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  1. Once upon a time energy was supposed to be more a finite resource. Less so these days; The developers seem to be in favor of having enemies that can counter our energy bar rather than keeping us energy starved. Zenurik is a very viable method of energy regeneration but it is hardly the only one. I have several frames that don't use Zenurik at all and other frames which are very reliant upon it.
  2. Of the Warframes I am familiar with, Exalted Blade, and Mesa's Pew Pew Pew are still very powerful, with the main difference being that my Rivened Dragon Nikana now does comparable damage instead of just falling off completely beyond a certain level/armor value. I find Valkyr's Claws, Ivara's Bow, and Titania's Guns generally lacking in damage potential; An argument can be made that Valkyr becoming invincible for her Exalted weapon limits the amount of damage they should be able to do, and I have long been in favor of a rework divorces her claws from her invincibility. I would like Ivara/Titania to be more powerful, although they are perfectly fine for the level of challenge you normally encounter in game. I don't have.. Barruk? Barrock? PaciFIST-Frame to really comment on him... Focusing on Exalted Blade; Nikana does very good damage, especially with its' charge attack since the overhead swing often lines up for a headshot doing meaty damage. Exalted Blade still has tremendous crowd control, damage, and healing thanks to the synergy between Chromatic Blade, Condition Overload, and Healing Return. The attack animations are also much more fluid and is able to transition from standing to movement and everything in-between much better than Nikana or most non-EB weapons can. It obviously has a massive range advantage. Energy Consumption concerns are mostly mitigated through an EHP/Armor build with Hunter Adrenaline. I rock two Arcane Grace on top of this, so I expect my perspective on that con is divergent from most people who don't have them, although I don't really think they are necessary either; Healing Return and my cat do most of my healing. The build in the video is not bad, although it appears to be missing a core understanding of Condition Overload: He appears to be using corrosive exclusively and would find his damage ramps up much more dramatically with another element like Heat which reduces enemy armor by 50%, stops them from attacking, and takes advantage of Condition Overloads damage bonus by adding in another elemental source; All this would require is a color palette swap to the heat element with Chromatic Blade. At 100% status chance it should be trivial to proc everything the Exalted Blade can do, so it doesn't make sense not to capitalize on Chromatic Blades unique synergies. Un-optimized condition overload aside, he is still doing tremendous damage in his own video and I can't help but find the formatting suspicious. For whatever reason he demonstrates the Exalted Blade by swinging it once, very slowly, at a level 140 Heavy Grineer Bombard and still takes off 3/4th's of its' HP in a single strike; If he was attacking at a normal speed like any other person in the game would be doing those enemies would be melted faster than he could make his argument. Meanwhile he shows the Nikana being played normally and it, unsurprisingly, does very well. Aside from this there is nothing else in his video that really demonstrates his argument; He simply states things and then expands upon them as if they were true without actually proving his statement. Add in a click-bait title and you have pretty unconvincing argument of buffing something that is already monstrously powerful. As an Excalibur Main for... awhile now, I can't agree with the argument that Exalted Blade in particular is doing poorly compared to "normal" melee weapons. My Dragon Nikana is dramatically more viable now, and is perfectly serviceable in high level content. That said the Exalted Blade has so many utility advantages that I still consider Nikana a back-up melee weapon for when my energy is suddenly depleted rather than a preferable option for all encounters. Exalted Blade already does so much damage that buffing it further seems laughable, although ultimately meaningless; It's not like one-shotting enemies harder makes them more dead after all.
  3. Exalted Blade Dragon Nikana Prime Gram or Galatine Prime Honorable Mention: My favorite gun is Redeemer Prime.
  4. My opinion of most melee weapons is that there is "viable" and then "overpowered". I'd say Dual Ether with Rivens is pretty viable.
  5. 'Pay to Win' as a term means being able to pay for power that is not realistically accessible without doing so. Warframe has had "pay to skip" for about as long as the game has been a thing, and has removed features it felt were pay to win in the past.
  6. Acos

    Blink/Arch Line

    Doesn't that sort of defeat the entire purpose of unbuckling blink from Itzal to begin with? If you make Itzal blink better than all the other blinks you just go back to the Itzal meta. First blink should be free, blinking again before it "recharges" should cost energy (scaling with mods). Easy. I don't like the Ripline either, both mechanically and thematically. It works well enough in open world but I can't imagine why I would need a Zipline in space combat. I would have preferred "Ash's Teleport" since Itzal seems to be the 'stealth/melee' archwing. Teleport next to an enemy opening them up for "finisher" damage (4x damage) and then melee attack. A lot more useful and keeps up with the thematic.
  7. It should be linked to the dodge roll button. In order to use it you need to press forward and dodge at the same time.
  8. With the new Exilus slot for guns ALL of your weapons can be silent 😄
  9. Well... by level 100 Grineer I really mean "Grineer Heavy Gunner or Bombard" due to their armor scaling. Mook level enemies don't count. You type bad.
  10. So long as Rivens are a popularity contest this system will CONTINUE to have problems. Disposition should be based entirely on the weapon, not the meta.
  11. "lol Sacrificial Steel is so garbo, let's take the Umbra mods off of my Exalted Blade." I am going into the past to shoot myself. (thanks for the update)
  12. Oh, you're right, I thought I was one-shotting level 100+ Grineer with it, but based on your experience I can see I was mistaken.
  13. Oh did they change it? Thank christ. If I ever kill my current immortal stalker I probably won't ever activate another one.
  14. I've spent most of the day farming requiems, farming void traces to power them up, running the SINGULAR mission that is up for an hour to try to crack open the requiem, and routinely not getting the only parazon mod I need to kill my stupid lich, mostly because I want him to GO AWAY at this point. The focus of this system should have been on generating unique bosses and dropping a plethora of unique weapons or adding new allies. Instead the system seems designed around adding a mechanic that actively steals your loot unless you dedicate several hours (days? I might just be unlucky) towards grinding for the perfect formula to kill your own personalized nuisance. The worst part is that even if you DO manage to kill your lich, the game just throws a new one at you almost immediately. It would be okay enough if I could ignore this, but I can't. Kuva Lich is a really bad addition.
  15. It's a massive step in the right direction. All melee weapons feel viable now with the increased range, and I imagine once the meta figures out how to equip Killing Blow we'll see less people complaining about the damage. There's some thought process to how you interact with melee now aside from just spinning or mashing E. You close gaps, you pay attention to your spacing, you do the charge attack for massive damage. It's more engaging and a lot more fun. I would like to see several stances get passed over again and have their mobility restored (or added) but right now it's in a great spot.
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