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  1. Vantooth

    Excalibur Umbra zero affinity discourages use of his passive

    IMO this should work like specters. I don't actually know whether specters generate affinity or not but if they do he should too. If they don't it's fine as is because consistency is important.
  2. Vantooth

    Tick box: "HIDE VAULTED"

    In my understanding this is a forum for people who have concept about new warframes or weapons. While constructive feedback and suggestions (quality of life change, buffs nerfs etc) should belong in the feedback sub-forum. Also I believe you can report your own post with the "this post does nothing wrong, I just want moderators to see it" with a comment saying you would like to have the thread moved to the appropriate feedback forum. This ensure none of the conversation is lost and you don't have to create a duplicate. As a side note; This is the kind of thing that report option is there for so don't worry about bans or anything.
  3. Vantooth

    Remove Mastery Rank build requirement

    As long as there is a clear warning when attempting to build said item along the lines of "This item need mastery rank X to be used and you do not meet this requirement. Do you want to proceed?" Bonus point if the blueprints in the foundry show necessary mastery rank below the name or something. There could also be a suggestion in text box such as you may want to build other items first to increase your mastery rank.
  4. Vantooth

    Tick box: "HIDE VAULTED"

    Wouldn't this be more appropriate in feedback? More likely to be seen too I believe. Fan concept really isn't the place for suggestion about gameplay 😕
  5. Well, I'm genuinely happy to read that the few minutes I spent writing did their good! And I agree, a lot of things in this game need a buff 😛
  6. Of course, it's all a matter of balance. The thing is, sometime a nerf/buff might be easy but is not the best way. That's why DE usually only buff or nerf when there is a flagrant and urgent need. Otherwise they prefer to use a more complex rework to make everything more interesting, smooth and strong than just straight up number buff. Coming up with those take time unfortunately. In any game the player base always cries for buff and nerf to X and Y. Warframe is the same. But DE hear the community a lot more than various developers. That's why I wholeheartedly recommend going into the feedback forum and writing the following: -The issue you have -Why you have it -A possible mean to solve it or something you would like to see. With these info, while a single person might not make a lot, when in comes in hundreds the data accumulated is not little. This help DE know what and what isn't generally like, what change would be appreciated etc. There's other means such as directly tweeting the devs known to work on the subject or even messaging them on the forums. Might not answers but odds are they will read it. For example I would really like revenant 1 to feel good in squads and not just in solo. Why because thralls just dies way too fast and you can't use any other synergy. What to do or what I would like? Honestly something else entirely, thralls do not fit the rest of the kit or the eidolon theme or even his lore. Well the simple reply I initially envisioned has taken quite a turn xD. This pretty much became just an informational about why things are usually slow and blah blah blah.
  7. I think optimization to the host system is due over penalties. For example the game could possibly select a second host upon group creation so in case of host crashing/leaving the second host can take over in a smoother way. While I don't know how realistic my suggestion is, it's definitely just one of many change that can be made to improve the experience.
  8. Thanks for the laugh. But if you are serious, then I'd recommend searching on the subject of nerf in online game. Nerf and buff are a necessity for simple reason that nothing should be the best or the worst (in their accepted range of power, IE mk1 braton weaker than tiberon prime). But Saryn should not be so strong its considered useless to bring anything else. You want everything else buffed? that's 30 time the work. Afterward enemy scaling is thrown down the river and need to be buffed, and then buffed to frames and the cycled continues. A ever evolving game like warframe with no nerf is a dream that will never be.
  9. Vantooth

    Uderstanding damage vs armored enemies

    So on to what I wanted to post originally... After a long session of math, that I decided to mostly omit for being incredibly long and, in the end wrong. I came to the following conclusion, something is either wrong with the formula, the rubico prime or the corrupted heavy gunner (or us :P). While I can't go in game to see the rubico prime myself since I don't have it so I have to trust the numbers you provided. I would recommend both testing on a different enemy, and another weapon. If you still cannot achieve a correct answer well, I would hope help from a dev. As for the math I tried a few modified version but I pretty much always ended with 166-167. 396.44*((1+(-0.25))/(1+500/300) = 111.49875 Here you don't apply 0.25 to armor ( I know it's health modifier and not armor) 74.465*((1+0.5)/(1+(500*(1-0.5)/300))) = 60.9259 24.645*((1+0.25)*(1+(-0.15))/(1+(500*(1+0.15)/300))) = 8.9778 But you do here So I tried both version, plain 500 or modified 500. I tried using armor calculation from the armor page result 163... None got close really. I tried adding directly the slash moddifier instead of multiplying. Or just re-running the original math from the beginning... Same result. The answer might be in a certain combination of changes I tried, but I won't be trying since, well, I don't feel like it. The amount of things I tried, as wrong as they sounded since who knows it might actually be right... Well no luck! So after over an hour... I don't really have anything but, yeah something is wrong. Of course it might just be human error.
  10. Vantooth

    Uderstanding damage vs armored enemies

    697.734 IMPACT 131.058 PUNCTURE 43.375 SLASH
  11. Vantooth

    A chance to turn off the Man in the Wall?

    And here I am where he never visited me outside of scripted instance in quests.... Could use some normalization across the board.
  12. Vantooth

    Bullet Jump mods could use a higher ceiling

    Once you know the parkour trick to move fast with bullet jump aimglad and roll they pretty much become overkill already as is. Since I've gotten good as those maneuver I've stopped using those. Though I do use rush once in a while for melee builds. I think they're in an okay spot right now, not too high of a bonus where everyone leaves you in the dust if you don't use them but still enough to make you noticeably faster than people who don't. I'm not against a buff, but I don't think anything extreme is required. A simple +5-6% would suffice if you are only after speed. I'd be more interested in them creating different movement options, like ice creating a platform you can stand on or fire giving a bonus MS for a few seconds after a bullet jump.
  13. Vantooth

    [Archwing] People actually use barrel rolls?

    I hate the original sky archwing and the change was more than welcome. I was so happy I yelled yes out loud when I read the change. Now it's been reverted... Why? Because some people couldn't go fast(er) and use barrel roll? What give? At least wait for a week to see if there is truly a overwhelming amount of people who wanted the change reverted.
  14. EST is the winter time zone and EDT is summer time zone, which means they're pretty much the same. 2pm EST friday is the devstream time. That's when I watch it and I am in the same time zone.
  15. Here are my little inquisitions: Any plan to bring the lore of past events (EG: breeding grounds, Tubeman, gradivus dilemma) as they bring a very important flavour to various characters into the game to let newer (and past) players experience the story be it through some kind of small quests or codex entries? While it is accessible on the wiki, this kind of world building is in my opinion something we definitely need in the game. Are there any augments that are being worked on right now? More specifically for more recent frame (Inaros, Titania, Nidus). Also is there any chance that we will ever see an augment for Exalted Blade? While there are many very interesting augment for many frames Excalibur all seems on the lower end of the spectrum having a new augment would do him good. Now that we have rivens, whjat are the plans toward weapons augment and weapon specific mods? We are well overdue for new syndicate weapon augment and weapon specific mods have pushed a few of them in very good position or at least presented them to a new crowd of user. Were syndicate weapon augment discarded in favor of specific weapon mods? While i know you will probably mention it, what is the current state of the helminth charger new look? On the topic of pets, any plans to streamline the pet system into something more efficient and less troublesome? For example being able to un-stasis as many pet as we want (all of their health would decay) but to only have a chosen one roam the ship, allowing for quick selection from the arsenal UI.