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  1. How to replicate bug: 1. Equip ferrox only as a weapon 2. Throw ferrox 3. Activate and deactivate mesa 4th ability 4. Now all skill are locked out, "Ability in use" is shown under the skill bar This only works on Mesa when she only have Ferrox as her only weapon and after activating and deactivating her 4. If she have other weapons equip the bug doesn't happen. I've tried with Nyx, Valk, Chrome and Titania, none of their abilities stuck after using their toggle ability.
  2. The title says it all. Feels bad when you use your heavy attack and it hits nothing then lose all em stacks. Just a QoL change.
  3. Hello, I would like to propose a chance to how the Boosters in the game are activated. Instead of instantly, give us the option to just store it in inventory. When the time comes that I really want that money/exp boosters, I can activate one at my own free will and spend the time lvling up or farming. I generally feeled forced to play when I get those boosters in Sortie or events instead of playing what I want.
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