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  1. Owing to what Taiiat is saying, this kind of change might very well be viewed as a "nerf" to many players. One of Excaliburs "problems" right now is that a high-tier riven weapon can out DPS his Exalted Blade, which can feel bad since you would like your keystone ability to be a bit more powerful than your other weapons given its' energy costs.
  2. Nothing should strive to be like Genshin Impact or any other Gacha game. They are a scourge.
  3. I thought it was pretty easy, but a few tips for people struggling: 1) It's not enough to just dodge the shards of glass, you need to bait them towards you. Standing still and then double-jump + gliding after he tosses them is fine. 2) The first hit of glass removes your shields, the second hit will kill you. If you get hit, just run around for a bit until your shield is back. 3) Sword is a one shot, try to keep your distance from him. 4)Falling into the abyss spawns you onto a platform that he'll teleport over to destroy. If you need to duck into the abyss to avoid a sword strike,
  4. I thought the detection mini-game for this round was slightly unfair; You don't really know what you're looking for on each object until you're doing it at least once. Next time you pay better attention and get it no problem. The actual boss fight is slightly easier than a Mario 64 boss. I thought it was fine.
  5. My wild speculation is that Grandmother *is* the little girl in the story, which might explain why she is a few degrees more benevolent than what we are used too from the Orokin. The fact that her children grew up on a story warning against Orokin cruelty is already a bit odd for a society that believes themselves superior to everything else, but starts to make sense if the person telling it is a result of their cruelty. I imagine that Crimson Kuva is different from the Kuva we are familiar with. The Kuva the Grineer are using visually looks like dried blood, predominately black with highl
  6. Brother: Nobody likes me 😞 Tenno: That is correct.
  7. DE has to make money. People who work for a living expect to be paid. If you don't pay them they will stop working. If the people making Warframe stop making Warframe then there is no Warframe for you to complain about. Often times a game company that is against "pay to win" will offer cosmetics items that you can pay for so that the game company can make money to continue providing their developers with an income. DE is against "pay to win" and will often times offer cosmetics items that you can pay for so that DE can make money to continue providing their developers with an income.
  8. If you pay attention closely, you'll see that really are a mix or Orokin and Grineer designs; Bulbous and grotesques shapes, adorned in black or white with gold accents & filigree. The Orokin created the Grinner as a sort of slave/labour class, and I imagine similar design philosophies went into their war machines. "Making a slave race to deal with our problems" is about the most Orokin thing you can do. Keep in mind also that the towers and Orokin themselves are designed to look sleek and beautiful; what we're seeing here and what we see in the Grineer is probably something the Orokin thi
  9. Congratulations on your "I Played Dark Souls 3 so now I'm a game designer" merit badge, you have won... 5 internet points. wow!
  10. Not really against the idea in theory, but if you can't remember why you have someone on your ignore list they probably don't need to be there anymore.
  11. I like your catholic approach to game design, it is quite fresh and invigorating. Actually useful changes: 1) Nullifier Drone should be further away from the bubble, and should stand out more; You will often be attacking from an angle (the ground) where the bubble will actually block the drone requiring a complicated jump trick shot to kill it effectively. 2) Abilities (toggles) should suppress while in the Null-field, rather than turning off entirely. 3) Players need to learn to git gud. I play squishy frames all the time and do not have extra special difficulty with the Corpus.
  12. Missing a big part of the equation here, Tenno; Look up Rage and Hunter Adrenaline and you might start to see what is making EHP builds so gosh dang viable. If I had a mod that turned off shields entirely I would take it.
  13. I suppose if your only option for killing things is a negative range melee weapon? You should be entirely competent at killing them regardless of what Wisp is doing.
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