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  1. I just noticed that all of the negative comments have been removed. Kinda shows you what DE is trying to do.
  2. Nice of you guys at DE to just dump Atlas and instead "fix" over 4 different other frames, you gave them an almost complete overhaul, then when you finally get to Atlas Prime you just give him over inflated base stats and call it a day, pathetic. There are so many free ideas on you own forms that you could have gone off of but no you just left him in his mediocre form without even blinking at him. You fixed Gauss, a brand new frame, over Atlas and his prime release.
  3. Yeah 15 not 1, and they have a half life of less then 24 hours and that's also if you've gotten that far in the quest. There are what 4 or more parts to the rail jack quest all of which require 12 hours to build provided that you have all of the resources. The argon will be gone long before that. It would be slightly better if argon didn't degrade but it still would not look very good. Again a useless gesture.
  4. Still no mention of fixing that height of the dry dock so that players don't have to completely gut their entire Dojo. Good to know DE.
  5. Again if the thing wasn't as tall as the Burj Khalifa this probably wouldn't be that big of an issue for everyone. Most of these rooms make no logical sense anyway yet suddenly DE decides that the single biggest room needs to be "realistic" and here we are. As far as "it's a result of" yes DE failed to test it, period, had they tried several different Dojo builds of varying layout they may have seen this issue consistently popping up and might have been able to either explain to players what to do OR fixed the oversize hitbox. Saying they are not at fault is silly, the players sure didn't build this horrible system!
  6. They could have, it's called testing and quality control, something that DE rarely does, ever and this is just the latest thing. Had they even tried one bit to test the dry dock on something other then a single main room then they would have seen that their design was flawed and needed to be taken care of and fixed before releasing it to the public.
  7. Heck look at the recent Doom 2016 map system, that thing was awesome, nice throw back AND practical. Doom didn't need 7 years to come up with that yet somehow DE can't seem to figure out stuff that the original DOOM figured out in the early '90s.
  8. Yep just make sure you redo your entire dojo, cause that's a thing that most are having to do, but you wouldn't know anything about that. Perhaps you've never built anything and had it the same way since clans were a thing only for DE to arbitrarily force you to rebuild the whole thing from scratch because some one at DE didn't' properly test it. I know you love DE but stop making it so obvious, it doesn't actually help anyone.
  9. Sorry but that is not even a consolation prize, that is the bare minimum so that DE doesn't make it too obviously how money hungry they are. They should have known better, they should have actually tested outside of their sterile cozy office and actually made real world Dojo examples so as to avoid the obvious problems with this new addition. You can't find problems if you don't look for them. What should have happened was DE releasing a comprehensive rework of the entire Dojo system along with the dry dock, end of story. They should have asked Youtubers and vets what would have been a good idea, you know interview actual players not their staff that never even plays the game to find out if this or that would work. I can not stand people that spout the falsehood that DE "listens" rarely do they and when they do they make a big show of it. They could have done some real effort but instead just like the Lich system released a half baked idea to the public and did the type "AAA" thing which is fix is later. Shameful.
  10. Nice to see DE has their priorities straight, they put FAR more thought and effort into creating her then they did with the recent Atlas Prime release, weapons and all and if her abilities have a full replacement visual then that seals it that they simply did not care which I still think is the case.
  11. Too bad that doesn't apply to everyone like you think that it does. I'm in a small clan of less then 10 players, yet I still could not fit the thing even after we removed the obstacle course which we thought was the problem. It was not and I wasted plat AND 3 forma so far and I'm already getting tired of waiting 12 hours, building a hallway only for it not to put the oversized Burj Khalifa sized dry dock into what amounts to the negative space that is the WF Dojo. This one time DE decides to try and make some sense of where players put things with relation to the other rooms they pick the largest room in the Dojo to do it, making it almost impossible unless you want to redo your entire dojo and spend about 200 plat.
  12. Having issues and it's honestly infuriating that DE didn't think this through and just sent it out after the tested it on their no room Dojo. The sheer size is bad enough but not being able to see what it is colliding with and the fact that if you don't have the space you have the combined waiting times to dismantle rooms that you have had for years and then the material cost to build and then the 12 hours times however many things that you had to build in order to get it to work.. just no, DE should have thought this through just like the Liches rather then sending it out piecemeal and not even remotely testing it.
  13. So if I'm reading this right we basically need to waste like 5 forma or more, just to be able to have the space to build this poorly thought out thing?! Not to mention how many days worth of time waiting for said elevators to build AND it may not even have enough space?!
  14. Doom 2016 did a great job at having an older school style of 2D map but it also showed other levels above and below, 7 years in development and DE still can't figure out something as simple as a map. Mean while original Doom had maps that you can easily follow while Warframe... nah.
  15. Just build a basement level that was just made for the new additions (lich trade post) and I'm attempting the dry dock, I put one long hallway after reading about some issues in the hopes of avoiding it, however it seems I'm running into the same problem. I can't really do much as I'm the only really active member of the clan and again we've build 2 other floors above this one with all sorts of rooms. If DE actually play tested things like any other game dev does then we would probably see a lot less of these issues. I'm not going to wait another 12x4 hours just to make a hallway the size of an entire state just for the ridiculous and over sized dry dock to NOT fit, I'm sure as **** not going to start removing other rooms that have been there for years either, again waiting 12 hours PER room on a guess! DE can fix this then call me, stop doing half efforts and actually check to see if things work in a real world scenario not your stale dojo with nothing in it.
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