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  1. These are nerfs to plat exchanges and less about popularity What's the point of Lanka nerf again, who uses it outside of eidolons? And the people who run eidolons have been primarily using rubico since it's release.
  2. Operator animation set ( madurai, unairu etc. ) no longer shows when viewing profile.
  3. You have no idea what you're talking about. And really DE, a buzlok nerf? I'm sure that one guy I saw in trids using it is gonna be real upset. These changes are just to appease the whiners, to "lower" prices. How could a gun, that is only relevant in specific content and was near useless outside of it ( bar flavor ) need a nerf, and that's what you did with a bunch of them, like you did with Chroma, and people are still 1shotting the eidolons. Remind me what that nerf accomplished again? Nice that you didn't even address the insanity of the kuva prices, that pretty much forces any riven dealers to get boosters and it's still crap. Maybe if the kuva costs were actually decent the prices would drop on their own since you don't need to farm that long? just a thought, instead of trying to nerf dispo for the sake of a forum criers to look good.
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