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  1. I explored deimos since its launch, I loved the new helminth system and modular pets. But, according to the mod, it is not working as it should, in the description of Endoparasitic Vector it is written that it was to grab enemies up to 5 meters and slow them down. in addition to not clinging to anyone, it animates as if the others have taken damage from the explosion, but without damage. While your other mod provides extra damage perfectly (although it says it lasts 6 seconds and appears 4 seconds), if you can fix it, thank you. PS: Improve helminth consumption, he eats more than I
  2. DE, don't be sad with some comments actually the token system was confusing at first, but after a quick analysis you can understand. You are not obliged to do anything, you just have to explore cambion, it is not a big place and it is quite easy to find the necessary items (you can get them and don't even notice sometimes) I found it much better than Cetus and fortune (after all, orokin is greedy)
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