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  1. Meanwhile i grind exploiter orb with my resource booster and kavat for that juicy toroid.. to trade it with atmo gyro and repeller (My Laptop is too slow to go back and fort Orb vailis)
  2. Not a fan of this suggestions, due to removing minelayer and Bastille
  3. This.. Vauban need rework like our Monkey
  4. At this point, i better farm prime set to sell and buy wolf sledge.... Then use those creds for catalyst
  5. Best : Nidus, Limbo Best upcoming : Khora, Excal, Wukong Worst : Nova, i wish the hand is syandana
  6. Removing Mesmer skin? Heretic Just rework his 1 to summon vombalyst that do actual damage And his 4 to be able to damage eidolon shield
  7. But then, does the Platinum dissapear? It doesn't.. its simply transfered for other to use (until they use it for market item) It is player choice for spending thousand of plat (with agreement) in trading.. noone force you to spend thousands of those in a single riven
  8. Why would people spending plat by trading (which earned from trading) will be profit for DE?
  9. So many "Meta" player crying here Good thing i always stay away from that term So many people said that gorgon is not use often.. but i see a lot of them complaining that their gorgon riven getting nerf Which mean people do use Gorgon
  10. What? We already got Atlas deluxe, and the next is Atlas Prime.. Why wont we get it? I don't understand edit: gdi, the next one is Wukong according to leak
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