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  1. The farming will not change. You will be able to trade CONVERTED Liches which means you still have to get 3 correct mods.
  2. Default should be X - use. You can only "Mercy" enemies that have a red parazon above their head.
  3. With this "fix" there is no incentive to play in a public squad. It's actually worse to play in a squad because other Liches might prevent my Lich from spawning.
  4. Mesh now shows base emissive colors. Razorwing colors: Warframe colors:
  5. The cards get compressed after relogging. Right after placing Grendel and Atlas decorations. After logging out and back in:
  6. Major issues would include - not being able to play the game, losing progress, not being able to progress in quests/missions, missing crafted weapons, not being able to obtain any new weapons etc. Some of the issues reported are just from people misunderstanding the mechanics. For example there are people reporting that their melee stances are not working properly...
  7. I'm not saying there aren't any bugs. I'm saying there is nothing major going on. The missing weapons - did they disappear from your inventory? No. You just can't buy blueprints and craft them. That's hardly an issue justifying a need for PTR. Oh and when you are saying that bugs are "a long-running issue with DE" then why do you think PTR would make any difference?
  8. You DO NOT get to decide when the product is finished. Star Citizen. Maybe you are willing to wait another month but a lot of people aren't. Regular players, streamers and youtubers are qutting because of the content drought. Some might come back but some won't. What are these "severe" bugs you are talking about? I have already killed a Lich, crafted Grendel and played regular missions without any issues. My clanmates are not reporting any major issues either.
  9. How can you call this an "excuse" is beyond me. You DO NOT get to decide when the product is finished. You should consider the additional delays PTR would cause. People are mad about content drought all the time. This would only make the issue worse because the PTR would need some time to run. Sure, some people do enjoy playing PTR but more people enjoy playing live version of the game - even with bugs. There are currently 87000 players on Steam playing Warframe...
  10. I'm sure people would be willing to grind on PTR and when the update is released grind AGAIN on live servers. /s Where is it written that monetization or lenght mark a "full release"? The product is finished when the developer says it is. DE says that Warframe is in beta? Then it is in beta.
  11. However it's effect comes from Landing Craft. Derelict Vault keys are also in the "Key" category even though they are consumable gear.
  12. Redtext has no chill... Disappointed by how this turned out.
  13. Why? This was expected by pretty much everyone.
  14. 1) Sure the CC isn't map-wide but it does its job, 12 meters isn't so bad. I don't think we need another Equinox, Saryn, Mesa etc. 2) Pretty sure its much more. You can take 2 Corrupted Bombard's rockets to the face and still live. (lvl 160) 4) It depends on the situation, if you have enough energy or there aren't many enemies its roughly half of the duration. However if you are being shot at from every possible direction, then you might not even reach the 100%...
  15. I completely agree with the " Signature weapon? Suicide devices you mean ". The 7m priming range is great and all but unmodded Gauss runs 12m with Mach Rush. So you can shoot, Mach Rush and die. I disagree with " There is no team in I ". You can use his 3rd ability to freeze enemies or strip 50% armor. You can ragdoll enemies with his 1st ability - another CC. 2nd ability is not worthless without Redline. It provides 80% damage reduction and allows you to proc crits with Mach Rush. Mach Rush is not supposed to be used while in air (that's what Zephyr is for). Sharp turns are somewhat possible by jumping. I would love to be able to Mach Rush backwards even if its reduced in range - like a panic button. Redline somewhat sucks. You spend half of it trying to build it up to 100% no matter the duration. 300% duration with 90 seconds of Redline? You need to spend 45-50 seconds at best to get the full bonus. Without it you will fall below the red line in 3-5 seconds. You can't even hack or capture the target because you will fall below the red line.
  16. It's not salvageable. Similar topic comes up pretty much every single day. A simple search would answer all your questions regarding account transfer/migration. Gabbynaru answered your question correctly.
  17. Ur, Uranus Enemies stop spawning and consoles stop working around round 10/11. Happened twice to me already and clanmates are reporting the same issue. No idea how to replicate this bug. Hotfix fixed the issue.
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