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  1. There seems to be various responses about this bug - just adding to the list of those encountering the skybox bug. We've now tested multiple times and can replicate this issue. first skirmish on earth - have your squad mate back railjack back as far as possible in mission smash all but 3rd crewship smash all 30 fighters from crewship complete mission and get dropped into the gray skybox without any ability to recover skybox - cant move it shouldn't be so easy to bust the mission 😄
  2. Lost the HUD last night during solo mode and then again this evening while hosting a 2 person squad. We are both PC players and she was able to see while I was unable. Both of us were able to see the ice effects on her vents in phase 1. Both times that I've lost the HUD seem to have occurred *after* popping the first vent.
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