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  1. True enough. But we have no proof the DE is, has, or is planning to do that for this update. This leaves us with the possibility of such potential bugs/exploits that could take us out of sync again. This, plus a historical trend of this being the case, makes it a plausible assumption.
  2. The minute someone finds a way to exploit some piece of Deimos content, we'll be out of sync again. Like always.
  3. Sounds like Magnetic damage on anything without a shield. 😉
  4. What do you consider to be "high level enemies"?
  5. It was an early method to improve the trade rate of Platinum. Prime parts, Rivens, and mod bloat have largely made that point redundant.
  6. Not based on the visuals I've seen. I see more skeletal remains than I do void energy.
  7. The skeleton isn't void energy. It also appears to be made up of different parts (arms and legs are noticeably different from each other), but held together by void energy.
  8. In regards to Virulence and Mutation Stacks: Establish a conditional branch for the bonuses Mutation Stacks give to Nidus. Now any Warframe can gain Mutation Stacks, but only Nidus benefits from the bonuses seemingly tied to it. Create a visible or invisible "buff" that tracks Virulence's damage stack scaling to replace Mutation Stacks for non-Nidus Warframes. While Larva seems the likelier choice, it would have been fun to utilize an AoE damaging tool that can also replenish energy.
  9. iirc, Raids required too much maintenance for how little it was actually utilized by the general playerbase. While I may have some concerns regarding DE's statistical methodology, I figure this reasoning to be generally true. Conclave, on the other hand, is incredibly simplistic. The only way you can screw it up is to add PvE things without balancing them first...
  10. If the theory that they are the human base for manufacturing our Warframes is correct...they aren't supposed to wake up...
  11. Next up: Calls for scaling damage capabilities for abilities and weapons. 😉
  12. Steel Path kinda hinted at a third option: Buff the enemies. But I suppose you could also consider that an indirect nerf of everyone else...especially if they went with my suggestion: Buff enemy accuracy.
  13. Don't forget to check weapon stances. Many have built-in status procs, making CO perfectly viable on some of those sub-25% status melees.
  14. Are you putting it on a regular Kubrow? Helminth Chargers have 5 appearance color slots, with "Emissive" coloring the "inner glow".
  15. IMO: Ballas = Mugatu Zoolander = Tenno Relax = Naga Drums Prime Minister of Malaysia = Orokin Dog = Lotus
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