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  1. I agree with this post right here, DE should know better, they have the data on this live service but refuse to make the correct changes based on said data. If anything there should be a free slot specifically for the purpose of fixing the frames at a minimum. About 50% or more are either fixes that players asked for or mandatory mods that make the frame much better with zero negatives.
  2. Much like the awful gunnery upgrade it'll have some negative trait that will nullify the purpose of the level 10 intrinsic. Scott will say it's fine the way it is even after they find out that no one is using it.
  3. Never ended up even looking at the defense mission. I did attempt 3 or 5 solo runs with Hyldrin in the survival mission but every single time I'd run into the same problem, DE refuses to fix the lack of spawns for life support. 2 of those runs I would get within less then a minute but the mission failed due to no life support. In fact I specifically remember one of those runs..I had about 10 seconds left in the mission but no life support spawned. After that I said screw it and never looked at those nods again. DE really screwed up with that release and it's a shame no one really call
  4. Just 2 to 5? It took me days to get one complete Protea set!
  5. As a side note, I never received the loot that was "supposed to go to all users who had maxed out MK3 RJ parts when Railjack 3.0 mainline patch came out. Recall that it was changed from "you need to have at least 30 parts repaired" to "All of your RJ's equipment needs to be MK3", I got into a discussion last night with some random players about this and most have said the same thing, never got mine.
  6. Where to begin The orfix Venom missions, the pods drop WAY too frequently, I've run into 2 runs now where we either failed or got to 99% because they dropped one after the other and since the travel time in these "new" corpus tile sets are so massive and blocky getting from one to the other has proven incredibly difficult. The constant connection issues, being unable to even press escape after a match freezes with a host or one of the 10,000 other reasons why this game locks up. So that bug returned, RJ was fine before you added all of this now I guess it's back to the drawing board for
  7. I didn't miss it, ran it for hours but never got the mask. Finally gave up and used my time for something more worthwhile.
  8. This change won't actually fix that problem, at all, the system may just let you know that if failed but it'll probably still not give people the drop anyway. Not to mention, again a lot of player's main issue is that they were not even able to catch the stream in order to even attempt to get the drop, let alone get said drop successfully. This will change nothing other then putting more things in the way for the end user, period. If I'm at work and there's a stream or if I'm asleep and there's a stream, I still won't get the drop with this new system anyway.
  9. I'm with everyone on this type of comment, seems like a measure to artificially increase traffic on Warframe's website, I have to wonder what kind of kickbacks DE upper management is getting for this change. Plus this is not user friendly sorry to say, I'm not sure who your fooling but having to go through multiple steps then having to constantly check to see if it's filling up some kind of bar. Yeah.. no this is the opposite of user friendly DE.
  10. The entire thing honestly, the cosmetic rewards were sparse and not as well done as in previous nightwave events. The glass enemies were annoying, the final boss event wasn't very good design wise. Above all of those, the awful detective mode should never have been made. Had DE actually play tested any of that they would have seen how bad it was and maybe they would have taken it out of made significant changes to it.
  11. I just had this happen to me after the 3rd lobby that got host migrated (real solid code there DE) which of course lost us the mission because it was a T3 Vault so Loid died instantly. Suddenly my 2 forma Mausolon arch gun is doing pitiful damage and I can't kill level 60 enemies. The host migration in this game is bad enough, can we not make it worse? Considering the only way to level up the mechs is to play in the open world which doesn't really net a lot of XP anyway? Let alone having my hard earned free time wasted by DE's end product.
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