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  1. I have been using this set up for about five years to play almost every game I encounter: LMB: Shoot Gun RMB: QuickMelee/Melee Shift (or F): Aim/Block Q (Or whatever): Toggle Sprint If you can get used to that set up you should have zero issues switching to melee 2.9
  2. Excalibur's radial blind is pretty easy to get going with range/duration, and has the benefit of providing CC that protects your team as well. Ash will want to stay in stealth with radial teleport. I feel Excalibur is faster if enemies are clustered together, where as teleport can cover great distances very quickly if enemies are spread apart. I don't know that I think either is better. later on when you get better mods, Excalibur feels more powerful with Exalted Blade + Blind, so his melee weapon doesn't matter as much. Personally I think Dragon Nikana/ Prime Nikana is still much better than Skiajati, although my Umbra uses it anyway for aesthetic reasons.
  3. double the pleasure, double the fun? It's a double post~
  4. Unlikely. One of the damage tics is blue, meaning that shot ate through the shields, which is also happening on the kill shot meaning a one shot. I don't think NightmareMoon is lying about what opticor can do, or favoring screenshots. I think you are both getting too emotionally attached to your argument, which is a really pointless endeavor. It should be able to one shot a 150 with the right mods, which you could prove numerically through wikipedia and damage calculations if you'd like. Your other points aren't necessarily invalid, but also keep in mind that Opticor has AOE potential a sniper rifle doesn't. I personally prefer vectis/rubico, and wouldn't mind a buff for the Opticor, but I don't think a weapon that can 1-2 shot level 150 enemies is bad in any way either.
  5. I equipped Constitution about 4 years ago and I haven't taken it off since then.
  6. Ah, you must be new here. That's DE "Soon" which can be anywhere from tomorrow to a year from now.
  7. It's... slower than I remember? My operator moves faster than that now.
  8. I don't think I've ever really noticed anyone leeching, and I doubt I would care very much if they were. Difficulty is more important to me since I care more about gameplay than making sure somebody isn't getting rewarded for playing a video game.
  9. Still Excalibur. He's been my main since launch. He is a fantastic mix of tankiness, crowd control, speed, and damage. Love him to death. Other favorite frames are Ash for being the edgy ninja boi, Nova for being an adorable explosion girl, and Rhino for being the unstoppable Rhino.
  10. Personal Opinion: Rivens should really be based on the weapons viability, rather than popularity. If you keep it a popularity thing then you really need an automated system for it. Doing it by hand seems like a daunting experience for whoever is tied up doing it.
  11. Adaptation does not work while in Simaris' Simulacrum. I'd like a more refined understanding of its' damage mitigation, so it would be nice if I had a controlled environment to test it in.
  12. I don't know about calling him weak; He is a very strong boi that is still preferred in Eidolon hunts. I just think he's boring as hell to play. Two of his powers are just mindless up-keep buttons, his first ability is useless, and Effigy is really situational and not necessarily even beneficial. Everything in Rhino's kit (since we're randomly comparing him to Rhino) does something different, unique, and useful. I like it when my video game asks me to think every now and then.
  13. ITT: Mah Rivens! Wut About melee 3.0 tho? NEVER GIVE UP SPACE MOM ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.
  14. Kind of off-topic, but regarding Nezha's FireWalker being turned to duration based; Why can't we regenerate energy with channeled abilities? We have all these frames and abilities dedicated towards energy regeneration, but anyone with a channeled ability just inexplicably isn't allowed to use them, and often have to forego using their other abilities because of an arbitrary restriction that not everyone has to deal with. Never struck me as fair. So many abilities could be streamlined for quality of life if you allowed energy regeneration with channeled abilities too. It's annoying to constantly have to re-up duration based abilities when such a nice formula for channeled abilities exists. Feels like a relic of an older game.
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