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  1. Why bother quoting me if you aren't going to respond to the question I was proposing for you? Enjoy your end of the world.
  2. There's a difference between challenging and engaging, and frankly, I don't think this playerbase can handle being too engaged. Ropalolyst, as an example, would be a dungeon 2 or 3 boss in a Zelda title but our playerbase seems to consistently struggle with anything more complicated than "Shoot big guy with gun". I'd prefer Warframe to lean more casually in general, but it still needs to be engaging to play or it ventures into boring. Pressing 4 to clear a room is boring. Shooting an enemy in the head for more damage is engaging & rewarding.
  3. I wonder when these types of fear mongering posts arise; Is there a single company you would support buying Warframe? Genuinely curious; It seems like Sony could be literally ANYONE and we'd still arrive at the same desperate & fearful conclusions.
  4. I agree that Rivens are mostly superfluous; You don't need nearly the level of power available to us right now to adequately complete content. I'd even argue that the game is more fun when you reign it in, but that's a different conversation. I mostly disagree with your assessment that because a system is popular, people complaining about the system are a vocal minority that should be ignored. That is... a really stupid assessment of any similar situation, frankly. I don't agree with the presumption that DE has a moral obligation to do anything about it either though; If someone who values their time more than their money (which is the same thing in the grand scheme of things) wants to spend 1000 platinum on some video game crap, then its' probably fine. The situation approaches pay to win when alternative measures for interacting with the system become unrealistic, and I don't personally think that's the case... anymore; Kuva is pretty abundant with a lot of variety in its' acquisition. The amount of grind necessary to something is always a matter of personal opinion, of course. My official opinion on this is a sturdy "eh~". It could certainly be improved. It probably won't be.
  5. The argument for reducing the Riven trade goes as such: Does DE have a moral obligation to prevent players from spending hours upon hours farming their game for "god-tier" Riven to then sell to another player for 1,000+ Platinum (which is a rough equivalent of about $50.00, although not really given the frequency of Platinum discounts), which could be argued as a form of pay to win? Is it okay for DE to profit off the situation they created, and is it fair to the "free to play" players to be at a unique disadvantage unless they shell out $50.00 or spend as much time playing RNG lottery? This thread assumes that it isn't okay to expect players to play Riven Lottery RNG or otherwise shell out 50 to 100 USD for an in-game advantage, and attempts to find solutions to an apparent problem. Elaborate on your perceived minority; It has not been my experience that players enjoy spending 1000's of platinum on the Rivens & I'm curious as to why you think they do? Rivens are priced the way they are due to their rarity, not because people just really like spending platinum on things.
  6. There isn't a clear answer; It's confused mostly because the Ropalolyst was originally intended to be an Eidolon enemy and show up in the Plains of Eidolon, which is why it shares a lot of game-play similarities with the established Eidolon, but instead wound up as New Jupiter's New Boss: Read up on the Unum's backstory here & also the Ropalolysts Trivia section over here. An Eidolon is a ghostly fragment of a Sentient that landed on Earth to destroy the Orokin after the Tenno left, then decided to attack the Unum tower to gain the ability to Procreate, but was defeated by Gara who did not leave Earth with the Tenno and who died in the process, and destroyed the Sentient Core using a bomb created from the Unum Tower. The Eidolon is trapped in the Plains of Eidolon by the Unum Tower who created the energy wall that you may encounter if you reach the edge of the map. The Eidolon does not like the sunlight, and gathers at night to try to rebuild itself. The Ropalolyst shares traits similar to the Eidolons; Synoid weak points, energy shields that can only be defeated by Void energy, etc, but according to the established Lore by the Eidolon cannot leave the Plains due to the energy barrier created by the Unum Tower to keep it imprisoned on Earth. Note that the Grineer seem able to enter the Plains of Eidolon, but do not seem able to leave without using some kind of teleportation of Wormhole technology. The Unum Tower will not let the Grineer into Cetus as it can detect their malicious intent & casts Radial Disarm (or something similar) on their weapons, but seems entirely fine with the Tenno & other traders entering Cetus. It gets confusing in the Revenant questline because we clearly see a spectral Ropalolyst emerging from Thot Lake and flying off to go be a problem. It is likely that this was supposed to set up the Ropalolyst as a new Eidolon encounter in the plains, but given how much absolute FUN it is to try to get flying enemy AI to behave realistically in an open world environment (here's looking at you Skyrim dragons), was likely moved to Jupiter for... reasons. So is the Ropalolyst encountered in Jupiter the same one that popped out of Thot Lake? Probably not~ The New War Cinematic shows us that the Ropalolyst is not a unique enemy; There are several of them just hanging around, getting ready to do war stuff. The Ropalolyst has similar gameplay mechanics to an Eidolon, but also doesn't do other Eidolon things like only coming out at night or turning into spectral energy upon defeat. I would argue that similarities between the Eidolon & the Ropalolyst mechanically are probably because they are both Sentients, rather than assuming that they are both Eidolons. I think the more likely explanation, at this point in the narrative, is that the Ropalolyst encountered in Thot Lake was simply part of the massive sentient that attacked Earth & Unum Tower, and woke up as a response to the Revenant waking up, flying off to go be a forgotten plot hook somewhere & likely never seen again. I think the Sentients likely have semi-sentient "husks" they can control to fight for them rather than assuming every single Sentient unit we encounter has the same level of intellectual depth as Natah or Bird-Boy. But nobody can say for sure, and DE can always retcon their retcon if it fits a narrative purpose.
  7. I would "nerf" Riven Trading by changing up the formula so that every Riven starts unrolled with no stats at all; You unlock the thing and figure out what item it is for & can trade it to other players if you wish. Once you pump some Kuva into it, however, it becomes bound to you. I'd be okay with reducing Kuva costs a bit; seems like added grind on top of your RNG that could be eased up.
  8. /Ish have a low-budget Excalibur build I use for palling around with new players. It essentially just uses damaged mods and pretends not to have Exalted Blade while using the Skana, Braton, and Lato. Low level game is surprisingly fun this way. I tend to favor Steel/Umbral Fiber w/Arcane Guardian after the last armor buff on Warframes, but I have Adaptation on a few as well as an additional supplement for when Arcane Guardian is down. I prefer builds that can hang around level 150 enemies without being one shot, and I tend to favor Rage/Hunter Adrenaline builds to sustain energy as I don't like using little boy mode.
  9. All the time, variety is the nicest spice.
  10. It's uh... Going to be Excalibur Umbra's Exalted Blade. See back when crit mods were poopy I decided to unmod his umbral slots so I could make the laser sword pew pew more aggressively and then SYKE now crit mods are the **** so its' time to add those umbral slots.
  11. We must find this singular human responsible for whispering vile deception into our misguided Steve and PUT HIM TO THE SWORD!
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