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  1. The only simple addition I want to see, is for a squad to be able to do a relic mission together, and even if you dont bring a relic you can still pick a reward. Sure, dont allow match making for teams that have a player lacking a relic, thats fine, just let me taxi my clan mates to relic missions and help them get some goodies.
  2. Thats not what i meant by percentage based on HP. If your AoE ability does 25% dmg to enemies, and the enemies have 100 hp, it would do 25 dmg the first hit, the second would than be 25% of the remaining HP of 75, which would leave the enemy with 56.25 hp. Doing it this way makes it much harder to impossible to kill an enemy with the ability, as every time you do dmg to the enemy, the AoE abilities dmg to that enemy lowers. Plus, lets not discount adding in armor mitigation, shields and so on into it.
  3. Why not just change nuke type skill dmg to be percentage based on enemy HP instead. This allows for massive amounts of dmg, but no real kills using the skill, leaving the map still swarming and a possible need for CC if you cant keep up with the flood of OHKs. At the very least it would bring the two combat types closer.
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