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  1. So I've been thinking about renaming a couple of weapons and I was wondering whether I should wright in all cap or capital letter with lower case? This question from the fact that in my experience of naming amps/zaws the names would not always show up the same way as regular weapons. So what do people do so they the names show up the same in the inventory arsenal squad overlay and mission end result? Or is it not possible at all? Or maybe I'm just crazy and everything is the same?
  2. My recommendation would be to focus on clearing the junctions available on from earth first and maybe 1 or 2 more. They provide a lot of useful stuff and in the process of completing the requirement you'll get resources to build weapons. Also make sure to do the gift of the lotus alert when they pop-up in the future. Installing a catalyst/reactor in your gear make a huge difference. If there is a weapon you want and would upgrade your arsenal look up what it needs, check the wiki if needed (just google "X warframe wiki") and go unlock the necessary planet and take the time to get the resources. As for rare one, the bosses of each planet usually drop them consistently. Also make sure to level your gear and rank up you mod when you can, while redirection and vitality are important survival tool, they don't do much before rank 6-8 As for the plains of eidolons... Honestly it's not very new player friendly. There is very little content for you to do that keep enemies at level below 20-30. This leave pretty much only the first bounty level and free-roaming while avoiding fights to fish and mine. Plus avoid eidolons until you have an amp. What's an amp? It's kind of spoiler-ish so I'll let you discover in-game when the time is right or just look up the wiki. As it was said before, if you die consistently it's probably because you are not due to be here yet, go back and do other stuff. Doesn't mean there's nothing on POE for you, just to little that you can do right now.
  3. IMO this should work like specters. I don't actually know whether specters generate affinity or not but if they do he should too. If they don't it's fine as is because consistency is important.
  4. I've never enjoyed open world archwing as much before the fix. It's feels so good to fly around without flipping and having to re adjust every 3 seconds. As a plus Its much harder for me to get an headache with the new flight. Imo either it stays this way or, like with space archwing, give us the choice. Make it a toggle but don't take this away from me 😧
  5. EST is the winter time zone and EDT is summer time zone, which means they're pretty much the same. 2pm EST friday is the devstream time. That's when I watch it and I am in the same time zone.
  6. Here are my little inquisitions: Any plan to bring the lore of past events (EG: breeding grounds, Tubeman, gradivus dilemma) as they bring a very important flavour to various characters into the game to let newer (and past) players experience the story be it through some kind of small quests or codex entries? While it is accessible on the wiki, this kind of world building is in my opinion something we definitely need in the game. Are there any augments that are being worked on right now? More specifically for more recent frame (Inaros, Titania, Nidus). Also is there any chance that we will ever see an augment for Exalted Blade? While there are many very interesting augment for many frames Excalibur all seems on the lower end of the spectrum having a new augment would do him good. Now that we have rivens, whjat are the plans toward weapons augment and weapon specific mods? We are well overdue for new syndicate weapon augment and weapon specific mods have pushed a few of them in very good position or at least presented them to a new crowd of user. Were syndicate weapon augment discarded in favor of specific weapon mods? While i know you will probably mention it, what is the current state of the helminth charger new look? On the topic of pets, any plans to streamline the pet system into something more efficient and less troublesome? For example being able to un-stasis as many pet as we want (all of their health would decay) but to only have a chosen one roam the ship, allowing for quick selection from the arsenal UI.
  7. Any incoming augment for Inaros/titania (and Nidus, even though it might be a bit soon)? ETA on helminth charger changes? If not, what's the current phase? (Sketching, Modeling, final draft, etc) Will there be multiple helminth charger appearance alike to kavats? Also will the charger name stay or change?
  8. Increasing maggot health? Well Ok I'll take it, won't make a noticeable difference to me though. Consumption increased to 15? That's fine, 10 was kind of low 20 is obviously too much. Nullifier reduce stacks? I'm not happy about this I think it might be a bit much but numbers can be tuned down if need be. Now this is the real issue. The no more auto maggot detonate. While I can see where this is coming from, the fact that your testing team see no change to stack creation is very strange since I noticed after a few minutes of play. The build stack fast, you let maggot go after certain enemies while you used larva and virulence on another group because, more then not your 1 would oneshot the enemies and so, no maggot explosion stack building. Now the moment you build power strength that's what happens. I'm sure there was something else that could be done if you didn't want Nidus to build stack without doing anything. Be it lowering the maggot stack generation maybe even make it 0 if not an explosion caused by virulence. While this change doesn't make him unplayable, it removes a lot of enjoyment of the frame because you're forced to cast your 1 even more than before, now you MUST spam it if you wish to build stack, might as well not bring any weapons. At best you forced people to change build to add more range if they didn't already have a lot of it. I think even increasing his 4 cost to 5 would have been fine, hell I'd pay 10 stack to keep the auto maggots.
  9. New melee mod enemy: Dispatch Overdrive Corrupted butcher Healing return Crawler Condition Overload Drekar Butcher Relentless Combination ancient disruptor/tar mutalist Guardian Derision Prodcrewman Enduring Affliction Guardsman
  10. I still need nitain to build things, yet I don't want to see it in the sortie reward pool, unless it's like 8-10, certainly not 3. Forma is nice since it's pre-built, but certainly not for everyone. Lens... Can we get rid of them yet? Most useless reward ever. At least let us sell them for ducats or something. Why don't you go for 2 reward per sortie, choose one. Or even select 1 reward you DO NOT want, you won't have it. Or select either the given reward or a token which can be used to buy other rewards at a higher cost. So 2-3 days worth of bad rewards (for you) might become a 1 day useful reward.
  11. I would tend to believe that it's not about the player mastery rank but the riven mod. Higher mastery rank requirement for "meta weapons" or stronger mods something along that line. That or it totally might be higher mastery = better stat chance, wouldn't expect to opposite though.
  12. I wasn't able to get enough DNA to try making one of the abomination in time D: Damn RNG.
  13. The sigil color is based on the "hair highlight" color, mine is blue and change just fine.
  14. I had little lag yesterday and friday, yet today I get disconnected every so often or the interface (press X, or the projections that shows info like syndicate or news) doesn't load, I either have to wait for in between 1 minute and eternity. In the later case I have to restart. I won't be able to get that sentinel mask, but I'm still better off since I was able to get all the mods that I wanted.
  15. Players can now disable some ‘tutorial’ VO designed to announce enemy types (ie- ‘We have Infested’). Sooo how do I turn it off? Can't find it. Edit: Never mind, I found it. Didn't have the name I would've expected.
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