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  1. To the point; I don't think making the controls more obtuse is the same as making the game more complex, or rather, more engaging. An example of such would be the game requiring me to do something different to achieve a goal other than simply pressing E; An enemy that has a shield that requires me to use a heavy attack to throw him off balance, or an enemy that requires me to parry his attack to make him vulnerable are examples of complexity. Requiring me to press > + ^ + A + B to use an attack is ultimately just making the "E" button more difficult to use, but doesn't fundamentally change
  2. I generally hate the concept that making something difficult to control is somehow offering a rewarding experience when you get used to doing it. Part of the reason "spam e" is so prevalent is because nobody wanted to be bothered trying to master a very finnicky and obtuse network of directional inputs and keyboard gymnastics. I greatly prefer the way melee functions as of right now.
  3. I would vote casual overall. It has stuff for hardcore players to be sure, but its' mostly focused on being accessible to a large audience of game skill.
  4. I love Shy and her content, but I do feel her argument is flawed in this video. Using Inaros already invalidates her point somewhat, as he is designed as THE facetank meaning you can get away with being a slow moving lawn mower in a mission that would kill most (all?) other frames for trying to play like this. That she can play like this isn't really an argument against melee either; Obviously this video is meant to be proving a point and I don't expect that Shy actually plays like this, but I'm also not sure which player this video is demonstrating too? Nobody I've met who has access
  5. Literally your entire original post is your own opinion/speculation relating to the graph you posted. I'm baffled you spent 4 pages derailing your own topic with this argument, instead of engaging in a discussion with other people about their own interpretation of the data. Wasted effort.
  6. You might see where this is going, but so long as we're adding giant birdwings as an Ephemera, is there any reason those of us who purchased certain deluxe skins for Chroma & Nova and Titania Prime players can't have options for Ephemera's that include always on Wings/Arms? Even if they have to be restricted to their original Warframe I still think that'd be pretty neat.
  7. This is very nicely formatted, but there is an art to getting your point across with respect to time. Game developers do not have time to read essays like this, and most of the player base isn't going to engage in discussion with you either, which automatically weakens your argument simply due to reasons of brevity. Very quickly: 1) Making dodging cover less distance or be slower is BAD, and anti-purpose to what dodging wants to achieve. It is not simply damage reduction; enemies have a harder time hitting moving targets so the net gain is actually much higher than a simple 25% DR. Furt
  8. Avenger is nice because it benefits everything, and not by an insignificant amount either. A weapon with 100 base damage, 0% crit chance, and a normal 2x multiplier would see an average damage of, well, 45%, or 145 damage on average. The more crit multiplier or critical hit chance the weapon has, the bigger that average would become. If it takes your weapon into the next crit tier it becomes fantastic. You should consider Arcane Velocity if you are a fan of rapid fire pistols or play Mesa or Titania. Regulators and Dex Pixia both count as pistols and have infinite ammo; In Titania's case s
  9. Just to rule it out; Are you sure you're equipping the color to the correct slot? The left-most box in the Emissive section is responsible for Chromatic Blades' represented Element, while the right-most box is purely aesthetic.
  10. When switching to the operator and back again while using Excalibur Umbra, the position of Umbra is not updated; You return to wherever Umbra was rather than returning to wherever the Operator was last. This seems to often result in falling through the map as well, which is always a fun time. Seems to happen when I am not the host of a mission, and doesn't seem to happen at all while playing solo.
  11. Don't underestimate the efficiency of a conga line of Loki's teleporting the stupid drone where it needs to go. I would prefer if Sorties didn't include open world environments as part of its' focus, although mostly for the cascade of host migration that inevitably happens. The Drone probably needs to be corrected better or just removed entirely; They are never fun to deal with regardless.
  12. I liked the concept of walking around a crime scene looking for clues, although if they do this sort of thing again I would appreciate it if I could move at more than a snails pace. Some of the clues were hidden a bit too well as well, I'd prefer the investigation to be more focused on delivering the story rather than testing my perception score (it's low). I thought the boss fight was a fun change of pace. I wouldn't want to see it become a norm or anything, but it was a fun Super Mario Esque miniboss to conclude the storyline. Glass Enemies were fine? They just showed up and got mele
  13. I don't think the Steelpath Corpus are notably more challenging than anything else in the Steelpath, certainly not by enough that a 24% malus is going to make or break the run. There is, in truth, a single pain in the butt enemy that you will need to deal with infrequently, but he's a tanky boi even if you have the correct elemental disposition. It's an acceptable negative given the bonuses, but I would still keep rerolling.
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