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  1. I loved the idea of a shield based frame but I couldn't get used to Hildryn abilities.
  2. Yeah I noticed it too, a very poorly designed weapon.
  3. Well Anasa is still more valuable than a pistol riven. Sortie rewards aren't the best specially to end game players but it's something u get everyday.
  4. What a coincidence, I entered the forum now to exactly say what OP said, and it's here! I too, am, perfectly fine with self damage. But that blast duration is way to high. For a fast paced game like Warframe, it doesn't work. Zhuge can be a potentially good weapon, I like the looks and the concept of an automatic crossbow. But it's not practical. I don't know who designes these at DE now, way to kill something fun.
  5. I feel like everything is darker after the wisp update, specially that new index map. Today I had to raise my brightness and lower my contrast just to make that map playable, it worked. But it hurts my eyes. 2 wave run and I am shedding tears (I have serious eye issues).
  6. Best: Mesa, Nova, Limbo Worst: Loki Totally personal preference.
  7. What about when I want to helo my friend leveling up his weapons? ESO still the fastest way.
  8. I just finished 8 waves ESO for NW solo with my Saryn and it was so easy it felt wrong. I want to see enemy buffs to a level where doing something like that needs a proper TEAM. When Saryn alone isnt enough, she will need a CC like Slova, buff from Rhino, a second DPS like Volt. That would be more fun, more enjoyable and that would harden the bond in the community. Its a PVE game, least we can do is focus more on the Co-OP part. Difficulty in game pushed players to learn, to prepare better and try harder, thats something I want to see! I want my friend to realize that he cant be immortal with his inaros, he needs support from him team mates and also get better at dodging, taking cover, not walking in the middle of enemy fire like a god. And its OK if everyone cant handle higher difficulty at the beginning, thats the point, you have to get better. You have to raise the bar higher for us to aim for it. Why cant people learn to deal with nullifiers with their operator? bring a beam or fast firing secondary to deal with them? I remember always keeping my Akstiletto with me for them, when I was in mid game. Do tridolons take hours? No, we min maxed the team synergy so hard that we can do 3/4 or even 3/5. We took the challenge and found a way to farm them efficiently but that takes a team, that takes build. I was MR17 and never did Eidolons because it felt hard. Then one day I decided its enough I gotta learn this thing. So I got my harrow, and spammed recruit char "LF Tridolons harrow here" and people like .. We want only players with 100+ captures done. That felt so bad, but that motivated me to try harder, and eventually I did my 100+ captures. You have to trust in the ability of your players. When there is proper reward, people will want to face harder challenges and they will overcome it. Its just human nature, and it will make the game more enjoyable. A low level players needs to ask for help to deal with higher content and that is exactly what should motivate him to get better, stronger.
  9. Seriously, we need another Steve who is 20 years younger, retire him and Rebecca both, put Megan in charge of communication. I dont enter Orb Valis because everytime I do, I remember we got a Spider Boss here who can Rhyme! And Ropalolyst is a honeytrap for mr5s. I want to know who designed Tridolons and who designed Profit Taker/Ropalolyst .. are they same person/group? The only reason I am not hyped with Railjack is because I think the Fortuna people is going to design Railjack as well. D2 at September is going to hit hard and I hope it does, so warframe has something to compete with. Why did I build an amp? Because I needed one to fight. Why did I built a hard hitting sniper with rivens? Min maxed Trinity and Volt? Because there was something challenging that inspired me to prepare myself properly, learn it, and in the end I enjoyed it. People run first 3 phases of Profit Taker because doing them solo is more efficient.
  10. I dont know if you played Destiny, you probably did if you are playing WF from 14. Obviously we cant compare one thing with another, but one thing I really liked in Destiny 2 is how those mobs act, their AI is pretty well developed, they take cover, peek and shoot, gives you a challenge. Higher difficulty and challenging gameplay doesnt mean higher lvl bullet sponge enemies with more armor and health. And yes I would be very happy to see proper balancing for warframes and weapons as necessary to make it a bit more challenging (please dont say I need to do infinite survivals or play without mods to taste real end game). I have a friend, he is MR 24 I believe, he cant do his own MR tests sometimes. He came so far because buys and sells lots of rivens and made tons of plats from riven trading. So MR pushing to him is just sitting in hydron. Recently in arbitration he kept dying so I built him Inaros and bought him a pair of graces. Now he never dies. He thinks he reached the true end game, how silly is that? How are we allowed to farm latest open world bosses solo in minutes 😞
  11. Nicely said @Xzorn Warframe is its own competitor. Anthem had the right idea but it's dead now. I don't know why people compare destiny with Warframe, destiny isn't even close to Warframe in terms of diversity, grind, loots, builds etc. Warframe is one of its kind. DE gave birth to a very unique concept, unfortunately they failed multiple times to steer it to the right direction. I hope railjack becomes a success, but knowing DE, they will surely find a way to ruin the experience. Biggest problem in Warframe right now is DE trying to make the game newbie friendly by lowering difficulty while a grindy game like Warframe needs the higher difficulty to keep players invested for the Long haul. Total disregard for veterans is overshadowing the community with bad taste. The moment the community dies the game will die, solo and new players will not keep it alive. Communities are driven by veterans. Anyone remember Clash of Clans? Supercell reduced game difficulty, cook time, cost etc to cater to new players for more revenue, which killed the community and the game died.
  12. This is what they always do, spend time on things, then left it to rot. We wonder what did they do in last two years. Warframe definitely need a player driven beta test edition. That Little Duck cap also pissed my friend off he doesnt play WF anymore.
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