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  1. Were you using a warframe with an exalted melee weapon/pseudo-exalted ability? You probably already know this but the first strike of abilities like Khora's Whipclaw, Excalibur's Exalted Blade, Baruuk's Serene Storm, Atlas' Landslide, etc. will reset the combo count on the Xoris as a special interaction so maybe it slipped your mind. Also I think detonating it mid flight counts as a heavy but you already know this probably.
  2. USE THIS FORMAT TO SUBMIT YOUR BUGS! TYPE: In-Game (Arsenal) DESCRIPTION: Modding the new Archgun, Morgha VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Happened when I pressed upgrade on while it was on the heavy weapon slot EXPECTED RESULT: The stats change as soon as the mod is slotted in OBSERVED RESULT: It does not change when the mod is inserted (It does fix itself once you hop in and out of the arsenal though) REPRODUCTION RATE: Only happened once
  3. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Doing Deimos Bounties. Casting crowd control abilities from Titania Prime to keep myself alive. VISUAL: (enemy was on the ground when the ability was cast) REPRODUCTION: Cast the ability on the new enemies EXPECTED RESULT: Enemies targeted by Lantern stay put in accordance to a previous change to Titania OBSERVED RESULT: Enemies ignore that change and reach for the stars REPRODUCTION RATE: Commonly occurs on the new Chromosome looking enemies.
  4. USE THIS FORMAT TO SUBMIT YOUR BUGS! TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Doing the new T2 isovault bounties solo. Did a total of 4 of the new isovault bounties: Failed the first, completed the second, then the next two bugged out at the last step with the Juggernaut in the exact same way. VISUAL: (Vault where the bug occurred > Where in the vault the bug occurred > Time 1 and Time 2 to prove that much time had lapsed.) REPRODUCTION: It seemingly occurs on a specific spot on the tile. EXPECTED RESULT: The Polyp Juggernaut gets to their spot (maybe
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