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  1. Better than mod booster at least
  2. Right now ash works well on lich hunt though. Havent seen anyone kill/deal more than me since i start using him Teleport for hunting down thralls, bs which ignores armor and have incredibly long range(just double tap while running for normal enemies, 3 marks for lichs), 2 for safety Even his augment4 is usefull for quick stacking melee counter and keeping it. 1 is kinda useless, but it ignores wall so i use it to quick search enemies when the minimap is buggy or broken
  3. He already can with absolutely no problem. Dont know if its bug or not though. I use it for spy and kuva rescue. You can teleport through windows to warden, saving quite a lot of time
  4. One thing more *Acient pushes his arm like a spiderman shoothing the web *jump over its head to avoid it *the harpoon penetrates the shooters body and hit you, landed right behind the acient's back Some kind of orokin magic harpoon gun which can shoot hook backwards Edit : I now remember what its called. The Gungnir
  5. Also they can even shoot their hooks when they are CCed. Once the preparation move is done, it doesnt care if they are knocked down, blinded, even death cant stop those hooks.
  6. Passive 「change of plans」 : change mission type to exterminate.
  7. Imagine a pokemon series which the pokeball has a 10 percent chance exploding in your hand every time you try to throw it, causing all of your pokemon knocked out instantly. Or a mario with every floor you step has a 5 percent chance of killing you instantly. Even in rogue like games, which everything is by ramdom, does not have 'kill him and in 85% percent chance you die instead of him' kind of monster as a boss. People want to win by skill. Not by luck. Moreover, people want to lose because of the lack of the skill, not by pulling unavoidable trigger for russian roulette. Is it too hard for you to understand?
  8. There are tons of ideas people suggested and most of them is way better than lich being nothing but a walking russian roulette.
  9. Evev if you're as rich as Bill Gates, getting pickpocketed a wallet still makes you mad. It's your grind that you earned, and the lich system takes it. The system is made to troll players to make them hate their lich more. Unfortunately, people are smarter than DE thought and being mad at the creater of the lich system.
  10. So, no lich for you till i collect all the murmur method is right? You're using them to spawn more thralls but refuse to do something for them.
  11. "The disobedient shall NOT be spared the rod. Adversary: Value the punishment I provide."
  12. Cannibalism : eats up corpse and heal minor amount Contagious madness : sometimes attacks his ally. Also cause other grineers to do the same
  13. Other shotguns/multishot weapons works just like redeemer so i dont think it's a bug. The only difference is that redeemer has a CO
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