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  1. I don't really buy the idea that Warframe is this super complicated game that needs a detailed step-by-step guide to master. It is pretty bad at explaining things, sure, but so is nearly every other game out there. You could even say that learning is the game in Warframe, because once you know what to do, it is by far the most braindead game I have invested any significant amount of time into - it is largely designed around not letting players lose, there is probably a whiteboard somewhere at DE with MISSION FAILURES ARE BAD FOR PLAYER RETENTION written on it. By the time you understand how it
  2. If you are playing spy missions with randos - and interacting with them on top of that - then who has really screwed up to begin with, OP?
  3. Add that to the ever growing pile of oversights. Not really surprising, too, given how completely forgotten Valkyr and Nyx are.
  4. Did any of you guys even play Shadow of Mordor/Shadow of War? The only real connection between the Nemesis system and kuva liches is that it was name-dropped by DE at some point during development for reasons that might as well be random since nothing in Warframe is even close to resembling the Nemesis system in any form. This isn't really worth five pages of armchair legal talk.
  5. Underestimate the evil powers and malignant reach of GeForce Experience at your own peril!
  6. Rivens are fine, the only thing it needs is much more aggressive disposition changes, preferably on a fully automated system. Even after the disposition change caps were increased, it still takes multiple cycles across many, many months for a misplaced disposition to migrate towards where it should be.
  7. Imagine thinking that health or shields make any difference for Octavia. You're permanently invisible, which in Warframe is essentially the same as being invulnerable.
  8. You know, these suggestions are always based on the premise that game balance in Warframe is somehow achievable, and that might just be a false premise to begin with.
  9. It sounds to me like a lot of people are probably just using the wrong primary weapons for the wrong purposes. Besides, if melee didn't do much better against things in melee range, what would be point of it?
  10. Grendel is pretty meh - there is potential, but there is also not enough mod space to give him everything he needs - but he's still a better Inaros.... and people love Inaros.
  11. You thought people would read your post before replying? Welcome to the forums. Anyway, I think the Warframes themselves barely have any personality. Except for Atlas, whose personality is "punch" - which would already top the list even if there was any actual competition.
  12. Complaining about how Warframe feels like a different game because some of the newest content looks or plays a bit differently (nevermind that this is what Warframe has been doing for ages) and then longing for the good old railjack days (aka some of the most wildly different content in the game)? This feels like an old man rant as envisioned by a 12 year old with the memory of a goldfish.
  13. Jesus Christ stop with this rework fetish everyone
  14. I think you are the one who got the wrong idea here - you seem to care a lot.
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