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  1. UI consistently softlocks the game if I do this: select a loadout under 'Loadouts' click 'COPY' type something into search filter select one of the remaining loadouts https://i.imgur.com/bDD4Zid.mp4
  2. Today's the first time I did more than one index run in a row from the dojo.😅 1st time the fps drop lasted ~30 s. 2nd time the fps drop lasted ~15s.
  3. Played 5 min ago and it happened again. It didn't last as long as last time. Perhaps only 15 seconds.
  4. Me and my teammate experienced a drop to unplayable single digit fps lasting around half a minute when we finished index in dojo today. Just met another guy and he confirmed that he consistently has the same issue too. He claims it's related to DX12.
  5. I just made a topic on this. 😅 Yea, it doesn't feel intentional. I find it hampering and annoying. Please change it back.
  6. I have a habit of immediately writing "gg" once everyone is in extraction. This past week I've noticed that it now also types into the rewards search box -- sometimes even only in the rewards textbox. This doesn't seem intentional and I think it's hampering. Could you please change it back to the way it was before?😅
  7. In one Lua room near a conduit spawn, any keys dropped there will drop a few meters through the ground and will be impossible to pick up. It's not game-breaking or anything, just annoying. I have encountered this bug ever since Disruption nodes were added to every planet.
  8. I just did Arbitration Defense - Tessera (Venus) - Corpus Outpost. And during a lot of waves the final enemy (always a Nullifier Crewman) would teleport all over the spawn points without taking a step, making it annoying to catch/kill him. (Watch the red dot on the minimap.) These were all taken just a few seconds apart from each other.
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