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  1. Limiting how? If everyone dies in one hit, it doesn't matter what you're using.
  2. Hey DE~ Are there any plans to maybe re-visit the syndicates? I've always sort of hated that these people who are supposed to represent our allies commonly send hit-squads after us for working with factions that they share an unclear animosity towards. I know when they were first introduced there was some brief discussion about making them make more sense, and I would prefer if they could all just... get along and stop trying to kill me. Thoughts?
  3. This post is from FEBRUARY and you look dumb when you reply to it.
  4. It's time to fix armor scaling already. It's been forever. EASY FIX: Enemies should have a set armor value that does not increase with level. This will allow armor bypass methods to still be valuable without forcing them to be mandatory to do anything significant against high level armor enemies. MORE INVOLVED FIX: There needs to be more methods available for removing or bypassing armor in significant amounts. Every Warframe should have a way to do it. Specific mods should do it. Corrosive by itself is not enough to do it.
  5. I dislike Limbo because his method of Crowd Control requires that everyone play along with how he sets up the field. You can fight these. Don't fight these. Don't use a sniper rifle, that's outside of MY bubble. He's like Micro-Management, the Frame. He controls his allies as often as he controls everything else and its' passively annoying to deal with. I really hope Wukong's MIST FORM gets turned into a K-Drive he can use in missions similar to how Titania gets to use AW. That alone would probably get me using him.
  6. Right, that's the last dig I'm taking from you. I have been quite transparent in what I think and my reasons and sources as to why, my only "failure" to back up my argument is that I won't go sifting through devstreams for you, and quite frankly your insistence that I go do this for you is absurd given that it is entirely unnecessary to our conversation given that we are possessed of the same information at this point. I don't intend to speak for the developers, go look up what the word "infer" means and get back too me. I have explained why I think they have approached PVP in the manner they have based on the evidence provided to us (both yours and mine), which is exactly what you have been doing as well albeit in the most roundabout method you have available, so whatever accusation you're trying to make of me is hypocritical at best, and meaningless in truth. Do you assume my argument to be that I don't want developers to work on PVP because I do not personally care for it? Is that perhaps why you've been sidetracking my argument and dancing around your argument by asking me questions instead of making your point in order trap me into giving that as an answer? That has not been my point for the several times that you've asked me to remake it for you, and this entire exercise in trying to get me to arrive to that conclusion has been tiresome and childish. I don't think the developers have worked on PVP because PVP in Warframe has proven to be unpopular, and I don't know how I can make that point any more succinct for you. If you wish to derive other things from my very simple argument from there, that is entirely a fiction you can do by yourself as I am done entertaining this topic.
  7. Okay, but why are we talking about it? What was so important about it, or what did it have to do with anything that you felt it was important to isolate that part of my post to ask my opinions on a feature that isn't even live yet? How does it relate to the incorrect assumption that Warframe is losing players because PVP is not a focus? What did it bring to the discussion to sidetrack the conversation I'm having with an entirely different person to ask me about my opinions about it?
  8. I didn't omit anything, I directly referenced the person you were talking too (who also disagrees with you) and elaborated on his point. If there is some other segment of that conversation you think is relevant to your point then I would ask you to point it out because I am not entirely sure what you think that interaction is supposed to prove for you given that you've just discredited the entire conversation you had with SilentMobious, but still feel it was important to show to me? I'm not surprised you feel you are having a difficult time communicating with people on this forum given your style of argument. Understand from my perspective what you've done so far is essentially go "I am definitely an expert on this topic, and I totally know what I'm talking about, but you need to go read my post history and wikipedia entries to understand it because I refuse to just tell you what my point is directly and am instead going to keep asking you questions that I think will prove my point for me." Construct a proper argument with information you think relevant to your point, and quit asking people to go try to FIND your argument for you and you will likely have a much easier time talking to people here. Also, its' really disingenuous for you to act like I have been side-stepping my evidence because you refuse to acknowledge the Devstream and Developer activity you are entirely aware of until I do. What do you gain out of wasting my time like that? Not cool. I understand that you don't feel the developers did enough for PVP, and if you were paying any attention at all to what I've been saying you would have realized by now that I don't entirely disagree with that point. We seem to disagree on the degree of effort put forth towards conclave, but I do find it humorous that you seem to agree with everything else I've been saying but still seem to want to keep discussing this? For the sake posterity, my point is still this 1) DE introduced PVP, it isn't popular. 2) DE attempts to revamp PVP, it isn't popular. 3) DE safely assumes their playerbase isn't interested in PVP, playerbase continues to thrive and grow without its conclusion. OP is incorrect that DE needs a strong PVP presence to be successful, or that lack of PVP is causing players to quit playing in significant numbers. Would you like to address that at all or do you just keep wanting to have this back and forth about how much effort DE should have put towards conclave before they decided to pull out and focus on things the playerbase was actually receptive too?
  9. It's more that I don't think it is reasonable for me to dig through six years of devstreams to find the part where they talk about the point I'm making (which you seem to be aware of anyway, so I'm definitely not going to bother) and it isn't as though this topic is going to make some ground breaking change for conclave either. The burden of evidence is greater than my interest in this topic, and I'm afraid it's of little consequence to me if you have a different opinion of the situation after I've made my point, and even less upon the game as a whole. For the sake of conversation, I assume you are disappointed by SilentMobious statement of 2 developers? Obviously our standards on this are going to differ here, but that doesn't sound unreasonable to me given the fact that most of the game had already been developed by that point. I don't feel like SilentMobious does a great job estimating the cost of other staff either; you would need the art team, sound team, input from lead designers, etc etc. I don't think you are going to get the concrete head count you are looking for. As I was there during the conclave revamp, my impression is that they made a modest effort but cut short any further development as their playerbase simply wasn't interested in it. I think our opinions differ in that you feel they should have stuck with it to develop Conclave into something worth playing? Perhaps they could have done more with more dedicated staff, but game development is always a game of cost analysis; Does it make sense to not produce content their playerbase is interested in with the hope of siphoning players from other games that they are already invested in? Evidently the answer to that question for DE is no. To sort of piggyback off your argument from earlier, I think part of why Warframe is successful is that it is unique and fulfills a niche that other games available are not providing. Warframe could spend time developing a Battle Royale mode to appeal to that audience, but I don't imagine it would be terribly popular with its current playerbase and I also don't think it will siphon people who are already invested in PUBG or Fortnite (or one of the other dozen clones in that genre). Which isn't to say that nobody would enjoy it, just that it doesn't seem to be the best use of Dev time.
  10. Are you asking me to explain a game mode to you that doesn't exist yet? I imagine it will be similar, and I also anticipate people not liking it very much. What is your point exactly?
  11. I don't know that for certain, but I can infer that from the information I have available and the Developers lack of interest in continuing to develop concalve. Fortnite, PUBG, and DOTA are all on that list by a wide margin, but the same list also has Warframe steadily at the number 3-4 slot for several years now. Warframe appeals to a different audience and has failed to tap into the same audience that those other games attract. I suppose Warframe could try a battle royale mode on the plains, but I don't think it would appeal to most of the people currently playing Warframe and I also rather doubt it would pull crowds who are already playing PUBG. Also if you just want PUBG, it already exsists, so I don't think there's a lot of reason for DE to also make it. I definitely think DE's initial efforts towards PVP were to pull in that crowd, but it hasn't worked for them twice now; should they dedicate resources to failing a third time?
  12. I will put the burden of evidence on you then since you haven't provided any yourself. Perhaps our expectation of developer effort is different, but I have been playing this game actively for six years now, so I don't feel as though I am possessed of any less information than you. Since you are an expert on the topic I'll let you flaunt what you know, but at the moment I remain convinced of my argument. The only game that comes to mind is Titanfall, but again, I'm not interested enough in PVP as a genre to really know. The most PVP I do is dealing with invasions in Dark Souls and like, Mario Kart 8.
  13. I will attempt to simplify my point for you: 1) OP is wrong that players are leaving the game due to a lack of PVP; It is evident to me both from DEs effort towards conclave, playerbase lack of interest, and the continued health of the game that the majority of players do not care about a PVP mode in Warframe and that it is not adversely affecting the population for not being a bigger focus. 2) I don't think its' wrong to enjoy other games in-between content drops for Warframe, and I encourage players to drop the "brand-loyalty" mentality that stops them from experiencing other avenues of entertainment. If you don't wish to believe me that DE has made a dedicated effort in the past to make Conclave into its' own thing there is nothing more I care to do about that; I'm not about to go sift through hours upon hours of Devstreams to find you the segment where they talk about revitalizing Conclave with a dedicated team, but I assure you that it did happen. Unfortunately I imagine that team has been repurposed elsewhere at this point considering the lukewarm reception PVP in Warframe has gotten every time it has tried to be a thing. The point of my argument is not that conclave shouldn't be a thing or that the game mode could not become popular with even more resources devoted to it, but that the Dev-team has put forth effort towards it already and failed to make something interesting twice now. I don't think its absurd that they seem to have moved onto other projects more inline with the playerbase interests. To sort of attempt to answer your question; I don't know of other PVP games similar to Warframe, as I am not myself terribly interested in PVP and that question is outside the scope of the counter-argument I was making specifically for the OP. I imagine if there is another PVP game exactly like Warframe it isn't very popular since PVP in Warframe it not terribly popular either, so I imagine it is pretty obscure.
  14. You are coming off rather aggressively in your post. You use the royal "we", but statistics are not actually on your side of the argument. If PVP was a popular game mode in Warframe people would be playing it, but it isn't, and not from a lack of effort on DE's part. Obviously it has a small audience, but OP is claiming that it is the reason people are "leaving the game" without any evidence to support that claim and with what statistics do exists easily dismissing his theory. You are distorting my view about playing video games other than Warframe to be a "if you don't like it, get out" argument, which it clearly is not; I've been playing the game for six years so I think it should be evident that I enjoy it. My point is that you can enjoy other video games alongside Warframe, and shouldn't expect any single game to be your sole source of entertainment. It doesn't make sense for DE to further develop a game made that people have shown an obvious disinterest in, and while it sucks to be part of a minority that does you also need to understand why a company wouldn't continue to pour development time into something that isn't worth the payoff. I really want Archwing to be a thing, but I also understand why DE has backed off from it since its' lukewarm release. OP's claim that people are leaving the game due to a lack of PVP is unfounded.
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