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  1. My friend returned to Warframe after almost an year to try the new event. We hopped around different SS instances for hours (yeah not kidding) only to see "no murax wave is detected" each time. My friend returned to Destiny 2. Feels bad man, I was cheerful in this sad quarantine Hoping to play with him for a bit. I still want to grind some standings for weapons, anyone experiencing the same and figured out a solution yet? FYI, I can join others game and it works. Also, please note that, my internet is fine, restated routers and pc multiple times.
  2. Wondering if I need some duration for pure Explosive Legerdemain build or not. I am confused about how mines are effected by duration. They seem to stay active past duration time, then disappear. Someone please help?
  3. You get 12 hours to farm 1 million credit, thats 4 double wave runs without booster, 12-15 min per run makes it 1 hours of grind at best, even a new player can join public and get it done. For a solo player a average built Rhino and Arca Plasmor would be enough. Why so much complaining? Dont you see? The more you make the game "easier" the less things you have to do in the end. And DE can only provide so much .. to feed the monster. Perhaps we need to start eating slow.
  4. General Changes I agree with you, access to Nemesis system should have strong requirements, at which point a player would be ready to face it. After getting access to arbitration is a good idea. New Kuva Relics Bad idea, without Liches dropping weapons, their value will decrease drastically. We have a never ending stream of relics, why add more to that old thing? Requiem Relics I dont see the need for more Requiem Relics or increase their drop chance. Thralls dropping Requiem Relics is a big boost already, I have more relics than I'll ever need or can open. New mo
  5. Well Mesa was the meta dps when there was no "catchmoon" and people didnt know about Revenant, or Revenant didnt get released.
  6. I can do solo 6 rounds in 30 mins. I can probably go more but I never tried. Warframes are getting stronger, weapons are getting stronger .. enemies remain the same. Catchmoon for example can one shot everything in index, so why would anyone need a Mesa! A leaderboard seems like a nice idea.
  7. Not quite correct. For example, few days ago I saw a mr9 selling a CC CD Rubico for 2k. He got luck with the unveiling and then rolled it with the kuva from nightwave, got lucky again. That 2k plat should be able to carry him a long way into end game. If there is a healthy riven market new players also gets benefited from it. I personally know couple of mr11-14 who farms kuva all day, rolls rivens and sell them for some plat. It's a high effort high reward plat farming strategy. If we stop caring for rivens at all, that kitgun riven a new player selling now for 800p would get down t
  8. Excellent points OP. Unfortunately DE doesn't have the time to listen or act on it. They are too busy catering to all the new players spending real money on platinum. We veterans are left to bite the dust.
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