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  1. The boss fight is alright (you can't really make a balanced boss fight in Warframe without making frame choice irrelevant, which is often a terrible idea but at least it works in context here). But collecting the clues was the worst experience I ever had in Warframe - it was only five times in the span of a few months but that was already five times too many. DE probably wants players to notice the clues by their faint glow when you get near them, but everything glows much brighter from much further - stairs, furniture, floors, debris, the current renderer is just a billion light reflections e
  2. And for as much as I'd like to blame them, I can't, because if they stop throwing new things at the game, the game dies. Of course, if they would get things right for a change with these content updates instead of every new system being a complete mess that needs a massive rework, that'd be pretty nice, too...
  3. So what you're telling me is that you behave like a jerk (ignoring people for no reason they can discern), blame other players for it (randomly ignoring people in trade chat instead of using filters), and making up stories to further justify your behaviour (that 35 minute wait story you just pulled out of your ass). Congratulations, you earned yourself an ignore in these forums. Certainly not a chunk of decent people!
  4. That's very mature of you to demand game changes over one bad experience, OP.
  5. Damage caps are such an arbitrary, "we regret making this ability in the first place" change. There were so many ways to balance it - reducing general scaling, reducing base damage, reducing base range, making damage decrease with distance, splitting damage between targets instead of doing full damage to everyone in range, increasing casting time, increasing energy cost, just pick a few of these and force players to invest into the ability (and into their finishers) to achieve the previous effect. But no, DE has the balance chops of a toddler and overreacts by just completely destroying the ab
  6. "Missions above level 20" make up about half the star chart, starting with Saturn. Don't you "strawman" me, Corvid, and learn to read (and play the goddamn game instead of simply talking nonsense in the forums) before you waste anyone's time again.
  7. If your companions are constantly dying in content above level 20 instead of, say, above level 200, it's a you problem before being a companion problem. Yes, maybe something should be done about sentinels being permanently killed in high level missions, and maybe pets shouldn't have most of their survivability in high levels tied to bringing a tanky frame to benefit from link mods, but I don't think anyone at DE will take your complaints seriously if you can't keep a pet alive halfway through the star chart.
  8. It's perfectly fine, it's still impossible to fail if you are actually playing. If you failed it - and I assume you did, or else you wouldn't have started this thread - it means you were probably watching Netflix instead.
  9. There is no point in explaining it to him. People have already tried it hundreds of times, and he always comes back for more. GearsMatrix exists only to complain about Revenant, that's his reason to be. If for whatever reason we could somehow actually reach him and convince him he's wrong about Revenant, he would simply disappear in a puff of smoke.
  10. Happened after completing the first canister cycle in the second phase, outside the cave; after filling up the gauge and triggering the cutscene once, the gauge didn't come back for the second cycle. Spent a while throwing canisters at it to see if it was just a visual bug, getting close to press X just in case a few times, but the next cutscene never triggered, and she never even created more fractures and I had to abort the mission.
  11. I think OP forgot which game he is playing? Anyway, further proof that DE's business model works, despite my infinite puzzlement at why would people ever rush anything.
  12. Reminder that showing up in random threads to talk nonsense involving Revenant is apparently all that GearsMatrix301 ever does. This has been going on for years. I wish I could have stopped noticing it - I ignored him eons ago, but his invariably moronic posts always result in a deluge of confused quotations...
  13. They could make Empower scale with strength, but then they'd just set the base value to 15% or something, and it would be useless for builds which don't already have tons of strength. 50% with no scaling is fine. It's great for sustains that you cast once and keep on for the entire mission, and almost certainly viable for builds that need the dreaded duration + range + strength combo if it means hitting a breakpoint that you'd otherwise have to sacrifice too much for. I imagine you find it "underwhelming" because you intended to use it on a build which already has 300%+ ability stren
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