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  1. I still believe that a 2x multiplier would be the better choice. It would improve amp variety for general (and eidolon) play, in addition to reducing the punishment of the status effect in cooperative play. While your (DE's) planned change slightly improves its use in cooperative play, missing a headshot would remain painful for the group. And it does very little for improving amp variety between players. Side note: The more DE makes "on headshot" mods/arcanes/abilities easier to achieve en masse, the more likely it becomes for those mods/arcanes/abilities to be nerfed. While
  2. I don't get why you want to boost base armor strip, when Range is the bigger issue for Xaku's build flexibility. If there wasn't a desire for so much additional range, 200% Strength (and some survivability) ends up much easier to achieve.
  3. Post U29.1.0: Passive - The AoE damage reduction is a good improvement, but the Vast Untime change makes it feel like you are being punished for not keeping it up for the damage avoidance and AoE DR. This makes your initial build-up and times when "energy leech" Eximus units come out of the woodwork worse than I think it needs to be. Additionally: Few "survivability mods" do much to improve "squishy" Warframes when facing higher level enemies. Please make more...preferably ones that don't just continue to benefit tanky Warframes way better in comparison. Xata’s Whisper - Making
  4. Having tested for this, Xata's Whisper remains active after the top right corner "buff" icon disappears. It remains active until the timer on Xata's ability icon (bottom right corner) ends.
  5. Xata's Whisper is like Toxic Lash, in that it is a separate damage instance. You'll see extra numbers pop up, rather than have the value of normal hits increase.
  6. It appears that Grasp of Lohk weapons already utilize "enemy proximity" as a key aspect of enemy Threat Level, so wouldn't it be better to just make the firing range static? Not every aspect of an ability needs to be affected by mods, and one would normally figure a weapon's "effective range" to be consistent. Also, would it be possible to slightly reduce the Threat Level of Gazed enemies for the Grasp of Lohk weapons? It somewhat makes the ability feel like a waste of energy whenever they continue firing on a Gazed enemy that is probably dead already, when there are plenty of alive and m
  7. It kinda depends on personal preference, but I think you can make his currently available skins look pretty good. I wouldn't say no to more, though. I need one that looks good for my "Baruuk of Bones" loadout.
  8. You can also Void Blast it away: And Void Dashing through them works as well, but is a PITA to get on video without a second person.
  9. Operator Amps reset Sentients "on hit". No proc necessary.
  10. Base stats? If so, Rank 30 stats would presumably be: Health: 345 (Assuming usual 200% increase) Shields: 225 (Assuming usual 200% increase) Energy: 225 (Assuming usual 50% increase) Armor: 225 (Assuming usual 0% increase) Sprint Speed: 1.25 (Assuming usual 0% increase) Sounds alright, although it has a bit higher "overall average" value compared to most Warframes. When compared to similar abilities, a 75% base damage boost seems high for a 25 energy ability with so much built-in versatility. I'm liking the concept of Cartridge being a type of
  11. When it comes to Void damage from Xata's Whisper, those effects are only applied if the Void status procs. So these "traits" appear to be mechanically separate from damage and status procs. Whether this is a bug or not is still up to DE, but I'd wager that it was probably intentional. And being able to damage Eidolon shields was supposedly a "default effect" of Void damage.
  12. Just about every "power" you suggested instantly reminded me of Sienna and her different staffs in Vermintide 1&2. I like it.
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