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  1. Accelerant (+augment) is one of the best damage buffs in the game, to the point that it barely matters that it is heat based. If there's enough armour for it to be a problem, anything that doesn't address that first is going to struggle anyway. But the raw damage is there. The real issues with Ember at high levels are that she has no defense whatsoever outside of unreliable, short term CC, and that she has generally pitiful range on everything, which doubles down on the fragility problem since you have to get too close for comfort to deal with things. With so many frames that can facetank the "hardest" content the game is willing to throw at you, and others who can nuke everything from much safer positions, it's hard to justify picking Ember after a certain point.
  2. While I can't fully blame DE for not letting the event fail, since that would lead to a complete S#&$storm, I can blame DE for consistently, knowingly treating players like idiots and pretending there's any sense of achievement while they artificially manipulate every single event progression to their whim. Enough with the fake progress bars. If you're going to make things happen no matter what, just give us a straight up countdown, and gate some bonus rewards behind participation if you want to get the community involved. Which is something you already do! You did it in this very same event with the fractures! It can't be that hard to follow that much better pattern and not disrespect your playerbase.
  3. That's much more of a problem with Maiming Strike/Blood Rush, which is a combo that should have never been allowed into the game, than with exalted weapons themselves.
  4. It looks like everything that affects the melee combo counter - your current melee combo itself, Naramon's Power Spike, counter decay mods, and most hilariously, Blood Rush - is leaking into sniper combos (or at least the Lanka's). Noticed it at first with Blood Rush alone, consistently giving me red crits that were totally unfeasible - some quick maths to check the values did add up (disclaimer: REALLY quick maths), so I went for broke and threw everything combo related at my melee weapon, eventually leading to the silliness above on every shot after a while.
  5. That's actually 8 (and a half) helmets, which are also great value compared to, say, potatoes which cost more than twice as many wolf creds but only about 1/4th the plat (and which you can still get from invasions - notice that alerts and invasions also encroached on each other's design space). I mean, obviously it's not as much value as just getting them by doing a single mission at the right time, but suggesting that you're being forced into buying helmets based on multiple tiers of bad elementary maths as a way to criticize Nightwave rewards is just... a bad start to any argument, isn't?
  6. You know, maybe it's just me getting old and grumpy, but I think people shouldn't be going around writing a couple blurbs of (mis)information and calling it a "guide". Some people might google "fortuna mining guide" and end up here instead of somewhere that would have helped them.
  7. farming statues in oestrus is TERRIBLE, because going there exclusively for statues means quite a bunch of aborted attempts that return absolutely nothing and only waste your time. just do syndicate missions and get statues while you look for medallions. and if for whatever you don't want to do syndicate missions, you already have access to eris, which means you are in condition to go about completing the star chart and unlocking arbitrations, which you DO want to do because they're the best endo farm in the game short of boring yourself to death in vodyanoi (don't bore yourself to death in vodyanoi). just... don't waste your time with that meme oestrus farm.
  8. Being the most popular doesn't mean it's the best or even the most convenient. For general use Zenurik is only the 3rd or 4th best school, because energy pizzas exist (subject for another topic: maybe energy pizzas shouldn't exist). Maybe what needs fixing is the players?
  9. Hey, this is reasonable enough to not satisfy the people who want 3+ hour endurance runs and infinite scaling!
  10. People suggesting Rathuum over Arbitrations for endo are ignoring how mind-numbingly restrictive Rathuum farming is if you want to it to be minimally efficient. Have fun playing the exact same party setup every time! Index is also restrictive and unfun enough for me to never, ever go there again considering Profit-Taker gives enough credits plus Solaris United/Vox Solaris standing on top of being a lot more enjoyable, but it's still more justifiable than Rathuum over Arbitrations (plus you only need Rhino and arguably Iron Shrapnel to solo Index with absolutely zero issues, while being actually ready for Profit-Taker instead of just hoping to get carried might take a lot more investment).
  11. Endurance runs with appropriate rewards (never mind the hilarious suggestions for endless scaling that pop up in these forums) aren't interesting for their business model, are contrary to their design standards, and are a risk for what seems to be their desired player interaction. Rewarding marathon sessions is probably never going to happen unless they decide to do a full 180 at some point, which they probably have no reason to for the next few years.
  12. this sounds like the opposite of a problem to me, looks like your "leecher" is being more useful than the average index player
  13. Don't be that guy. Even if you are right and the other guy is wrong: don't be that guy.
  14. Ah, so on top of lacking understanding of some aspects of the game, you're kind of an amateur at humour, too. Too bad. I mean, I disagree heavily with every single post you make, but at least you are civilized and it's possible to understand how you arrived at your ideas. That other guy? He just makes word salad and seasons it with "strawmanning", every time.
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