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  1. I want Venari's skin to be able to be used on normal companion Kavats and it should so long as it actually looks close to what is shown in the concepts. So far though DE has been pretty bad at bringing the art to life if we're all really being honest with ourselves.
  2. "Or two" shows how little you pay attention to WF the the last few months of content drops. All have been buggy messes that have yet to be fixed or balanced.
  3. No one at DE really plays WF except on stream with developer mode on.
  4. I'll agree that DE clearly could have done better.
  5. I do each time that I gave to do missions where no one joins. My main vapor specter is an Atlas prime, main reason is the fact that he does his 4th with gives even more friendly NPC presence on the map thus more things for the AI to attack. Others I have is a Nova Prime and an Octavia.
  6. Alright then; I guess converted my 1st Dubba Stubba for no reason other then having an AI friend who's mostly useless (he had the ghost ephemera, can't remember the name)... ah well at least I know for sure so unless I really like their RNG NPC design or something just kill them all.
  7. So I haven't been able to fully confirm this, I've heard that you only get that ephemera if you convert them and you only get the weapon if you kill them. I've also heard that it no longer matters if you kill them, you get both anyway. I want to know which is 100% true, every single time. I've tried doing some searching myself and again I can't find anything solid from either the devs or consistent posts on Reddit or forum posts so I'm sorry if this subject has been gone over already but I just want to know without any questions. Thank you for your time.
  8. That's what I said to myself when I saw this announced.
  9. The fixes and improvements are a good first start but the Lich system is far from being remotely enjoyable, I still refuse to partake in it since it's such a massive grind, on top of the grind on top of the grind and farm. There are still far too many negatives to the Lich system that make it impossible to see it in a positive light. I look forward to DE learning from its mistakes and many missteps this past year and turning the company's heading back around to where it was.
  10. I'm still going to actively avoid them. It's an awful system that doesn't belong in WF especially not in it's current or the planned fixed state. Having my stuff stolen, farming even more relics for the chance to get a disposable whisper is just awful and a waste of my time. The weapons are just forma sinks with mostly zero benefits, converting them is totally pointless. The actual fight is awful, again DE used their Wolf design to make the liches overly difficult to kill requiring flat damage rather than a combination of damage types. And you get to do that multiple times when you have to inevitably fight it. I'm honestly glad that Steve got some mud on his face after the community poll found that players dislike the system the most. Wouldn't have been that way if they tested things before they released them.
  11. Didn't they add all the parts into a package deal at the end of it? On pc at least? 300 seems like a lot for a single shoulder. Don't they do the legs as a set though?
  12. Just got on to run a few, instantly as soon as one head on the boss got taken out, animation interruption and it stopped working, one of those players just wasted 4 of each catalyst thanks to DE. They can't even run their events properly anymore, what a joke. Not looking too good given how you've been dropping the ball on these latest "additions" DE, I'm starting to see why people are leaving.
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