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  1. The reason I don't use most of the augments is that they'd require me to take off mods that affect all my abilities instead of just one (Duration, Strength, etc.). I think adding an Augment Slot, like an Exilus Slot, would help players use different augments, and more of them as well. Making the adapter 20p like a Forma or Exilus Adapter would be nice, but also adding them into Syndicate rewards (with the augments themselves, but more expensive than them) would be good for keeping them accessible to all players, no matter where exactly they are in the game itself.
  2. That's an issue I'd thought of, but if the cache were saved as HMs started, migrated back into the server once the HM is finished, and then deleted as it finishes, that wouldn't be nearly as much of an issue. Especially in the case of HMs where the Host is at fault and not the Client, as then the Client is always connected to the servers and extra precautions can be put in place. This is true, but I'd much rather have to wait an extra few seconds to be able to keep the materials I got over the 15 minutes in the Tridolon or even the hours I spend in endless missions. Yes, but the third Arcane I picked up wasn't saved and also wasn't in my inventory after the failed HM (I just checked again). It seems inconsistent. I dunno dude.
  3. That... is incredibly fast internet for sure. The fastest offered in my area is 400down/45up (the only service provider is Optimum). Wouldn't having a local cache to temporarily store the rewards until the mission is successful, even if that backup is made just as a host migration begins, be a good solution to the problem for all players? There're very very few people that I know of that have access to 500mbps, let alone 1gbps. And, actually, I looked back at the video and I did get two of the arcanes from the tridolon. It must've saved those two, but how did it give me that but not the others that I had as I was entering extraction? It just seems odd.
  4. I have 250mbps download and 35mpbs upload. What kind of quantum internet is required to play Warframe reliably? And even then, host migrations happen in the plains when the host leaves the squad one way or another, so what's stopping the game from putting me in a Solo mission then? It just seems weird that it randomly refuses to put me in a solo mission instead of forcing me out of the mission and wasting my time.
  5. Okay, so, I don't even know if this is a bug so much as a flawed part of the game. I've played this game for over 1,500 hours and encountered countless bugs/glitches/exploits/weird-features-that-don't-make-sense, but this is the one thing that bothers me enough to finally make a post showing it off. Host Migrations. They've happened a lot in my time playing Warframe, and they fail a lot of the time. Normally, fine. I finish the mission on my own or I'll just extract. However, especially recently, when they fail, they'll force me out of the mission, and I'll get nothing for the mission. Here is a video showing exactly what happened last time this occurred. (Yes, that is Kitchen Nightmares in the background) If I knew how to embed it, I would, but I don't, and it doesn't change my point: DE, please, fix Host Migrations. I've lost so many hours to them, in Arbitrations and Eidolon Hunts on top of all the other Endless modes.
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