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  1. Did i say something about selling prime access and prime vault ? No. Did i say something about lack of skills in using prime warframes and too low mr requirements ? Yes.
  2. I m mr 20 and i have over 1k hours in game so i know something about it . Why i care because the are loosing huge part of the game and they are too weak for high lv missions. Having prime warframe or prime weapons mean nothing for someone who spend at least 500h in game and have basic mods for basic builds but for new players the are endgame thing and the think if they have them they will become endgame player and even if they buy normal frames they will get knowledge how to use them how to play game
  3. Hey there i start this topic because when i play on public games i see lot of new players using prime warframes when i ask few of them why they are using this warframe I've received answer i dont know how to get other frames or why i need to use normal frame when i can use prime one instead but they dont know how to play they are jumping in to sorties rush in to enemies and die and they start typing why you are not helping me or when i tried to explain few things he answer i know how to play this game f off. I have an idea just increase mr needed to build prime warframes if you that will solve this problem new players will get knowledge about game about normal frames and how to mod to not die instantly
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