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  1. I am not saying remove the new map, although I would very much like that. But atleast getting the old map back would be great. I understand that, it may not be possible to get the exact map back because of tileset change, but I am sure they can recreate it with similar structure. I want to start a petition requesting DE to do so. Wanted to weight how you all feel about it. Thanks.
  2. Is there any advantage of playing at steam over the standalone version? I don't play anything on steam these days, so don't want to keep it running for nothing.
  3. Removal stacking of looting abilities was the correct decision. I dont think people uses farming frames to farm mods that much, there are more important resources than mods that drop from enemies. A mod booster shouldn't tip any sort of balance drastically.
  4. Thanks. Although blood rush doesnt work for whipclaw.
  5. Would u recommend a cc cd 2+ 1- riven then instead of cc cd dmg 3+ 1- ?
  6. I am debating the best possible stat for a Khora Stat Stick riven. Initially I thought CC CD DMG would be great because whip has 25% CC thats not bad. But after some number crunching: With Sacrificial Mod set = 25+110% = 52.5% With Sacrificial Mod set and a riven = 25+(110+130)% = 85% Instead of 32.5 additional CC, I can take elemental damage. Flat damage or physical damage. Help me out please!
  7. Nightwave is doing far better than I originally expected, so nothing to complain from my side. There is a different story each season (interesting or not thats subjective), different boss and many unique rewards (armor set, decorations, sigils, weapon), something to do everyday and get handsome rewards in return. Seriously, from a free game that is very impressive. My only nagging would be the catching mechanics, which helped many players reaching the end line, but it took away the "I gotta do this today" rush. Nightwave supposed to be a catch on time train.
  8. Yeah I noticed it too, a very poorly designed weapon.
  9. What a coincidence, I entered the forum now to exactly say what OP said, and it's here! I too, am, perfectly fine with self damage. But that blast duration is way to high. For a fast paced game like Warframe, it doesn't work. Zhuge can be a potentially good weapon, I like the looks and the concept of an automatic crossbow. But it's not practical. I don't know who designes these at DE now, way to kill something fun.
  10. This is what they always do, spend time on things, then left it to rot. We wonder what did they do in last two years. Warframe definitely need a player driven beta test edition. That Little Duck cap also pissed my friend off he doesnt play WF anymore.
  11. Anything popular isnt safe, actually they are sure to be nerfed to the ground. That means your gram redeemer plague zaw atterax I dont what else is popular not a melee person.
  12. Many endgame players farm plat to pay for market items, all deluxe skins, all color pallets, all noogles and decorations can cost you many thousand of plats. And active players are always on boosters, I know players who are always on all 4 boosters. And you would be surprised to know how many people just hoard their plats .. I know someone with over 100k plat sitting idle in his account, he is very proud of it, he shows it off everywhere and never spends anything. And then, some poeple stops playing with all the plat in their account.
  13. Someone is purchasing that plat you are getting from trading. If you think people only spends plat that they farm you are so wrong. If that was the case then plat in this game would be extremely hard to get by trading. I have seen MR5-10 spending thousands of plats in game, which is awesome because they are supporting the developers and keeping the economy alive. Bottom line, lots of people spend thousands of dollars buying plat and they don't need all that plat for slots and potatoes. Riven is the biggest market in Warframe.
  14. At the end of the world we all die, but this I gotta live with, which makes it worse. Jokes aside, we all know changes are bound to happen. I welcome balancing because it's important. The way they are balancing weapons by changing riven Dispo Based on player usage is not the proper way to do weapon balancing, it's lazy and a big middle finger to the playerbase.
  15. I am glad you are taking it positively. I dont have any issues with balancing. Every game needs balancing, warframe needs more. My issue is how the riven balancing is being made.
  16. You cant hide your emotions forever, its not healthy.
  17. This is the Perfect riven for Redeemer Prime Hybrid Blood Rush build. Yes Redeemer can crit now. When you use Blood Rush to get Critical Chance, You dont need additional CC, but more CD almost doubles your DPS. More Attack Speed is mandatory for Redeemer. So this riven alone doing 3 important mods work. Easily reach 100% status chance. -slash doesnt effect Redeemers shots so the negative is totally harmless. Only Redeemer melee attacks can proc slash, not range attacks. Even a Weeping Wound + Blood Rush build is very viable. Price: 3.5K. IGN: MR9BCI
  18. The problem is the way they change dispo based on popularity instead of balancing weapons base stats. They keeps releasing new weapons with significant better base stats without revisiting old weapons, what do they expect? Kitguns can reach 100%+ crit chance without any riven, did they really thought other secondaries would be able to compete with that? They say that the riven dispo changes are to encourage players to use other less popular weapons .. well they are less popular for a reason! And giving 300% crit on riven on a base crit of 10% isnt going to make them popular. So why screw popular weapons anyway? Their entire weapon balancing system and strategy is very much flawed. And when I am spending my time and my money on something, their policy to mess with that is stupid. You can legalize it however you want. You can say its how it works, you can say I am stupid for investing in something unstable in the first place. But in the end, its our loss anyway.
  19. Its not always about "killing" stuff. This game have hundreds of ways to kill something. Someone earlier today said "why use rivens at all I can do everything with mesa and rubico". He and you are both missing something. Some weapons do need the specific boost from rivens to work, but thats not the end of the world. For some poeple, rivens are collectibles, a way to spend some time when there is nothing else to do, a way to find a sort of end game when the game fails to provide one for them. Me for example, I dont need a fraking riven to do frak. But I am done doing everything there are to do in this game. So I try to get some good rivens for my favorite weapons, build them better, min max things. And it hurts when I see them getting nerfed to the ground. But there are many people who just like a specific weapon and want to get the best stat possible for it, so they run after a good riven, either keeps rolling with very hard earned kuva or buy with platinum, either way, its expensive. They do this out of the love they have for their favorite weapon, it has nothing to do with killing stuff. I am not sure if I managed to explain it properly. Its just, rivens can be an emotional thing, not just a tool to buff your weapons.
  20. Same here, I really wanted a good catchmoon riven for my own use. I like catchmoon "just" because it feels like an arca plasmor. I did 150 rolls which took me months to accomplish, and the best stat I got is CC Electricity -Impact lol. And yeah even that is nerfed to the ground now. I am terrified of putting any more effort on rivens because they might just be worthless anytime.
  21. What about people like me spending hundreds of hours in kuva survival to roll their own rivens that's never for sell but personal use?
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