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  1. I suspected the other prisms might have the same issue, but cbb farming them. Thanks for testing.
  2. Licandrien

    Huge connection issues

    Ye I've been experiencing this for like a week, my play time has drastically reduced, even logging in to do sorties is a chore, gets stuck for a while on checking updates, then logging in fail I get network not responding, a whole bunch of issues.
  3. Might be fun if they keep this as a feature, wonder if it works with Nyx.
  4. When you join any game and use the new klamora prism, as a non host it never runs out of energy, you can keep shooting and ii will auto regenerate fully the amount of what energy that you had when you started shooting e.g. if you have 140 energy and hold the trigger using the prism, once it reaches zero it will auto regenerate fully to 140 skipping the recharge delay, but if you have 50 energy ( from using the scaffold ) and then use the klamora prism it will regenerate up to 50 energy again skipping the recharge delay. Just to clarify there's two parts to this: if you stop shooting but haven't run out of ammo, it will still skip the recharge delay but will start recharging to the previous energy amount, but if you keep holding the trigger when it runs out of ammo it will just instantly rewind to full again ( or the previous energy amount) effectively giving you infinite ammo.
  5. Licandrien

    Nagav: Tenno Assault Rifle

    Nagav is a Tenno assault rifle created in a time where most of their enemies were comprised of puny meatbags. It fires hitscan plasma rounds designed to incinerate flesh, and relies on its mobility and high fire rate for hit&run tactics. Statistics: Mastery Rank: 6 Slot: Primary Type: Rifle Trigger Type: auto Utility: Ammo Type: Rifle Noise Level: Alarming Fire Rate: 11.0 rounds per sec Accuracy: 65 Magazine Size: 60 Max Ammo: 500 Reload Time: 2.5 Damage and Attack Types: Hitscan 25 Heat 15 slash Critical Chance: 22% Critical Damage: 2.2x Status Chance: 15% Special Properties: +50% movement speed while aiming Clan Research Tenno Lab: 5500 polymer bundles 500 circuits 25000 credits 5 control modules 3000 rubedo Crafting Requirements: 2 Argon Csytals 25000 credits 1500 alloy plate 700 circuits 15 control modules Blueprint Replicate: 50000 credits
  6. Licandrien

    Shattering Impact on Profit-Taker

    The fight is easy and beatable without shattering impact, which makes this nerf all the more dumb. It's probably just a quick fix before the holidays to whatever is breaking the fight with shattering impact, and they'll revert it back if/when it gets fixed I really hate hack changes, but it's understandable during this time, just hoping they don't forget about it.
  7. Licandrien

    Orb Mother fight

    They should do this just for the sake that it looks like an arcade fight the way it is now.
  8. If anyone else can confirm this, I've been farming toroids with nekros using tigris prime, it seems that none of the non-robotic corpus units can be dismembered for a better chance at loot. Why is this? none of the other corpus units outside fortuna have this interaction, they can get dismembered multiple times just like the rest of the factions. I'v tried all the usual weapons to cut bodies in half and more and none of them seem to work. I'm really hoping this is a bug and not something that DE plans on keeping/implementing, dismembering corpses makes a noticeable difference in farming efficiency.
  9. Licandrien

    Mesa Prime access

    People have farmed multiple mesa, akjagara, and redeemer sets already and that's just by playing the game. You don't like farming that, you can buy it in plat day 1 in game from someone else. What exactly are you complaining about? Good thing those are COSMETICS right? This is a troll thread, or you're incredibly clueless to what prime access is. You're comparing it like it's a champ from LoL or something from overwatch, it's not. Did you expect to fork over 20$ for mesa prime and get some plat? This thread reeks of entitlement, you've contributed nothing instead of complaining and whining, and you're coming off as aggressive and ignorant by accusing DE of having predatory practices and "gouging" this community ( because they are somehow forcing you to pay 105$ for her bundle).
  10. Licandrien

    Lower the Hema cost

    I'm farming it right now in my solo clan and it's not that bad, kinda, maybe ( using boosters though ), Kuva is worse imo. I have around 1700 samples from farming on and off in 2days. I'm getting a bunch of resources that i need, nano spores, orokin cells, neurodes, samples + axi relics, so it's nice. it'll feel like an achievement having it in my clan, but I wouldn't mind a decrease in cost either.
  11. Licandrien

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.4

    Operator animation set ( madurai, unairu etc. ) no longer shows when viewing profile.
  12. You have no idea what you're talking about. And really DE, a buzlok nerf? I'm sure that one guy I saw in trids using it is gonna be real upset. These changes are just to appease the whiners, to "lower" prices. How could a gun, that is only relevant in specific content and was near useless outside of it ( bar flavor ) need a nerf, and that's what you did with a bunch of them, like you did with Chroma, and people are still 1shotting the eidolons. Remind me what that nerf accomplished again? Nice that you didn't even address the insanity of the kuva prices, that pretty much forces any riven dealers to get boosters and it's still crap. Maybe if the kuva costs were actually decent the prices would drop on their own since you don't need to farm that long? just a thought, instead of trying to nerf dispo for the sake of a forum criers to look good.
  13. We have more mods to choose from now and I'm finding hard to fit any of them, my 7 forma cat and I can barely squeeze in more without harming her flexibility for multiple builds. We have the hunter sets, the tek/mecha sets, the new status mods and fetch, and with helminth charger receiving its own set soon. Companions should come with their own abilities, it would fix another problem which is the useless drops of companion specific mods ( like charm on mobs ).
  14. Licandrien

    More Daily Cap Indications

    If you right click a bounty it shows you how much standing you have left, you can do this with the ( bounty givers? ) outside as well. Nvm it doesn't update until after you enter fortuna.
  15. Licandrien

    Cache Interception is Simply Un-fun

    Nvm I don't have the internet to upload, damn recording videos take a lot of space. I had recorded doing the bounty solo with valkyr prime and lex prime ( no forma, no catalyst on both ) modded for her 4th, but the size is too much and my internet is 3rd world speed, so that was a waste of time ( first time I record/upload). This thread went from case bounty to general design for games and warframe to ivara not being sutable for coil drive ambush>? So it's hard to follow. I noticed you mentioned Chroma solo first, add me whenever and you can invite 2 others, i'll host, no one helps with the bounty, and I'll solo the cases that a 4 man group gets, just so you see that any frame and weapon can do this easily, it does not require coordination and specific equipment, won't "cheese" it ( remember that you agreed we have operator ). Chroma can solo high lvl defense but requires a different build, nekros is not needed for kuva survival and neither are any of the frames mentioned for certain missions, they are not necessary, nothing in this game is not even in tridolons, they just make it more efficient.