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  1. fair, i remember the final phases of it before it was removed and you could see that it had a lot of PTW aspects since more plat = more advantage, smaller clans or not so active clans would never stand a chance in hell, but the dark sector could come back as raid type missions with some clan involment. idk, lots of players enjoyed it so lets see how DE responds to it, but i also feel like they have their hands full reworking railjack and Call of the Tempestary. it might be a long shot for it to come back and fix those issues.
  2. i actually had an idea how they could expand the lore with the mines, but yeah i think that these updates have been solid, but kind of forget the base, they are trying to reach higher. lemme know what you think.
  3. yea, i feel like creating sub sections for the ope worlds could generate new player interest and deal with the content drought, and it will reward players who have reached MR over 12+ instead of making it a badge, it can reward player who have made the effort by unlocking more quests. like its already a requirement to have a certain MR for some solar rails so idk why its not used more for rewarding players. also, expanding a bit more on theTenno faction could be like establishing a "federation" or "coalition" of colonies
  4. similar to the kuva lich, but something different at the same time, could give a better world building experience. i approve
  5. i had some ideas about updating the old open worlds that seem to be burned through very quickly, glad to see im not the only one who things so, making new world is fun and all but if they stay as content islands theyll just collect dust and not be revisited in any way by vet players. let me know what you think
  6. i actually had an idea about this, creating a secondary tile set, or an update could help with making the worlds or open world parts of WF more interesting and less like content islands. let me know what you think.
  7. good idea, honestly some mini quests could be nice to have, even if they dont evolve the overall story, some world building and lore creation would improve the game play a bit and bring back interest into the game. also i made a thread talking about issues like the "content islands" and mini quests like these. check it out
  8. jesus what an a hole, some playes just like to troll i guess
  9. its a good idea actually, giving some changes to some mission types could be cool. i posted a thread about some of my ideas. lemme know what you think since the Stronger Extermination could be implemented there.
  10. niiice i had a similar idea and posted a thread about it, lemme know what you think. but yes i love the idea of bountry hunting in warframe, could make the game feel more alive.
  11. Content Islands -> Archipelago interconnection of the open world planets via indirect or direct means (different mission types suchs as: jail break, escort, 3 part misisons for boss kill (new bossess)) the "revolution" has begun Tenno, the resistance to the 3 way power balance can not be handled alone, the help you have created will help you lead the way against upcoming threats. (Plains Update) Elvish - "Umbral Forrest" - Plains Update, unlocked by completing the starchart (updates the Plains of Eidolon) a hidden forest of the remnants of the orokin slaves have been hidden
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