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  1. An invitation has been sent to your inbox in-game. Welcome to the clan! Also, make sure to join our Alliance forum group as well:
  2. DE is the most transparent developer I have seen. In fact, at Tennocon 19, DE very clearly said that Railjack was at a very early stage, before they started that demo gameplay. Tennocon 19 never promised Kiva liches, they dropped that one out of nowhere, most of the community was very surprised. We all knew that Railjack would be a Christmas thing and New Year would be a Tennocon 20 thing. Obviously the Railjack is far from what we expected, wanted. DE, not being able to deliver complete functioning polished package is the real issue, not their transparency. They never lied, they never overhyped anything, they missed a lot of deadlines and failed many times specially in the last year, to give us something complete, and they apologized for it many times. Its a free game, and lets admit it, DE, with all their flaws and issues, is still an amazing developer. I am not on of those DEfenders, I have my own share of frustration over the current state of the game. But I DEfinitely appreciate the work DE has done and the communication they maintain with the community.
  3. Its been a while, DE should allow all clans to research Ignis Wraith or bring back the event.
  4. Here is the shocking part, atleast for me. I did quite some SS runs, and never once, encountered a Khora. On the other hand, there is always a limbo. And when you have a limbo, max run in ground or space is easy clap. Khora mains don't care about the event. They are upset because this silly bug infested event combined with DE's lack of will to fix things properly took away their ability to solo 1h+ kuva survivals or little bit of breathing room in sortie defences.
  5. You wouldn't understand why many people went nuts.
  6. 01. They labelled an intended in-game feature as "bug" and removed it because it was interfering with their event which is extremely broken, buggy and incomplete in the first place. 02. They admitted later that its an in-game feature not a bug, but they removed it because it was easier to do so than working on the OpLinks to make it immune to Venari healing. 03. We only heard an official explanation from their experienced community management team after 3 days of community out-cry. They still called it an "Exploit" something they made as a feature 2 years ago. The whole thing is frustrating, starting from the event, bugs, hotfixes, more bugs, network crashes, missing rewards, Incomplete event shop, premature nerfs and trying to sweep it under the rug wasnt taken lightly by the community. Little things add up and eventually feels like enough. If they think Venaris ability to heal defense targets is OP/unfair and needs a nerf, they have every right to do so. But nerfing things to make their event work instead of fixing their broken event in the first place is not OK. Broken half boiled premature events aren't OK. Lying and misdirecting the community is not OK. How about that for a feedback? DE you had 7 years to get your act together, we expect you to get better with time not worse.
  7. Do you guys really want "DE" to look into Pilfering Strangledome? God knows what "fix" they will find this time. Honestly, every time I see people talking about bugs and fixes with something I play with, it terrifies me. Obviously its normal for you all to ask for improvements, but I can't stop thinking about how DE will act on those. Everytime I see chroma or saryn rework ideas, it makes me worried. Atleast now we have a chroma and saryn that gets the job done. Atleast you can still use Pilfering Strangledome properly against other 3 factions in the game.
  8. Yeah .. No! Thats too much work for them. Its easier to just nerf Limbo and call it a fix.
  9. If I understand it correctly, DE took away Venari's ability to heal defense targets because only preventing Oplinks from being healed was too much work? That makes any sense? I am losing my last bit of confidence on DE if they are able to make these decisions that easily without giving them a second thought, let alone proper testing. We are investing our time behind a game where the Dev thinks they can do whatever that suits them.
  10. Venari can no longer heal anything other than warframes.
  11. They can balance their game however they like. Its their game their decision to make it, its our time and our decision to spend it. But lebelling an obvious intended feature as bug is shady and that kinda behavior from a developer is not welcome.
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