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  1. A knight/rōnin armor frame. Since we got 2 health frames and 1 shield frame it’s only logical to eventually have a armor frame. Understandably it would have no shields, low/medium health and A LOT of armor so that it would make up for the low amount of health. Visually it would look a knight. Their signature weapons would be a sword and shield (melee) and a crossbow (primary or secondary) If a quest is possible to have with it then...: it’s a story about letting go of the past. The operator (who’s a ghost) of this frame is seeking redemption for a duty they failed to commit to long ago by protecting orokin information from falling into anyone’s hands, which they desperately hope would bring any surviving orokin to them so they would give back their lost honor. In the end we would’ve helped them come to terms with what had happened and that would let them pass on leaving their warframe in our care.
  2. 1. Will we see shields get reworked? 2. Will the murmur grind be changing? 3. Since you talked about changing armor scaling to try to make the game “harder”, could you then take a look at enemy AI? Since currently it feels like we’re fighting the same faction but with a different skin and tricks 4. During the last Nightwave you made new and original infested enemy’s but after the series ended (from what I heard) you sadly relegated them to only spawn in the emissary boss fight. Will you hopefully have them spawn in the regular infested missions, 5. How’s the Duviri Paradox going?
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