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  1. Gauss is what you get when people ask for more ability synergy. Have fun spamming Mach Rush to keep battery up during Redline since without Redline at high battery every other ability is underwhelming. He's not bad, but you're not playing Warframe anymore, you're playing Redline.
  2. While I can't fully blame DE for not letting the event fail, since that would lead to a complete S#&$storm, I can blame DE for consistently, knowingly treating players like idiots and pretending there's any sense of achievement while they artificially manipulate every single event progression to their whim. Enough with the fake progress bars. If you're going to make things happen no matter what, just give us a straight up countdown, and gate some bonus rewards behind participation if you want to get the community involved. Which is something you already do! You did it in this very same event with the fractures! It can't be that hard to follow that much better pattern and not disrespect your playerbase.
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