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  1. Yeah I've been trying to figure out what a good replacement for his 4 would be. At least for a mode where I wouldn't normally use his 4.
  2. If DE didn't make every single necessary companion mod have absurd capacity requirements they would probably be a lot more survivable. As it stands now we need to forma a single companion 8 times I'm order for the mods to be maxed out. DE has known this for a long time but clearly they do not care.
  3. Same unless that stack effect is that cool I'll just got back to his deluxe skin.
  4. Has nothing to do with "people just don't want harder missions" the spawn rate is broken, if I need 50 forma in every item in my current loadout as does everyone else in my squad, then that's not "hard" that's broken balance by a dev team that simply does not playtest nor listen to more then 5 yes men content creators, period, end of story. A "hard" mission is a challenge that you can eventually overcome, this nonsense simply will never be overcome unless I get some try hard squad mates and for RJ that should never have been a requirement considering how no one plays it.
  5. Yeah 3rd time doing it, failed, why? only 3 guys and 1 of which probably didn't have a mech to begin with let alone anything close to "meta" again if DE actually played their own game modes to see what works with below average kit and what didn't we wouldn't have all of these problems. No wonder the Erato RJ node is always empty, no one wants to play it because it's fundamentally broken on all accounts unless your a high paid streamer or YouTube personality. Never mind the fact that it's always more then 20 minutes of fighting in the RJ then frantic nonsense unbalanced gameplay on foot once you get inside of the ship, basically 30 minutes of everyone's life down the drain once you inevitably fail this broken mission type. And there's number 8th down, yeah flat out impossible with all but the most meta of meta of meta builds and tight teams, give me a break, the highest Orphix Venom was never this bad, did several max Orphix runs back during that event and rarely failed now that it's a BS standard RJ mission they made it impossible, good job guys, pat yourselves on the collective backs, you sure showed me. No wonder I can't make any progress on foot RJ missions with my Mech, if I keep failing DE's horrible system of not giving you your XP is keeping me from maxing it out, furthering the grind.
  6. Totally agree, the spawn rate is insane, again more proof that DE doesn't playtest. Fully speced out RJ, crew members and Mech, still can't kill them fast enough and they just keep dropping. By the time that I kill a single Orphix 3 more have dropped, forget the awful placement on these corpus maps for the crystals god those are also a major problem, you have to run in your slow mech to try and kill these things again all to delay the player and make you fail the entire 20 minute mission.
  7. You think that they flicker less then fissures?! I find that storms flash and flicker far more, I mean DE even had to reduce the effect when they first dropped.
  8. They could have just put it in the tenno lab so that we didn't have to make room for another single use room in our dojo. Make use of existing rooms... probably a better idea honestly.
  9. It couldn't be because the weapon is one of the few very early mr weapons right? No that couldn't be the reason. ..
  10. Not akfuris so your damage will be minimal so getting life steal not sure how effective that will be. If they made that mod work with both single and double then I'd consider spending a mod slot and the secondary slot.
  11. Her farm is just bad. Me personally, it took 30+ total hours in game just get one full set. Considering that you also have to pay coins to even initiate the farm I'd say those could be valid reasons.
  12. Nothing, solo relay, standard relay not the Tennocon relay, I don't recall you guys having this issue last year, how odd.
  13. Yeah so I don't even bother doing it unless I have a surplus of energy that is not being drained by continually healing and protecting friendly players or NPCs. Which happens a lot especially when I'm trying to avoid using Rage or Hunters Adrenaline.
  14. I found that trick not to work all of the time. In fact more then 50% of the time I have to recast is 4 several times to strip armor.
  15. You either build him for significant efficiency and duration or no efficiency and all strength. Neither of which are great options and if you try for a balanced build you'll get an ok frame that's not very good at anything past 30 or 40.
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