle until it lets them through out of pity or random chance. Even the summoning mechanics play into this: a means for these complete morons to get through a part they otherwise couldn't, so they can move on and get punished for their stupidity by the rest of the game as well. You'd be surprised. Some people get absolutely wiped in arbitrations, most randos don't even seem to know how disruption works, and have you done spy sorties with a squad? A lot of Warframe players seem to be.... unfathomably bad at Warframe, despite DE's best efforts to make mission failures next to impossible.
  9. Haven't read through the full six pages because ain't nobody got time for that but I swear Revenant threads always bring some of the worst takes the Warframe community can come up with, and it's not like there's a super high standard to begin with.
  10. Paper tiger? A frame with permanent invisibility, near-perfect soft CC and scaling damage is a "paper tiger"? The reasons you don't see Octavia out there are that she was moderately annoying to get (before her prime was released), is boring as hell to play, and RSI is a thing.
  11. Why did mods stealth delete some posts from this thread?
  12. This guy never heard of Atlas, Baruuk, Equinox, Gara, Hildryn, Nezha, Nidus, Nova, Revenant, Sevagoth, Titania, Valkyr, Xaku, Zephyr and probably some others I might have missed, which can use different mixes of absolutely reliable DR/CC/recovery to never really be in danger? Or of any of the frames that can go invisible, so they can simply never take damage because invisibility is almost equivalent to invincibility in Warframe? Yes, there is very little middle ground between clowning the game and getting deleted by enemies, and that is not really healthy for the game, but you still need to choose to get deleted.
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