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  1. I was wondering that myself because I love district 9 and as soon as I saw the paid skin I thought that it looked familiar and sure enough to me it's very similar to the prawn suit at the end of the movie. "Oh but it's not exactly so it's fine" that's nonsense and you know it.
  2. same, at one point I got up from 0 to maybe 20 or more then upon extracting it was zero. How does DE not understand how to fix this bug?
  3. Having the same issue, everything surrounding the necramech systems is just broken, still.
  4. The fact that DE has made it so that there are more chances to catch a bug thanks to them pushing the necramech on players by basically putting a form of permadeath into the operator mode. For me the fact that this happened twice in the same hour yet before that I was mostly fine while playing but now why bother risking it, honestly?
  5. Just happened to me, not very happy with this, so I don't see much sense in playing this event if this is the type of quality that I'm going to have to deal with. Considering how often DE's "game" runs into these types of game breaking bugs I would have expected them to have implemented a type of /kill command, because unstuck only helps 50% of the time. As as side note, after you're out of the "not condrex" influence and press escape you can move around, however you can no longer go into operator mode thus not being able to do anything in this event. 2nd time within t
  6. Considering how well known this bug is every since the basic Voidrig was released I'm surprised that DE hasn't done anything about it, well I'm actually not but..
  7. This is the exact issue that I'm currently having.
  8. Didn't work for me, then after unlinking my account I was unable to properly link it back. Also DE are you really still going to keep that Khora nerf that no one wanted, really? Far too many better warframes that have world killing abilities yet this one, gotta kill it.
  9. at this point I can't even relink my accounts even though it says that I am on the linking pages I look at my settings and connections and Warframe and prime gaming is gone.
  10. Khora There is now a minimal Line of Sight check on Whipclaw’s radial damage. So if you're going to do this, I expect that you'll be doing this to all of the other "overpowered" tile set clearing abilities, see Saryn, Volt, Baruuk, Frost, I think even Nezha's 4 doesn't need LOS, Gara, Equinox, Limbo even though you already nerfed him just because of a single non-repeating event, Octavia is more of an AFK frame then any of these including Khora but she's never been touched. If you're going to give the customers who actually play your game a reason, you might want to actually
  11. I like it but the spot attack is garbage, 99% of the time it doesn't actually do anything and when it does it does a single status pip then goes away. They need to fix or buff everything but the panzer.
  12. So just spend more fragments to revisit the horrible detective mode, so that's 5 fragments per for .. 4 or 5 of them all because DE made the bad decision to require players remember items from more then 3 months ago. Yeah sure...
  13. It's actually there because DE was tired of the community asking them to make meaningful changes to warframes and some if their useless abilities. The subsumed system was put into place because DE doesn't actually want to have to do the work. So as always let the players beta test and fix your game for you while you make all of the money.
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