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  1. Plese ship the update after the devstream The game getting stale as i dont have things to do
  2. Its twitter video compression.. nothing we can do
  3. You do know that.. tennogen is player generated content right?
  4. This Vauban design is bulky, yet his stat is paper thin
  5. Gruiz

    Vauban Reworks Idea

    Vauban's new rework is between good and bad for now
  6. I dont see this rework will remove that tactic, Care to elaborate?
  7. Nah, i dont put all faith in this rework, especially with scott history of nerfing But, all i do put some faith in it, because he addressed most (or not?) Requested rework for vauban 3&4 combinedl
  8. I dont see any indication that the rework is finished, you might jump to conclusion... too early Proof that it hasn't finished? 5th September, first Vauban tease.. 3rd ability icon still bastille 18th September, 3rd ability icon changed All we need to do is wait If you suggest replace every skill, then make a new warframe out of it They wont replace every ability, but they will reworking them Oh also, did he ever mention that he AGREED EVERYTHING that Rahetalius said? Nope, he only agree on half of it Suck it up, skoom! His 4 is useless? Oh i get it, youre those meta player that only care about killing everyone with 1 skill
  9. Scott DE literally mention that he watch rehatalius video
  10. I have no idea why people dislike vortex and Bastille combined I mean, they do same purpose, which is made enemies cc'ed. Having same ability = wasting ability slot
  11. People complaining about whether or not a weapon is Warframe's signature weapon.. Only 1-2 people replying to the idea proposed Anyway, Scourge need buff alongside with those idea you proposed.
  12. I never knew that orbiters decorations and cosmetic need sorting and names make it easier Wow Those are rather to respond "no benefit or value to skill/frame"
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