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    New Inefested-Assasin Warframe Concept.

    This warframe sounds really good, I think maybe mimicking a friendly frame should give you their exact build with their mods. A potential augment could be if you charge the ability it costs 25% more to cast and gives you and extra +50% an all their duration, efficiency, range, and strength but while you’re as your friendly frame they have -50% of everything, so you could use it to your advantage for example a speed nova has less than 100%strength so you could make the speed she gives enemies better. I also think that hunters eye might be better as a channeling ability but you can still get energy from abilities like energy vampire so he/she/it becomes a lot more useful at higher level as well. Also maybe his passive could also include extra status chance, status duration and damage to all toxic damage you deal. That’s just some of my ideas anyway if it becomes a frame it’ll probably have to have a lot of stuff tested and changed so they’re not too weak or powerful. Feel free to say if you think anything I’ve said doesn’t fit your vision of the frame.