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  1. Hey DE~ Are there any plans to maybe re-visit the syndicates? I've always sort of hated that these people who are supposed to represent our allies commonly send hit-squads after us for working with factions that they share an unclear animosity towards. I know when they were first introduced there was some brief discussion about making them make more sense, and I would prefer if they could all just... get along and stop trying to kill me. Thoughts?
  2. TOPICAL!: Any viability in more color customization options similar to what was added today? Separate helmet coloring? Maybe we could colour each power individually? Chroma?
  3. I'm glad my chonker frames aren't clipping anymore, thanks DE
  4. Blocking only drains energy while you are channeling; This is not being changed in the next melee update. Specifically channeling while you are blocking reduces damage by 100% while blocking without channeling reduces damage by the amount listed on the weapons stat card in your inventory. I think the only weapon category that reduces damage by 100% without channeling is weapon/shield, but I'm not on the game to look.
  5. For Phase 1 it appears that combos and their execution are not being changed at all. Everything should still work mostly the same, with a few key differences: ...1) I'm not sure how blocking combos are supposed to function after this update given the removal of the block button. I imagine it's not a super high priority for them since they are likely changing the combo system entirely, but it would need a sort of 'band-aide' fix as we transition to the new system. ...2) You can shoot your gun during a combo and then go back into a combo within a window so that you can weave melee and gunplay together without completely interrupting a combo. I'm excited about the implications here: There are a lot of powerful close range weapons I don't really use because they seem redundant next to melee weapons but the idea of unloading a Tigris Prime during my combo or having a heavy knockdown secondary to augment my melee attacks is really appealing. Several devstreams ago they showed off their plans to simplify combo execution so that most melee weapons use similar logic for every combo. The gist of the idea back then was that melee combat should be a movement oriented affair rather than memorizing a specific button input to execute attacks. You would have a combo for standing still, a combo for moving around, and a combo for closing the distance.
  6. I think you may be confused, or I'm not understanding your concerns. Blocking as it is now is a radial cone that is activated upon hitting a specific button which mitigates damage in that cone; the only thing changing is that instead of activating block by hitting a button your Warframe will instead block automatically when not performing another action. All other aspects of blocking should be entirely the same. 1) You will still be able to block multiple enemies at once provided they are generally in front of you, it will simply happen automatically instead of at the behest of a button. 2) You can enter a defensive state to mitigate damage constantly simply by not attacking. This is true of the current system as well, it will just happen automatically instead of at the behest of a button. 3) I don't 100% understand your argument here, but I think you're talking about a low ping host in which case my experience has been that "jumpy" enemies dont' tend to even be aware of my existence at all. I'm not sure that block changes will have any impact on this at all. 4) The 'staggered block' animation that plays for repelling an Eximus Firewall or a few other actions also negates a much longer animation of being knocked on your butt and then having to slowly recover. I would much rather 'suffer' that animation than suffer a knockdown.
  7. Personal Opinion: Rivens should really be based on the weapons viability, rather than popularity. If you keep it a popularity thing then you really need an automated system for it. Doing it by hand seems like a daunting experience for whoever is tied up doing it.
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