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  1. She should work off of armored enemies as well. Thankfully, her 2 does just that:
  2. Scanned all the data-hashes, but they are still listed as "Undiscovered" on the Event page. Terminal just has fuzzy squares on each ring.
  3. Launcher "We All Lift" hum just got real dark and echo-y... Rap Tap Tap...Fortuna style.
  4. I never said that you said they weren't.
  5. Prices are based on local economies, not conversion rates.
  6. The augment says it increases the respawn timer from 45s to 150s. Each enemy killed during that time, reduces the respawn timer by 4 seconds. Alternatively, you could just cast her 3 to instantly respawn Venari for some energy. All in all, sounds like a delayed cost Defy/Phoenix Renewal without healing you up afterwards.
  7. Will XB1 and PS4 have to wait for another patch to obtain this, or was it stashed with Prime Access in the last patch to go through certification?
  8. They provide a "Help" button on the popup, but it could be a bit clearer. "2035" likely holds some significance with someone at DE. iirc, Xbox users are suspended until "9999".
  9. It isn't exactly a ban. The automated system places a generic "2035 suspension" on users that are flagged for defined suspicious parameters. Apparently, obtaining 450k affinity in about a minute fits within those parameters. As a result, he received the suspension. This system is designed to initiate a dialogue between the user and DE, in the event that actions have occurred in-game that exceed what DE believes is possible. The user(s) discuss the event in question with DE, to determine what exactly occurred. Depending on the circumstances, DE will determine what should be done on a case by case basis. Nothing is set in stone here.
  10. Zanagoth posted his Power Donation video on October 16th, the day after it was hotfixed.
  11. DE's policy is pretty standard: Flag suspicious activity, gather contextual information, evaluate, then determine what needs to be done. Users who were banned from this exploit were flagged in an automated process, for obtaining X amount of affinity in X amount of time. It is designed to support Section 11a of the EULA. Gaining 450k affinity in less than two minutes (~30 seconds with a booster) would certainly raise some flags with the automated system, so I can see why Noobshowtek was given the 2035 ban. Now, it is up to him and DE to work out what should be done in his particular case (just like every other user who was flagged). IMO, posting the video probably didn't do him any favors.
  12. Math doesn't check out, unless macros or a free-wheel mouse was involved.
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